Obama’s Plot Exposed

The people of this great nation who voted for Obama are standing behind him no matter what. He is a carrot dangler. That is someone who teases you with that carrot on a string at the end of a pole making it sound so good. You grab at it because now you think it is that good. You finally grab that carrot and have it in your grip and nothing anyone can do will make you let it go. He is drunk with power but the high he gets from that power doesn’t do it for him these days, he wants more.

You take that carrot back to your hole but are not aware of the evil that lurks around it. Obama, like the devil, is crafty and deceiving. He let you get that carrot but what you didn’t know is that the string is still attached. Now he has you by the ankles. He can tell how much you can make, he can tell you how to dress, and he can make you do things you would never do in other circumstances.
Some auto makers took that carrot, and now Obama can do with them what he wants. He claims he can fire and hire people at will. The power he gets from this still is not enough, he needs more.

Now he is dangling carrots across this great land of ours. There are fifty states and many won’t take the carrots, or money he is offering. He claims that if they don’t take the money it can be disastrous for these states who don’t take what he is offering. He dangles and dangles but there are no bites, not even a nibble. Now he says he can make things very difficult for those who refuse his offering.

You see folks, Obama is denying he has any control over auto makers in America, and yet, he fires a CEO and we all know only Boards or Stock holders can do that, right?

Remembering AIG, the men who weeded out the bad guys for ruining that company, then turn around and work for a buck a year counting on a bonus when they finish their mission? Obama, not only stopped them from earning a living, but he taxed their bonus close to one hundred percent. If you take his carrot, he has full control over your life. “MORE POWER.”

It leaves only logic to see what is going on here. Obama wants every state to grab that carrot, his offering to help us in times of need. Then he can dictate every one of us like he has done to Auto makers and banks who grabbed that carrot. He got a taste of power and needs more and more, he is addicted to power.

We must stand by our principles and fix this mess ourselves. If we give in to the devil won’t he then own our souls? Obama wants full control over the people because in his mind, he knows best.

I would never compare Obama to the Devil, but you must admit, now, what is right, is wrong, what is black, is white, what is good is bad. We are people, human beings who make this land great. We built is on principles of good, and family, what is so precious to all of us is now threatened by power. He uses words to fool us but his eyes tell it all for those who dare to look into them.

The bigger government gets, the less power we the people have. This my friends will not do. We don’t work for government, they work for us, but as I see it, Obama is plotting the biggest hostile take over this country has ever seen in its lifetime and like all power hungry men, they wont stop there, for tomorrow it may just be the world.

People wake up already, can’t you see, Obama, wants to serve man, but its a damn cookbook. Obamas plan to create a socialist America is very real. First on the list would be to insure an economic calapse of a democratic agenda. Second would be to set up groups to insure that no one is able to fight back, groups such as ACORN, and teams like Pelosi, Emanuel, and anyone with power to stop any interferance. A socialist will gain as much power as he can to get where he needs to go. A socialist will gain the trust of many who hate us, and many countries who already have a social agenda. Talking down America every chance they get is also what they will do showing the world our weaknesses.

The aim of a socialist would be to put on a show and just before the curtain comes down, they will show their true colors. Many can’t see the actors and trust whom ever is making the changes to crush the United States. They go willingly either out of fear or out of guilt. Once they see what is happening it is too late.

The one thing socialists don’t understand, is no matter how they come at us, the people for freedom won’t let them take us down. These idiots can try and have in the past but Americans are number one for a reason. We fight for what is right and no man with another plan will take us down.

Many say Obama will be a one term president, and some say he will have his full eight years. Very few will let him take term limits away but when all is said and done, I am giving Obama two years or less before he fails and is out of politics one way or another, for good. He will go down in the history books as the first man who tried to take down America and failed.

Did you ever wonder why he doesn’t like to use the term terrorist? I said it before and I will say it again, he has the same mindset and hates the establishment, the white house , Washington and all it stands for. Now that you know what he is truly trying to do, watch hisactions, not his words.

Obama, you can certainly try and harness all the power you can grasp your hands on. You can also strip us of everything that has made this country great, but some of us, well, you might not understand this, but some of us will still have our dignity, and that is something that is not for sale and can not be taken away.


The Obama Shell Game

The people in the United States are just fine. Those who lost jobs can fide another but those who don’t find one have their hand out and waiting for some miracle to sweep them up and take them to some make believe place.

I did the math. I visited well over fifty restaurants in town and all were packed from open to close. I went to the local movie theater and there were no parking spaces to be found. The malls are packed and as far as I can see we are still a wonderful nation.
What does Afghanistan, our green future, Africa, and other non issues have to do with fixing our economy, nothing. Our very fine government seemed to be fixed on spending us into oblivion so they won’t be called liars in the very near future. They will see to it that they crush our hopes and dreams while spending money we don’t have on projects we don’t need as a priority.

