Bomb found in Times Square as Obama continues to fail us all.

We almost lost Times Square in NYC this morning so let me just say thank you Mr. President who decided that dinner engagements and traveling and owning all the major corporations are more important than our safety.  Thanks you arrogant prick.

Some people just don’t get it.  Some think that micro managing is the answer when we all know the jobs we need to do.  Some think that sleeping with the enemy is also an answer.  This is not thinking outside the box, this is sealed inside the box.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  We the people are telling Washington what we need and want and those punks sitting in their high and all mighty chairs laugh and do whatever the hell they please anyway.  We learned nothing from 911.  Yes, we almost lost Times Square in New York and we were lucky.  If that bomb would have exploded, we would have lost thousands of lives.  The leftie liberals will say, “Yes but we didn’t so lets move on.”  The righties will say, we should have been more careful.

I am sure Obama and his leftie liberal media will sugar coat all of it as they have been since he was elected.  I am also sure, nothing like this happened while Bush was in office, why?  Bush spend every waking moment protecting these United States.  Obama, well, he will be doing more traveling, over a hundred times in the past year, as well as his dinners, parties, and media events.  I am sure he can get his media to spin anything that harms us and most likely will  blame us for out troubles, again.

I almost died in the World Trade Center.  Angry, yes I am angry.  Obama, stop playing a kids game with the most important job you will ever have and start doing as we say not your fantasy la la land makeover.

6 thoughts on “Bomb found in Times Square as Obama continues to fail us all.

  1. Your hatred of the left and President Obama is “scummy”, to say the least. You compound your stupidity by holding up Bush, a coward, criminal, druggie, warmonger, service dodger……..oh, I could say more, but I’m sure you get the drift. The problem with the Times Square bomber lay with the airline which did not do their checking as they should have. Not to say that it could not happen, but we have NOT had a “9-11” like Bush had just about 9 months into his useless first term. So, no, it is NOT President Obama’s fault. He is doing a good job of trying to straighten out the myriad of messes that Bush/Cheney left – no easy task. I am sorry for people like you who are so blinded by the right wing pundits that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  2. I don’t hate the left winged commies, I just believe they are as stupid as they sound when they mold the truth, you know, like you do. As for Obama, spend, spend, spend, why not, its all good right but no good left.

  3. As I said before, I am sorry for people like you who are so blinded by the right wing pundits that you can’t see the forest for the trees. You only WISH those of us who disagree with you are stupid – Not. I don’t recall you guys whining about the trillions Bush spent on 2 unnecessary wars – brought to the country through lies and deception. When folks like you refuse to view FACTS rather than FICTION (after being pointed out to you by some of the most intelligent scientists, economists, etc. in the nation), one has to suspect a “racial component” at work in your psyche. Hope you can get a handle on that prejudice! It is really not becoming – AND… makes you look unintelligent and foolish. Have a great day.

  4. I write the words that those so called right winged pundits use my friend. I am not the blind but leading the blind. You lefties always call up the race card when you just cannot win an argument. Obama is not a color to me but a inexperienced amateur. The difference between a conservative and a liberal is facts and fiction. This is not about race but about agenda that will kill this country. Obama is leading this country down a path of destruction and extinction and thank God for people like me and God help people like you. I am willing to bet you have your hand out in one form or another. Go and boycott Arizona iced tea out of New York, or make criminals your friends and patriots your enemy. Hey, do you know how to keep a liberal in suspense?

  5. Sorry, Bob, but you are cut out of the same cloth as limpballs, beck, malkin, hannity, et al. The country is being revived by President Obama from the miserable depths from which Bush sank it. The so-called “agenda” seems to be working – we are in recovery, not recession. Yes, facts vs. fiction is something to contemplate when discussing lefty vs. righty. Usually, righty can only call names, question someone’s patriotism, question someone’s commitment to religion, sling the “isms” around as though they know what they mean. Sorry, dude, you are just one of so many who are so far out in right field as to be irrelevant. As for having hands out, you are so wrong……AGAIN! I’ve worked hard and live a very comfortable life without the help of anyone. Hope you can say the same. So, go suck on that “hatred lollipop” you’ve obviously been nursing since ’08 – we are so used to your ridiculous rhetoric, that it passes unnoticed in the breeze! I’ve had my fun with you and will not embarrass you further.

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