Big Brother’s a watchin-Censorship alive and well

Home of the free and land of the brave we are. This is America and when a Government of the people, tries to censor words, we will never stand for it. Obama’s Government has gotten out of hand when they start to censor words of the people, its people, those who elected them. When a government gets so huge, they start to think they can do whatever they want to, it is time for a change.

Take away my newspapers and we will take it to the airwaves. Take away my airwaves, and we will take it to the internet. Take away my internet and we will take it to the streets. We the people hired you to do our will, not the other way around. How dare you censor words in your favor? How dare you edit out the bad things for your own political gain? How dare you go against the people whom, you were elected to serve? Censorship has no place in America. If those who were elected decide that they will call the shots, toss them out.

Our government has gotten so far out of hand in the least three years it is sickening. They prod us towards protests they want protested. We must think for ourselves again and the Government needs to wise up. In November we need to call the shots and toss out Washington on their butts/ No one tells us to shut up. Let us be heard, for we are Americans. Obama’s Chicago politics has put businesses on trial, he has called out people who strive to make it in this free country. He stamps out speech that makes him look bad. He put millions out of work halting oil drilling in the USA leaving us at the mercy of the Middle East nations. He creates rhetoric for corporations and wall street for making money as any capitalist would. The time is now. We need to speak out before we are not allowed to speak at all.

The number of poor people in America is growing as the middle class is shrinking. We, as Americans must stand tall, together, and strong. We do not want, or need, any elected official telling us what to do, how to do it, or what we can and can not do. We do not need someone who takes nine weeks Vacation in three years while Rome burns. We do not need anyone telling us to keep quiet. We do however need to throw political correctness out the window and say what we mean. Oh sure, they think they know better,and maybe they do, because we elected them. These politicians do not know better, they are just selling us a bill of goods. We are not going to by the BS any longer. We are Americans, you work for us. We will tell you when to speak and not to. We will speak as one in November.


Predictions for 2012

Gas will rise to new heights.
Obama admitting to laziness will indeed wait till the last moments to run for reelection.
Casey rears her head once again. She admits to loving for the first time, never mentioning Caylee, go figure, America ignores.
Obama under fire for leaking secrets to Hollywood movie makers.
Tokyo Shakes
Children kidnappings will run ramped.
Underdog will rise to new heights in first primary in New Hampshire
Jobs eking up a few points but not quite good enough
Hillary wants out and gets her wish.
Celebrity death shocker, then two oldies to follow
More threats to the United States on their own soil due to a Carter type cutback on US military by Obama.
Obama decides to get new running mate for 2012
Obams huge political move at our expense.
Gas rises above four dollars per gallon
Weakness in White House reveled.
God made disaster in Midwest and southern states
Demarcate scandal will be the fall
Riots in California will dominate the news
Major celebrity will be jailed long term
New Moms, more babies missing
a new president arrives.
Money and jobs flow again

An Opportunity to Go Global

There is a global radio station that is gaining respect in the business as the leader in radio. Many independent radio stations follow this stations lead. It is and they are heard globally.

They are now excepting advertisers at the lowest cost in the business. Get your business going and now get in on the ground floor. is taking in new advertisers.

“We will air your radio ready 30 second commercial for $1.06. Your commercial will air 10 times per day for 30 days. This would total $318.00. This must be sent to us in MP3 format. We will also place a click thru banner on our home page. You must supply the banner. The size to be 234 X 60.
If you do not have a commercial we will assist in writing one and fully produce it for $200.00. You will receive a copy and are free to use & distribute however you like.
We offer three levels of pricing for longer term advertising as follows:
3 months – $250.00
6 months – $1300.00
12 months – $2,000.00”

One dollar six per ad, you can go global. This is great for bands, business’s as well as comedians advertising a show.

Tell them Caterino sent ya, and you will be treated like royalty.

Casey Anthony virdict

Will this be the end for Casey Anthony? Will this hand picked jury of twelve decide a fate of life in imprisonment or even death, or will they decide on the evidence and evidence alone? These are questions that will be answered now. Emotions should never be a factor when a jury needs to decide this. So, in a little over ten short hours this is what the jury finds:

Not Guilty- Murder one- not guilty Child abuse- Aggravated manslaughter Not gulty -False Info to a law enforcement- Guilty. Five counts.


America’s Glitch-A new book from Bob D Caterino

I have a new book out called
America’s Glitch
This is the why and hows of the Obama administration. The answers may just astound they are so profound. The simple answer is that socialists and communists hate capitalists. But it runs deeper that that my friends. Read how Obama was a plant and his rise was no accident. Read how Obama sneaks behind the scenes takeover after takeover and why he needs kids, to vote for him. His final option will be in 2012. Will he actually win a second term? Can America survive? Read it and see in the newest book, “AMERICAS GLITCH.”

The New Obama Travel List Rivised edition

Obama is the most traveled President of all time. Remember, it cost the US $227,000 dollars of taxpayer money for him to see the world, so here is the list. Got an hour? Please note, this does not include his trips to United States States including his campaigning for others. He had visited all fifty, or as he put it, 58. He also is planning a vacation to North Carolina, then Scotland. $227.000 an hour folks, our dime.
Canada January 2009
United Kingdom March 31-April 2
France April 3–4
Germany April 3–4
Czech Republic April 5
Turkey April 6–7
Iraq April 7
Mexico April 16–17
Trinidad and Tobago April 17–19
Saudi Arabia June 3–4
Egypt June 4
Germany June 5
France June 5–7
Russia July 6–8
Italy July 8–10
Vatican City July 10
Ghana July 11
Mexico August 9–10
Denmark October 2
Japan November 13–14 M
Singapore November 14–15
People’s Republic of China November 15–18
South Korea November 18–19
Norway December 10
Denmark December 18

Afghanistan March 28
Czech Republic April 8
Canada June 25–27
India November 6–9
Indonesia November 9–10
South Korea November 10–12
Japan November 12–14
Portugal November 19–20
Afghanistan December 3


Brazil March 19–21
Chile March 21–22
El Salvador March 22-23

I will try and add to this list as he goes.

7.4 magnitude earthquake off north coast of Japan. Tsunami alert issued.

7.4 magnitude earthquake off north coast of Japan. Tsunami alert issued. I have posted this would happen but was forced to take that post down. Those who believe I can feel things no one else can, I thank you. Those who hate anyone with this ability, so be it. From this moment on, when I write what I feel, I will refuse to take it down. I tried to warn about it, but those who oppose, won, this time.

Previous article: “Japan will feel yet another wrath, a strong one, with waves of death to follow.” So be it. Today, they suffer because of those who did not believe. Is it now over for the Japan crises, no. I do feel it will suffer deeply and yet another quake will hit within seven days from today. The waters will rise and many will suffer.