The money Obama is spending could have already made every man, woman, and child living in the United States rich. This was never his plan. It is all politics as usual and Obama doesn’t care about making the people he works for rich. The reason he doesn’t care, is like every rich mans way of thinking, he is already rich.

We have crises in North Dakota. Obama has been watching the situation closely for well over a week and yet we blame Bush for taking twenty four hours to help Katarina victims. His words on war is welcome and these are the same words Bush used with many protests. We are called cowards and racists for not talking about racist issues. I tend to differ with those hate mongers.

Obama’s plan is simple, but with Americans all closing their eyes to what he does, and only listening to his sweet musings that his dear teleprompter tells him to say, we are all suckers.

Obama is for the very poor who tend to like where they are. These people get everything free, food, welfare and housing. Obama wants this for all Americans because that’s who he thinks we are. He hates the rich for having, and loves the poor for having not. The poor is easier to control. I am going to be the first true American to say that Obama is a fraud.

Lastly, Obama is a liar and a cheat. He is a Chicago Mob wanna-be. He is out of touch with reality and wants to set his socialist state of mind. What he doesn’t realize is that we the people wont stand for much more of his stupid tricks he calls politics. To quote a line from Cool Hand Luck, “What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some in the media call him a great communicator but he isn’t, he is just a guy shilling for a cause, his cause, like a man suckering you into a three card Monte game on the street corner of life. This is a game we cannot win; only the people running the game come out the winners. He will however go down in the history books with the likes of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and all I can say is God help us all if he does.

The Obama Attack Team No Bark or Bite

Obama’s attack team is unleashed and that is so Clinton of him now isn’t it. Clinton is making friends with enemies while Nazi Pelosi is calling us un-American for protecting our borders from crime. Rom Emanuel and his clique goes after any republican that moves and Timmy tries and figures out how he got his job in the first place.

I compare team Obama to a pack of wild dogs, without teeth running amuck through the neighborhood attacking anything that gets in their way. The only entertainment channel that is picking up on these stories is MSNBC which is the equivalent to changing a babies diaper once a year and we all know what that’s full of.

The Obama team attack dogs are trying to discredit the republicans at such a cost, it will cost them the 2012 election for all their cunning deviant behavior headed up by Obama himself is backfiring. Obama single handedly has made the rich mad, the poor mad, the gun toting family man mad, the church goers mad and for what? The only people that aren’t angry at the man is illegal’s and governments that hate America for which it stands and even that is iffy. The only real bite these attack dogs have is showing their teeth and even they are in a glass at night.

I look at the Obama team differently. I see Obama as Dr. Evil petting his teleprompter as he sits with one pinky up to his tooth wondering what he can do next and let’s not forget Biden, his personal mini me.
The only defense we have against these mafia wanna bees is to sit back and watch them as their comedy unfold. Obama knows what he is doing and by now he knows it is not going to work. The nest thing he can do is surround him with fools who make him look a little better then he really is.

Dorothy is looking at the huge fire balls but Toto jumps out of her arms and pulls back the little curtain. A weak little man stands their saying, “Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.” Dorothy knows that this man is one and the same man who has been pretending to be something he is not and she says, “You are a bad man.” The man behind the curtain says, “No my dear, I am a good man, just a bad president.” Come on America, maybe if we all click our heels and say, “There is no place like America” we can return to a place we once had, an America that works for us.

Meghan McCain~ Liberalism at its Peek

Meghan McCain, a self proclaimed Republican speaks out by saying what she thinks about her country. The truth is, she is a blogger and maybe even a voter and nothing more.

Meghan’s opinions, blasting conservatives and republicans shows us where she really stands. Her father isn’t talking but I am sure in his heart he knows she is a sheep in wolves clothing. Meghan has more bad things to say about the Republican Party then the democrats.
Meghan also has very bad things to say about any Conservatives that go against the President even when he is wrong on policy. Meghan is in my view a true liberal in the best case scenario. Megan is just one of those silly white people that ride the wave in the name of guilt. I wonder if she voted for a republican in her last visit to the polls.

Reporters report the news as it happens, Meghan seems to report what she feels which doesn’t make her a bad person, just a person using bad judgment. She needs to do the work, add the math before she puts her foot in her mouth again. Her valley girl mentality is the reason true conservatives exist. It’s the issues that are bad for America that matters to conservatives and not what is popular to say.

The liberals and their media are calling republicans “the party of no.” Well this conservative just says no to Meghan McCain but she is harmless, really, and had her fifteen minutes of fame, now she should hit the gym and just say no to food.

she after all was on Larry King, and if that doesn’t say it all what will. Larry no offence but the hard questions Larry, leave them to the real news reporters. Meghan, did you drink any coolaid lately?

Oh, well, like Caterino, gag, I would never read anything by anyone over the age of like, twenty, you know I am not into the cave man scene unless they give me a break on insurance or something you know? Like, wow, gag me if I did. Like, well, you know, this is like a dig at me, like so cruel make me puke why don’t you.

