The Swine flu is not to be taken lightly. This strain, cannot be fought with the usual vaccine and is spreading faster then a brush fire. One week ago the death toll was one hundred, not it is three. Americans are not ammune for one week ago we had twenty cases and today we have oine hundred and counting. Click for info that may save your life



Obama’s First One Hundred Days (SEEMS LIKE TEN YEARS)

It is that time, the time we send kudos or thumbs down to the new president in town. The hundred day thing started years ago and as they did in the past, they still do and now it is Obama’s turn.

Unofficial report card for Team Obama

Americans were polled on all Obama issues and triumphs.

Spending= Obama gets an A+ Many say the man really knows how to spend.

Abortion= Obama gets another A+ for keeping the population down.

Gay Marriage = Obama gets an a + again, for being for and against gay marriage.

Economy= Obama gets yet another A+ for saving or gaining four million jobs, the poll was only given to working folks.

Travel= Obama gets A- for Traveling; he hasn’t been to the moon yet.

Bush Bashing= Team Obama gets AAAA+++++ for keeping a trend going and may even get into the book of records.

Left Wing= A + Obama is so far left he even writes with his left hand showing how much he hates the right. He also signed into bill the first ever bill to moniter peoples thoughts. “If they are disin me, well they need to be stopped.”

Teleprompter reading= C Obama reads faster then the prompter man scrolls.

Waterboarding= A- Obama stopped waterboarding as well as water skiing, swimming for beginners, and baby bathing incase water gets up their noses.

Saving the world= A+ also see spending above. Obama is into windmills because he never had a pin wheel as a kid in Africa. Many think he was special and had money, he did not. He couldn’t even afford an American birth certificate.

Practical Joking= Obama gets another A+ for having his aircraft fly very low in Manhattan to scare New Yorkers half to death. Then he snickers and says, “I dont know anything about that” as If he is in the fourth grade. He also gets a second A for bringing back the Swine flu to America, just another gift from Mexico.

Team Obama, gets straight A’s, he is the greatest president of all time because he said so, why not, he won.

This poll given to the left and was paid for by the Obama puppet media, Dobermann, ED(who?) and most of Hollywood.

The “Obama Apology Tour” Or “Tomorrow the Verld”

Obama’s apology tour winds down as he brings Americans a gift. Obama supporters would say, “So what, he called us cowards through proxy, we are troublemakers”, as he bows to Kings, kisses rings, shakes hands with sheiks, reassures Mexican cartels that we will help gives criminals freedom, suckers up to evil dictators. He is the first black president after all.

His first one hundred days are to be measured, and we must hand credit where it is due, with interest. He promised to help the banks, even though American workers have no money. He promised to send bags of money to failing auto makers, and he did, as Americans pan handle, and he bought a dog, yes dear friends he kept his promises while we starve but remembering that history was made and after all he is the first black president, we must honor him because all true Americans honor the commander and chief, well unless you are the commander and chief.

In actually, Obama has been president since November fourth; when he decided to set up camp as the new president even before he was President therefore he has been president for well over one hundred days in his mind.

Ok, so what is this gift he has brought to us all? “The swine flu.” Once hot with this great gift, all your friends will want to be infected with it; after all, Obama has it so why not welcome it. Sure Obama would deny he has no flu but is he really the first president that doesn’t lie?

Many presidents show the wear and tear after their first term in office. They get grey and wrinkles start to show because it is after all a stressful job. Obama is showing it after ninety days, well, give him time, he is new at all of this political stuff. so in closing I give you my gift, three little words,

Obamas White House Mafia

After my book, White House Mafia, was mentioned on the Glenn Beck Show I first smiled and then realized just how some of the news media was reporting things I have written about, then the sales of the book flew through the roof.

We have seen government grow twice its usual size. We have seen government take over the banking system, and bully the private sector. We have seen every Bush policy get changed by Obama who in his mind is always thinking as if he is producing a show. He is always looking for the good publicity for himself and if so many hated what Bush did, then changing all the Bush policies would make Obama look like a hero.

Obama wants to be great but is going about it in the wrong ways. By changing what Bush has set into play in the Middle East, Obama has created a dangerous situation for this country. After giving a billion dollars of tax payer’s money, to Pakistan, is it a coincidence that the Taliban is back in action and ready to take over Pakistan?

This is all laid out in my book. And it is all about smoke and mirrors. American watches the rhetoric Obama sets up on one side of the field, while he sets his agenda up on the other side where no one is watching while republicans like Meghan McCain is attacking there own people while Obama gets his agenda set up.

Now he makes Torture the focus and takes aim once again at the Bush administration and once again we are all arguing over that while Obama does other things behind closed doors.

For those who had forgotten, Obama had less then two years in politics and is a greenhorn at best but used his rhetoric and lies to gain power. I have always said; watch what he does, not what he says.

He is in awe of every foreign head and hates this country with a passion. He really hatess Washington because he has only been there ten days out of ninety. He spreads his sadness for his country to our enemies and no one is wondering why. The answer is simple, he set us up.

Remember 911, we had people who flew plains into the world trade center. These terrorist cowards came to this country years in advance, they went to out schools, and got jobs as pilots which took years to do to set their agenda. Obama is president and it should make everyone wonder where he came from. He refused to show his place of birth and why is not to be hiding something.

Obama is shaking hands not with foreign leaders but with old cronies, people he looks up to. He now has the power to set the agenda. Pakistan will be taken over by the Taliban. Bush had a handle on them but Obama made sure they regained power. This is all in the book everyone is reading. Have you ever wondered why Obama’s numbers are going down, because the truth is now known.

Obama believes that the world should be one, a Muslim world and nothing more. Obama believes he deserves all the power so he can control everything. Obama hats criticisms and will crush everyone that gets in his way. One last thing, remember job losses? Not on the Obama agenda any longer because Americans soon will all be out of work and there is nothing they can do about it because Obama wants it that way. Bowing to kings is more important to Obama then whining Americans.

When Obama was elected, many said it was a historical day and it was, he is the first President of the United States that was not born on American soil. Remember one thing, anyone that names a dog after himself need a shrink. B. arack O. bama BO

Two die in house fire three survive

Greenwood, South Carolina was the scene of the deadly fire that took the lives of two small children. There were no smoke detecters but police call it arson.

Obama said, “I am a reader”

This author is out of his mind, what does he think he is doing?

This author is out of his mind, what does he think he is doing?

Obama was given my book by someone, I expect Chavez because my sales show he also bought a copy. He needs to know where we stand and we need to know why he is punishing America.

The book Whitehouse Mafia, wont be aired anytime soon on any radio station or television news show for one simple reason, it is too hot to handle.

Obama can make love to all the enemies he wants and call all Americans terrorists but I expose him for what he is, un American.

Sandra Cantu Murder Case-Arrest Made

Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher and a woman who has Sandra over the day she went missing killed Sandra. This was one of the homes where Sandra went to play that day. She is in custody and there is one more killer off the streets making it safer for all.

Sandra Cantu went missing a few weeks back. Her remains were found in a suitcase in a water filled ditch. This suitcase belonged to Melissa Huckaby who had the tot over to her home to play with her daughter the day she went missing. She was a sunday school teacher and soon the motive will be known through confession.
I am now writing for “The Crime Examiner” so please visit for more facts in this case. The Crime Examiner