Misty and Ron Cummings-

So, I hear they are both heading to prison for many, many years.  I have always stated that these two were the focus in the murder of little Haleigh but no one really thought I was on the right track.  The idea is to pit these two against each other to see who could get the better deal.  I wonder who will toss who under the bus?

Now separate, Misty does not have Ron to tell her what to say so her own brand of dumbness will not only get her more years inprison, but she will also confess to the whereabouts thinking of getting a better deal.  Ron, well, he just sickens me to no end knowing that his daughter meant nothing to him.  She was just a pawn in a custody battle.  He never wanted the child and now he has well over a hundred years to think about what he really has done.