Ernie Dankovitz My Old Friend

Years ago I met a guy named Ernie Dankovitz. He in turn introduced me to Bob Hunlock, Richard McKanka, and together we formed our first garage band playing everything that was popular in 1969. We also formed a comedy group and although there were no venues to showcase out funny at the time like today, we did do parties and even a live show in front of three hundred. I did a parody on Groucho’s “You Bet Your Life quiz show” and Ernie played the sidekick. Even though we formed all of these things the greatest formation that came out of this meeting was indeed our friendship. This was a bonding of four souls that could not be broken.

Ernie was a quick wit. If one of us was stuck for a line, he would ad lib and save the day. He was also the true king of song parody. He was best at taking two songs that sounded the same and turning them into one, like, “Don’t Pass me By” by the Beatles, and “Brand New Key” by Melanie. When we played in front of people as a band, people would actually think he was Alvin Lee of Ten Years After because he looked just like him. I would put on a Led Zeppelin record and he would say, it was Janus Joplin on fast speed.
Ernie was a funny man and a very good friend. He taught me how to drive, how to live life, and how to welcome friendship into my heart.
As time grew the four of us apart, we knew, like long time relatives, that although we married and moved away, the bond is still there and always will be. Bob married and moved to Georgia, Richard died years before his time and Ernie passed yesterday. Yes, years ago I met a guy named Ernie, he was a best friend, and as my tears fall, I know in my heart, he is in much better place now. Ernie Dankovits, as I raise my glass I look up, all I can say is here to you bud, it was one hell of a ride.

AIG, Against Obama’s Mafia

AIG, the insurance and banking giant who is in failing health received help from the Obama team in the form of a bailout. The terms of the bailout were sketchy at the least and not thought through at best.
Bonuses were handed out to top executives who outraged the white House who in turn spread that outrage throughout America. Although I do not agree with the moral aspect of handing out bonus’s to people who did a bad job for their company, I cannot agree with the government who did an equally bad of a job hammering out their bailout. There were no rules about bonuses for AIG although the White House knew about them well in advance.
Now the Obama White House wants to get even, this is what they love to do best. They want to impose a 95% tax on the bonuses showing AIG that they can’t fight city hall. My question to the average American is this. If Obama can make rules up as he goes along, and slap a 95 % tax on AIG bonus plans, then what’s to stop them from coming after us for any reason they feel fit?

Abbott and Costello, remember those lovable comedians who gave us so much pleasure and still give us pleasure today? They couldn’t join the World War 2 effort because of health reasons so they sold war bonds and only charged a dollar per show. They didn’t charge each person but received a dollar for their whole show. The government turned around and told them that they owed them a million dollars in income tax. Costello said, “We didn’t earn a million dollars in five years so how can we owe?” That was easy, the government can do whatever they want when it gets huge and we are seeing these kind of aggressive assaults starting up all over again.

Obama wants it his way or he will get even. His Chicago roots rubbed off on him and he thinks his cabinet is some sort of little mafia. These people work for us, and when the employees come after the bosses in life, it is time to say, “You’re fired.”

Rest assured that the bonus thing is only a smoke screen so that Obama can pass his smaller agenda’s when he thinks we are not watching. He does this a lot but some are so blind that cannot see. Tome to watch his actions instead of listening to his words.

America Is not important

Obama, isn’t important he is just a man we hired on a day by day basis.

Biden, so not important, he can’t give us a straight answer.

Rush Limbaugh, He is not important, I am sure Obama will tell us everything we need to hear.

Americans, not important in the eyes of government or we would have received a bailout by now.

Children, not important or we would not be leaving them so much debt.

Michelle Obama, Not important and she even gave up her sleeves for lent.

Global Warming, not important since it doesn’t exsist. Nature does its own thing all the time and doesn’t care what Gore has to say about it.

AIG, there were banks and insurance before AIG and will be there after AIG, not important.

Rhetoric, not important unless you want to try and change a lot of peoples minds at once.

WAR, not important, it thins the herds and leaves more jobs for us.

Money, we don’t miss it because we don’t have it. NOT IMPORTANT.

Bailouts, are not important because we never see any money from them. The money does its own magic act and poof, it’s gone.

Republicans, not important because they say “no” to things bad for America. “They are the party of no.” While Obama parties, the republicans look and say, “oh no, not again.”

Pelosi, not important because we all know what the grumpy elderly is like.

Food, not important because starving makes a man out of you.

Jackie Mason, not important because it takes focus away from what is really going down in Washington and it gives Al Sharpton something to do.

Music, not impportant because it is all “gansta” now anyway.

Media is not important because they just say things they are told to say and don’t report the real news anymore.

Talk Radio, not important because they might ruin Obamas chances to socialize America.

The constitution, not important because Barack Obama says so.