Casey Anthony virdict

Will this be the end for Casey Anthony? Will this hand picked jury of twelve decide a fate of life in imprisonment or even death, or will they decide on the evidence and evidence alone? These are questions that will be answered now. Emotions should never be a factor when a jury needs to decide this. So, in a little over ten short hours this is what the jury finds:

Not Guilty- Murder one- not guilty Child abuse- Aggravated manslaughter Not gulty -False Info to a law enforcement- Guilty. Five counts.



Haleigh Cummings, Closer to the truth

So on that fate filled night when a child is presumed missing we only know what we are told but I felt something else the moment this case broke. I said in the beginning that Misty and Ron were hiding something. I was bashed from all sides for even thinking a father would be involved and yet somehow, I kept feeling he was.

Yes the child died in Misty Croslin’s custody but you must think and set aside what you think a normal family is. Ronald schemed to get Haleigh away from the biological mother and he won custody. This was a power play. Just because one is not smart doesn’t mean he cannot use power as a substitute.

Think of the Cummings clan as a clique. Ron was the ring leader who knew how to lead younger people into his hands for the molding of his choices. Misty was a gullible teen who went along thinking she was cool to be with someone older.

Ronald was a drug dealer, ad Misty did a lot of his dirty work. He also recruited Misty’s brother and a few others who would get the drugs as payment.

Cousin Joe was a Ronald type personality and when you place two of the same in a room you get friction. Joe molested Misty at the drop of a hat. Misty was now Ronald’s property but Joe would, like cowards do at times, get Misty alone. She feared him but admired Ronald even though both were cut from the same rock.

Misty was high all the time and used by everyone when Ron was not around. Misty also left drugs all over the home where they lived. The poor child was just doing what she saw the others do and died from her admiration. Misty called Ron and he told her what to do. The boys came over to help like followers do for their commander.

Misty, Her brother Tommy, Joe Overstreet, and Ronald Cummings didn’t care if a child died, they only wanted to cover their own but’s. Misty was with Tom and Joe and they did what Ron ordered them to do, dispose of the child’s lifeless body, and they did.

Ron had his alibi and left Misty hanging. In the weeks to come, this case will be blown wide open. I have written so many pieces on this case. It is all there and despite those who oppose, I was right, all of it. They all, those four fools, murderers and accomplices should rot in jail for what they did.

My Psychic Predictions

Predictions as they are can be a toss of a coin.  Many skeptics  seem to want to pounce on those that see things in a futuristic view. We are reporters of a different nature and if one chooses to see what is not there, they are the ones who build walls.  I have been called out so many times over the years and when the crap hits the fan, those who do the calling seem to disappear into the woodwork.  I am still here, still standing and can only say what I feel so here are my thoughts on what is to be.


Riots will break out soon, as soon as august in three parts of the United States.

A child killer will break in April and then we all shall rest assured.

Obama will be caught up in a huge scandal within the next three months of his presidency.

Dark cloud covers Europe.  They are in the thick of it for a while, such a sticky wicket.

Orleans faces yet another tragedy but is overshadowed by Alaska’s water.  Lots of water stuff this month April showers and all.

War will escalate in more of the middle east which will cause another strike on the US in July East and West.

A Mother, a Child Killer will be accused .

March-  Obama’s numbers will fall drastically- he will something different which will force him to travel more and be ridiculed for his efforts.

Gas prices will soar to all new levels.  Toyota will bounce back with a passion.

April-I can see a small earthquake will hit California then a bigger one will follow Far East

Sad darkness in East and West.  Tragedy, a deep dark place.

A child missing and found well hidden but not well enough. Arrest immediate because children do not come with a return policy.

Aussie suffers huge losses

Earthquake after a long time commin almost hits home

Celebrity found dead, in her mid thirties, brunette.

Terrorist plot exposed and failed while another strike is pending.

May- A spiritual uprising in the mist, moral values challenged as the media is overrun with stories.

A deep seeded water problem on the east coast causes many to suffer.

A New York Threat exposed right on Time.

Floods unusually plentiful.

Obama challenged once again.  Desperate measures will doom his presidency. Selling for votes will not be tolerated.

Hillary Clinton will resign as secretary of state and Vice President Biden will expose secrets causing him to be under close watch.

June- No jobs in sight but Americans will find other ways to fund their lifestyle with new methods.  Less jobs to be found.  Harder times ahead.

Protests in the US expand forcing many leaders to listen.

Unexpected death in celebrity helm.

Chaos will strike in New Jersey and New York as greed will be the downfall.

Jobs start to show a sign of growth while unemployment soars to new levels anyway.

All out war on US soil-we win.

July- Bin Laden killed in air strike.

Uprising in child abduction.

Two high profile murders called the crime of the century.

Scandal rocks the white house once again.

Big fires in the west and the east coast.

New laws for child predators will prevail.

August- I see hundreds of animals dead in explosions or fire.

Gas prices ease but rise again within weeks.

Protesters unite for a single cause.

Magazine mogul found dead in his home, natural causes.

September- Stock Market rises to all new levels.  Trading soars.

Another kind of War in middle east.

Two devastating air collisions.

More rains wash out many cities, flooding, and devistation in mid west.

October-  Some say it is a miracal others are skeptical but have no real answers for why.  Gods answer to a nation in crises.

Mother of five kills children in the name of religion.

Tighter border controls drug access into the US from Mexico.

Americans held hostage in Middle East and wont see the light of day for one full year.

