Mothers Day Wishes

We tend to send out random mothers day wishes to anyone who is a mother. We need to rectify this error with new rules. Any woman from the age of puberty can mother a child but a real mother nurtures their children. A good mother will watch over, protect and support their children. A real mother spends time with their child, yes, even with all the other things she has going on in her life.

There are good mothers and despite what you here on mothers day, their are bad mothers too. A good mother will tell their child that they support them no matter what they decide and never tell them they cannot, or no to anything that interests them.

A good mom will always take that time out of a busy schedule to hug at least once a day. A bad mom will ignore, beat, and even reject a child for no other then selfish reasons. A good mom will raise their sons and daughters and never pawn them off with a Grandparent or an Aunt. A good mom will never take alcohol or drugs, or even a man over their child.

So, now that we are straight on what a good mom is and a bad mother is, we can now go forth and give the good moms a very happy mothers day for a job well done, and for all the others, you get nothing, nada, ziltch, zip,zero and butkiss. No pat on the back for delivering a child, but a huge pat on the back of mothers everywhere for a job well done and thats how it should be, always.


Bomb found in Times Square as Obama continues to fail us all.

We almost lost Times Square in NYC this morning so let me just say thank you Mr. President who decided that dinner engagements and traveling and owning all the major corporations are more important than our safety.  Thanks you arrogant prick.

Some people just don’t get it.  Some think that micro managing is the answer when we all know the jobs we need to do.  Some think that sleeping with the enemy is also an answer.  This is not thinking outside the box, this is sealed inside the box.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.  We the people are telling Washington what we need and want and those punks sitting in their high and all mighty chairs laugh and do whatever the hell they please anyway.  We learned nothing from 911.  Yes, we almost lost Times Square in New York and we were lucky.  If that bomb would have exploded, we would have lost thousands of lives.  The leftie liberals will say, “Yes but we didn’t so lets move on.”  The righties will say, we should have been more careful.

I am sure Obama and his leftie liberal media will sugar coat all of it as they have been since he was elected.  I am also sure, nothing like this happened while Bush was in office, why?  Bush spend every waking moment protecting these United States.  Obama, well, he will be doing more traveling, over a hundred times in the past year, as well as his dinners, parties, and media events.  I am sure he can get his media to spin anything that harms us and most likely will  blame us for out troubles, again.

I almost died in the World Trade Center.  Angry, yes I am angry.  Obama, stop playing a kids game with the most important job you will ever have and start doing as we say not your fantasy la la land makeover.