Predictions for 2012

Gas will rise to new heights.
Obama admitting to laziness will indeed wait till the last moments to run for reelection.
Casey rears her head once again. She admits to loving for the first time, never mentioning Caylee, go figure, America ignores.
Obama under fire for leaking secrets to Hollywood movie makers.
Tokyo Shakes
Children kidnappings will run ramped.
Underdog will rise to new heights in first primary in New Hampshire
Jobs eking up a few points but not quite good enough
Hillary wants out and gets her wish.
Celebrity death shocker, then two oldies to follow
More threats to the United States on their own soil due to a Carter type cutback on US military by Obama.
Obama decides to get new running mate for 2012
Obams huge political move at our expense.
Gas rises above four dollars per gallon
Weakness in White House reveled.
God made disaster in Midwest and southern states
Demarcate scandal will be the fall
Riots in California will dominate the news
Major celebrity will be jailed long term
New Moms, more babies missing
a new president arrives.
Money and jobs flow again

Barack Hussein Obama~Token President

Our president has never used one of his own thoughts since elected a year and a half ago.  His speeches are written by people who want to sell a feel.  You must have wondered at least once why he is surrounded by only the white element,  Pelosi, Emanuel, Gibbs.  He is the token president without a thought  or move without these people pulling the strings.  Why is it, Oprah Winfrey, who promoted this man before the elections has now disenfranchises herself from him.  She knows the truth one may assume.

Obama cannot be himself as long as he is told what to do by his surrounding masters of the political world.  He was told to cut ties with his spiritual leaders, who were black, his friends whom of which you never see him with any longer who were black and those personal family who are black? Because those who surround him know what is best for him as our leader.

Obama is a normal guy trying to do the right things but those who placed him in his position, say it is in the better interest of the country for him to say and do things as their token.

obama like so many are uncomfortable with saying God Bless after every word.  Normal people praise God in their own way every day but we don’t eed to say it, preach it, to all we meet.  Now a forced “God bless America, as told to do by his handlers, is just that which makes Obama seem staged.

Obama can be well liked by all but only if he acts naturally and not as he is told to act.  If those who are pulling his strings thought he was not good for their agenda he wouldn’t be in the position he is in, thus, token president.

The average black person, who works hard, and has love of family, well, do you think they would ever be invited to sit with Obama and just BS over a home cooked meal?  No, and why is this so, because those who run the club only allow the few into their playing field.  THINK ABOUT IT.

My Psychic Predictions

Predictions as they are can be a toss of a coin.  Many skeptics  seem to want to pounce on those that see things in a futuristic view. We are reporters of a different nature and if one chooses to see what is not there, they are the ones who build walls.  I have been called out so many times over the years and when the crap hits the fan, those who do the calling seem to disappear into the woodwork.  I am still here, still standing and can only say what I feel so here are my thoughts on what is to be.


Riots will break out soon, as soon as august in three parts of the United States.

A child killer will break in April and then we all shall rest assured.

Obama will be caught up in a huge scandal within the next three months of his presidency.

Dark cloud covers Europe.  They are in the thick of it for a while, such a sticky wicket.

Orleans faces yet another tragedy but is overshadowed by Alaska’s water.  Lots of water stuff this month April showers and all.

War will escalate in more of the middle east which will cause another strike on the US in July East and West.

A Mother, a Child Killer will be accused .

March-  Obama’s numbers will fall drastically- he will something different which will force him to travel more and be ridiculed for his efforts.

Gas prices will soar to all new levels.  Toyota will bounce back with a passion.

April-I can see a small earthquake will hit California then a bigger one will follow Far East

Sad darkness in East and West.  Tragedy, a deep dark place.

A child missing and found well hidden but not well enough. Arrest immediate because children do not come with a return policy.

Aussie suffers huge losses

Earthquake after a long time commin almost hits home

Celebrity found dead, in her mid thirties, brunette.

Terrorist plot exposed and failed while another strike is pending.

May- A spiritual uprising in the mist, moral values challenged as the media is overrun with stories.

A deep seeded water problem on the east coast causes many to suffer.

A New York Threat exposed right on Time.

Floods unusually plentiful.

Obama challenged once again.  Desperate measures will doom his presidency. Selling for votes will not be tolerated.

Hillary Clinton will resign as secretary of state and Vice President Biden will expose secrets causing him to be under close watch.

June- No jobs in sight but Americans will find other ways to fund their lifestyle with new methods.  Less jobs to be found.  Harder times ahead.

Protests in the US expand forcing many leaders to listen.

Unexpected death in celebrity helm.

Chaos will strike in New Jersey and New York as greed will be the downfall.

Jobs start to show a sign of growth while unemployment soars to new levels anyway.

All out war on US soil-we win.

July- Bin Laden killed in air strike.

Uprising in child abduction.

Two high profile murders called the crime of the century.

Scandal rocks the white house once again.

Big fires in the west and the east coast.

New laws for child predators will prevail.

August- I see hundreds of animals dead in explosions or fire.

Gas prices ease but rise again within weeks.

Protesters unite for a single cause.

Magazine mogul found dead in his home, natural causes.

September- Stock Market rises to all new levels.  Trading soars.

Another kind of War in middle east.

Two devastating air collisions.

More rains wash out many cities, flooding, and devistation in mid west.

October-  Some say it is a miracal others are skeptical but have no real answers for why.  Gods answer to a nation in crises.

Mother of five kills children in the name of religion.

Tighter border controls drug access into the US from Mexico.

Americans held hostage in Middle East and wont see the light of day for one full year.

November- A quiet before the storm.  America reverts back to roots.

Three more high profile celebrities die.