November- A quiet before the storm.  America reverts back to roots.

Three more high profile celebrities die.

O.J. Simpson back in the news, honesty for once.

Gold prices soar to a record 1,559 an ounce.

Political values change and a nation comes together again.

December- Money flows again in the US. Jobs are highest they have been in two years.  Gas prices lower but still high. Yet another celebrity jailed for abuse. Christ reveals three small miracles remembering Christmas is more important then ever before. A perfect end to an interesting year.  War is over.

The King of P ed OP hiles is Dead

The modern day pan

What can I say about the death of Michael Jackson, plenty. In my opinion, while only a few years ago when the media was ripping Michael a new one for having children sleep in his bed after giving them wine, they now are acting as if they were best of friends and as the fake tears flow, so many of the innocent were forced to grow up prematurely.

Yes the popular self proclaimed king of pop, went broke trying to put out fires he created and has done more of that them creating music in the past fifteen years.

Those without the all mighty buck, hold out candy to lure our children away but not Michael, he designed a ranch, a complex just for that reason.  He went so far as to use plastic surgery to look like the Disney cartoon, Peter Pan, because as we all know, Peter also lured children away from their innocence. 

Pedophiles come and go and yet we all wish them death.  The difference here is that Michael sang songs which don’t make him any less guilty. 

Remembering all the fake marriages putting up a front for his lifestyle, one should wonder what his real agenda was, I don’t it was the children.

Now we are slobbering all over a person who made his own choices in life.  We all must die, that’s life and for me, one less person preying on our innocent children is not going to be a factor any longer. 

Michael might have saw a man in the mirror, but all I saw was a kid toucher.  I won’t be hypocritical as most, no; I refuse to honor a person like that.  As far as I am concerned, there is one less predator among us.

Sandra Cantu Murder Case-Arrest Made

Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher and a woman who has Sandra over the day she went missing killed Sandra. This was one of the homes where Sandra went to play that day. She is in custody and there is one more killer off the streets making it safer for all.

Sandra Cantu went missing a few weeks back. Her remains were found in a suitcase in a water filled ditch. This suitcase belonged to Melissa Huckaby who had the tot over to her home to play with her daughter the day she went missing. She was a sunday school teacher and soon the motive will be known through confession.
I am now writing for “The Crime Examiner” so please visit for more facts in this case. The Crime Examiner

Sandra Cantu 2001-2009

I only post these days on a webpage called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH I post my thoughts along side others about crime there. Sandra, on April 2nd, I saw her in a dark place. I said she was covered with canvas and that she was not alive.

I would never send anyone messages of lost hope so I deleted it, but placed the comment back up because on this site, it is honesty that will save us from crime. Parents seem to think it is ok to leave their children to wonder the streets. If you look at al the footage from Sandra’s neighborhood, their is not one person that is willing to be out on those streets and yet, Sandra was alone.

Parents need to keep a watch on their children and stop being their friend and start parenting again. Sandra was eight, trusting of strangers and was a gypsy child in her town.

I also saw two men, one older, skinny, and looked as if he drank a lot all the time, glassy eyed, red nose, you know that look. The other short and fat, younger, and basically was a driver for this drunk because he had one to many DUI’s. Sandra has been dead for a week but now the police have more then enough evidence to find these thugs.

Now that her death is a reality, may the Lord take her in his arms. We must all pray for her now for thats all we can do. Her mother will have to live with this for the rest of her life.

We need to start exposing crime for what it is. Political corectness has no place in the criminal world and we need to talk about what is happening around us. We need to take back America NOW! I am inviting you all to come to the webpage and give your valued views on all the cases we have posted, and we also need you to post your own. We are small now but with your help we can be the center point for posting children or adult crime that doesn’t make it to the news.

Please be a part of this and together our people wil stay safer. Once again, we are at:Neighborhood Watch

Haleigh Cummings~My Psychic Reading

The day this child went missing I saw that something was not lining up. I see the child as alive. The father, Ronald Cummings was working at the time the child was missing. His live in girlfriend of 17 was in charge of the children.

The girlfriend would sneak out once again in the name of fun, and always come home before the Childs father would. She knows the routine so well and has done this before. Earlier that morning, the seventeen year old has a relative over. He stole something from the home and the small childs father would discover it missing. They argued and the relative would walk away angry only to wait until the father would go to work. He was heading towards the home where he hid in the shadows and the seventeen year old was spotted leaving the home.

The relative would head over to the home still angry and found the door unlocked. He went in and sought revenge. He took the child and simply drove away. They were spotted in Knoxville but will be found on Tuesday Feb. 24th, ten miles before Nashville in a small community. The relative is trying to sell the child.

When we place our children in the hands of children, sometimes it’s as if we just don’t care but other times it is what we have to do. The seventeen year old girl living with the Father of these small children will be charged with obstruction. She will say that she is sorry but she just didn’t want her man to find out that she left the home. The girl will be found and all will get what is coming to them.

Update: I am tired, weak and heading home after scoing out a lot of things. This poor little girl was suposed to have been returned by now. Their are a few people keeping secrets and they just wont understand how important that is to this missing soul. They wont find her if all the puzzle parts are not handed to the people putting this jig saw together.

Some people close to this case are afraid of losing what they have but at what cost? If these people don’t do the right thing and soon, little Haleigh will be found but like so many others it will be too late.

The panic is in and some will act in haste. I am pleeding for the three people that know things but who are not telling the true facts to do so now. You know who you are. I am just so tired.