The New Obama Travel List Rivised edition

Obama is the most traveled President of all time. Remember, it cost the US $227,000 dollars of taxpayer money for him to see the world, so here is the list. Got an hour? Please note, this does not include his trips to United States States including his campaigning for others. He had visited all fifty, or as he put it, 58. He also is planning a vacation to North Carolina, then Scotland. $227.000 an hour folks, our dime.
Canada January 2009
United Kingdom March 31-April 2
France April 3–4
Germany April 3–4
Czech Republic April 5
Turkey April 6–7
Iraq April 7
Mexico April 16–17
Trinidad and Tobago April 17–19
Saudi Arabia June 3–4
Egypt June 4
Germany June 5
France June 5–7
Russia July 6–8
Italy July 8–10
Vatican City July 10
Ghana July 11
Mexico August 9–10
Denmark October 2
Japan November 13–14 M
Singapore November 14–15
People’s Republic of China November 15–18
South Korea November 18–19
Norway December 10
Denmark December 18

Afghanistan March 28
Czech Republic April 8
Canada June 25–27
India November 6–9
Indonesia November 9–10
South Korea November 10–12
Japan November 12–14
Portugal November 19–20
Afghanistan December 3


Brazil March 19–21
Chile March 21–22
El Salvador March 22-23

I will try and add to this list as he goes.

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