O.J. Simpson back in the news, honesty for once.

Gold prices soar to a record 1,559 an ounce.

Political values change and a nation comes together again.

December- Money flows again in the US. Jobs are highest they have been in two years.  Gas prices lower but still high. Yet another celebrity jailed for abuse. Christ reveals three small miracles remembering Christmas is more important then ever before. A perfect end to an interesting year.  War is over.

Heene–The Family That Hoaxes together…

Daddy decided he needed a little publicity. He creates this crappy makeshift flying saucer and then decides to create a stunt where people would actually think they saw a UFO.

There are no small parts only small actors. Mommy and Daddy met in acting class. They were married and had children, three to be exact. Daddy tries to market himself as some sort of an actor but the only gig he could land is a reality show which lasts one day on the tube. He is desperate and decides to launch this ugly looking foil covered tarp. He video tapes the launch acting as if the strings attached to the balloon had broken. No one cared until he had a brainstorm. He tells his youngest son to hide in the attic until he was told to come out. He then calls the news, the air force and then 911, in that order which showed many who watched that this was a hoax, and an amateur one at that.

Well daddy set out to get publicity and that he did. We will all be watching his court appearances and then watch as he heads to prison, it doesn’t get more real then that. I am all for publicizing for the arts but to use your babies as pawns, um, caugh, caugh, John and Kate, um, balloon guy, is a shameless act and may he rot in prison to think about what he had done.

The Right VS the Left

When children play it is easy to see how everyday fun and games may turn into an argument or even a fight.  These are children and that behavior is expected.  When adults do fight it is because they do not possess the skills needed to act as an adult should.

The right wing conservatives, as I see them, are a compassionate group who speak from the heart. They move towards a cause with verve and vigor because they believe their lifestyle is being threatened.  The only goal that a conservative has is to preserve this land made great by our forefathers we know as America and strive to be free as intended.

The left wingers seem to think that politics is a game played by six grade children.  The facts are never involved when it comes down to the left wing.  They use smoke and mirrors and slight of hand to get their points across.  They fabricate news or edit it to their own accord when it best suits them to do so.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many conservative news radio stations doing very well in this time of democracy dominance?  The answer is simple; the left just don’t know how to keep their ratings up.  This is an easy task, speak the truth and the audience will come. 

The right will always use words of truth to tell a story, while the left will create a story without worrying about the outcome.  Like children, name calling, hurting other children, conservatives have learned to be bigger than that and that’s why they can hold their head up and walk tall because at the end of the day, they can look themselves in the mirror and know who the better person was. 

Joe was just a guy I knew.  He was always able to speak his mind.  One day Joe was confronted by a black minister.  Joe “Excuse me boy.”  The minister said, “I do believe that you are a racist.  Joe turned to the minister and said, “Yeah, so what’s your point?”

To blame someone, calling them a racist, someone who stands up for what he believes, is just wrong and yet, the left seem to be having a field day tossing that word around so freely.   Yes, Joe is a self admitted racist.  He believes in something and when confronted he admitted it and sees nothing wrong with it.  The sad thing is, when the left use that word, racist so freely, it distracts us from the true racists in the world.

The left is cheating at the game in which we all play and as we all know, cheaters never win and winners never cheat. 

Some of the media, the ED’s of the world needs to grow a set, because white washing the news makes them not worthy to call themselves news broadcasters.  Reporting news as it is, speaking the truth is what Americans want no matter who it is about. 

Remembering that man has been here for so many years, we can’t possibly believe that any race is pure.  We are all mixed and this we can truly thank our forefathers for.

America, the melting pot no longer.

America has always been known as “the melting pot,” but time and certain people have seen to it that it is no longer the case.

No longer are we segregated to strive towards a single goal.  We are now as separated as we were in the fifties if not more so.

Assimilation is a key factor in being one nation under God but the special interests will not have any of it. We look around us and see what is going on, we are separated into groups, the Black neighborhoods, the Italian, the Hassidic, the Hispanic, and so on. If we are going to be truly Americans then we need to be past all of it.

We cannot be hyphenated Americans, we must start being Americans.  The only people that are putting us into groups are people with power and an agenda.  It is in their better interest to keep us out of each others lives.  To lure us into these traps takes a mindset of trickery, and until we open out eyes, we cannot be the America we all want. 

We are called a free nation but are we really?  The ones that can afford to move freely around the nation as a free people are a slim margin of folks.  The poor are forced to live where the broken down homes are, the middle class are herded into sections for them and like the Native Americans living on reservations, there is no difference.

People from all walks of life are lured into the hype of America.  They are promised to be free, rich, and become whatever they want to be but when they arrive they just do not assimilate to this so called melting pot.   The Hispanic born in America will grow up speaking broken English as will every world comer.   When we come here then why not try and live as Americans?  Speaking the language of your country and watching your native television programs or listening to radio in your native tongue will not help you become Americans, only a foreigner that lives here.

In closing, it was never about the color of skin but the way you live your life that makes you American.  What we have here is a failure to communicate and if we are to move forward, then we all must live as one.

White House Mafia

Many quotes and information is coming out of this book.  The warnings of a future America which will resemble a third world nation.  Obamas job will be done very soon.  Terror from the inside.  Dont be left out of the loop.  Read the book that Rush and all the other radio hosts get references from but are afraid to plug it because the things in this book become theirs.  See why Obama wont pull any more crap on America, because we are Americans, thats why and we just wont allow it to happen.  it is all about the lies and deceit and a hidden agenda.  As the author, I am pleased to announce that I am on Pelosis hit list as so ordered by the man himself.  They want to ban this book but I have a higher IQ then Obama so let em try.   THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA