For those who serve this country

Memorial Day is a day for remembering those special people in all of our lives. We have to remember those extraordinary men and women who protect us from all of our enemies, those who hate everything we stand for, freedom, rights, and caring for our fellow mankind.

Fallen heroes are sometimes forgotten as we go about our daily life which is a shame. It is not only the military, but all of those who serve to protect and die in the face of freedom and who really know the meaning of those broad strips and white stars.

Here is to all the policemen who gave up their lives to protect us, the firefighters, who risk their lives to save us, and the military who goes that extra mile to fight the good fight without asking for a thank you. For all of you out there who cared enough to do for others, I thank you with all of my heart.

To the men who fought in our civil war and first world war, I thank you, for those who fought and died in the name of liberty in the second world war, I thank you, all eighty million who defended this nation and died in the name of freedom. For the Korean War and the Viet Nam vet I thank you, and for all of those who fight against the unseen enemy, the terrorist, I thank you all. God bless all the troops and the families whom always known their child was special.

We need not shed a tear for these hero’s but ever so often, as our eyes look up, and a smile comes over us, a remberance is a small price to pay for all they have sacfrificed for us. REMEMBER, THATS ALL THEY ASK IS THAT WE REMEMBER. Lets not let the memories of the forgotten soldiers simply fade away.



I have been a writer for well over forty years now and I think I have developed my craft. The struggles to write a book takes time and money. Writing is an art form but it takes money, lots of money. I have been across this great land of ours experiencing all I can so my work can be authentic.

In this economy with our new leader, I seem to have so much to say, but who can afford to read it. I as so many lost my home in the name of economic blunders, and now will lose my car. If you like what I have to say, in blog, book, or news print, please, do what you can to keep the caterino experience alive. Donate, a penny, a nickle, a buck, for the good of the art. Don’t let the important things fall. I am not the banks, the auto company, or Wall street, I am one man trying to create.
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Writers Needed

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Whitehouse Mafia

I warned so many who now see the light. In my book, WHITE HOUSE MAFIA tells the tale about how the White house and the Mafia run the business in the same manner but the only difference is, one of the two are a wannabe.

This is not about freedoms any longer, this is all about control. Obama wants to control the people not only the companies.

I just want to add the good thing about Obama, his cabinet picks are showing us that he has not a single racist bone in his body. Thank God we have a president that picks to balance color and race instead of who is best qualified for the positions. WTG chief. I am sure the hacks over at PMSNBC will have a field day with his latest appointments. Correction, LSMBC, no wait, oh who cares, no one is a watchin.

Nancy Pelosi, oops Proof that Water boarding works

I am trying to understand the left wing, liberals but they change their stories more times then Clinton changes women. Nancy Pelosi is trying to make a case against Republicans, but she forgot to do the research.

Pelosi will have us believe that the entire CIA, and the whole damn Bush admin. are liers and she is the only one telling the truth. She just refuses to come clean. Cheney wasn’t about to keep silent after the left kept up the bush bashing and their lies so he fought back. Now the left is all over him and Bush again only more so.

If anything, Pelosi will never break, which is proof that waterboarding works.

Bill Clinton, remember him, the president that was impeached? The man slept with more women then I have seen in a lifetime, well all womrn except Hillary. Bill has a nerve to dis Cheney, I may just have to give Monica a call and take her on my book tour.

Obama, he is not innocent in all of this, he is still running all over the country trying to convence Americans that they are bad people and America is and has always been bad.

There is only so much BS one can take, and America is ready to start fighting back.

Just a reminder, one more day, until the crap hits the fan in the Obama Mafia.

Obama wants to own America to Control America

The keywords are, “we need to fix this.” First we had the banks, the Whitehouse said, “We need to fix this”, now they own the banks. Then came the auto makers, “We need to fix this.” Then we had the credit card companies, and they now own or are going to own all of these companies.

Obama doesn’t want to fix things for the better, he wants to fix things in the Mob sense of the word, so he can control or own these companies. Now these same familiar keywords are being used for Social Security and Health care. Where will it all end? Does Obama want to own America so he can control everything and everyone? Well, some larger companies who would not take any money were smart.

Obama does not control Ford because they refused money. Ford lives on and will do well. Obama did not get his hands on these big boys. States now refusing the money Obama is offering will lose this money. The money they lose will go to another state but guess what, the states that refuse this government money that goes to another state will still have to be paid back by the states refusing the money.

This is mob like tactics and like I wrote in my book, WHITE HOUSE MAFIA, all is as planned by the mob like mentality in the Obama family.

America wins, Obama fails

The people jumping on the Obama train either think their cool for doing it, or they are simply dense. They see the outer shell of a man but won’t ever delve in to what is really going on here.

In my book, THE MAFIA WHITEHOUSE I lay it all out. Obama has been in politics for a couple of years, and for those who can’t count, that’s two. He surrounds himself with many who he thinks are the best of the best, but all these people are, are throwbacks from the Clinton years and we all know how that went. Obama got his start in Chicago politics so he knows how crooked politicians work its people.

Can everyone remember the seventh grade, starting in a new school and having to deal with the cliques? The cliques were those of the elite who thought they were better then everyone else, well, it is like that in the White house now.

Obama has Rom Emanuel, you know, the guy you never see or hear from. Well, Rom, and I hate to even think what that is short for, but he isn’t seen for a reason. He is behind the scenes orchestrating the mob squad. These goons find who they can target on the right and usually do but we are on to them. Biden will say a few more foot in mouth things and Pelosi will show her true colors and her age. The dems will start to turn on Obama and I can’t wait because the plan is in motion.

The difference in the Right and the left is, the Right has principles and the left make things up or exaggerate things way out of proportion. These boys and girls tell the media to attack the Right and they do but at a cost. Their ratings are in the pooper for not reporting as they should instead of how they are told.

Obama speaks well, Obama is the great speaker, Obama is full of it. The reason Obama’s words are so compelling at times is his writers. The man is an amateur at best and a hack at his worst. Now, he wants to shut down anyone who speaks ill of him via television, radio, or internet.

Two weeks until the big day. Obama will start to feel the pressures and pain after the next few weeks in office. The right has a plan which will leave the Democratic Party in shambles. This is when the crap hits the fan. Now I can tell you what will be happening within these next few weeks, but I still have principles. You will find out soon enough because as we all know, good things come to those who wait. The left will just have to sweat it out for a few more weeks and when it happens. Well watch and see folks, wait and see. I warned you lefties to buy the book then you would be in on it too. See who is going to get the axe on MSNBC. The days of the Obama failure.