Haleigh Cummings, Closer to the truth

So on that fate filled night when a child is presumed missing we only know what we are told but I felt something else the moment this case broke. I said in the beginning that Misty and Ron were hiding something. I was bashed from all sides for even thinking a father would be involved and yet somehow, I kept feeling he was.

Yes the child died in Misty Croslin’s custody but you must think and set aside what you think a normal family is. Ronald schemed to get Haleigh away from the biological mother and he won custody. This was a power play. Just because one is not smart doesn’t mean he cannot use power as a substitute.

Think of the Cummings clan as a clique. Ron was the ring leader who knew how to lead younger people into his hands for the molding of his choices. Misty was a gullible teen who went along thinking she was cool to be with someone older.

Ronald was a drug dealer, ad Misty did a lot of his dirty work. He also recruited Misty’s brother and a few others who would get the drugs as payment.

Cousin Joe was a Ronald type personality and when you place two of the same in a room you get friction. Joe molested Misty at the drop of a hat. Misty was now Ronald’s property but Joe would, like cowards do at times, get Misty alone. She feared him but admired Ronald even though both were cut from the same rock.

Misty was high all the time and used by everyone when Ron was not around. Misty also left drugs all over the home where they lived. The poor child was just doing what she saw the others do and died from her admiration. Misty called Ron and he told her what to do. The boys came over to help like followers do for their commander.

Misty, Her brother Tommy, Joe Overstreet, and Ronald Cummings didn’t care if a child died, they only wanted to cover their own but’s. Misty was with Tom and Joe and they did what Ron ordered them to do, dispose of the child’s lifeless body, and they did.

Ron had his alibi and left Misty hanging. In the weeks to come, this case will be blown wide open. I have written so many pieces on this case. It is all there and despite those who oppose, I was right, all of it. They all, those four fools, murderers and accomplices should rot in jail for what they did.