I wish you happiness

For those who oppose life, you must have been hurt
those who embrace it, not knowing whats worse
I have an idea, oh, its just a thought
smile through when saddened, hurt or distraught.
Never compromise, sanitize as long as you give a try
life is a struggle and some never realize
what it is all about
so lets all shout and say
were never gonna take that anymore
I welcome whats in store.
so bring it on my friends and foes, as for me, I have places to see and to go to
never back it down and always keep your chin up
for life is life, enjoy it, like a new born pup
remembering it is over in that single blink
so when you read this I hope it made ya think.


This is my life. Now you understand

As far back as I can remember, I have always cheated death or should I say, life has cheated me. I am a true believer that all things happen for a reason. I was only three when the neighbor boy and I were playing in our yard which was connected. The folks were having a get together. I remember the kid walking over to me carrying a one inch thick board, raising it over his head and slamming it down on mine as hard as he could. I also remember seeing stars, actual stars like a freakin cartoon. The lump raised on the top of my head was the size of a baseball. I ran to good old Mother, and she was talking. I was crying, and all she could say was, I must have done something to deserve that.

I was allowed to skip the second grade for reasons of the adult world but I had The others were eight in the third grade. Ok, by the time I was in the fifth grade, being now, ten, while most of the class were twelve and so much bigger than I, I was the target of bullying, big time. I am talking about a rough neighborhood to begin with, and getting at least a beating a day, I was afraid to head outdoors. The bully’s would actually chase me home and if I was lucky they did not catch me. no argument at that age, I was only six six. The thing was, at the age of six, to skip, placed me into an older class. These beatings would take place until I was ten or twelve.

So when one combines the attacks I received as a kid, and parents who were constantly fighting, a father who was drunk for as far back as I can remember, I was the one they always put in the middle to measure who was right. No child should ever be put in that situation, but I survived. My father would call for me personally when he threatened to cut off his feet, having me get a towel, a pot, and two sharp knives. He would make me watch but he would never go through with the act. But at that time, a ten year old should never be put in that situation wither. Basically, I felt so alone in the world so I kept to myself pretty much.

At eleven, I remember riding my bike, alone, when an older kid started to chase me for my two wheeler, stingray with the banana seat and whammy bar. I never received presents for any occasion, but a neighbor gave me his old bike when he got a new one. This would be the start of me, feeling deserving enough to own anything or except gifts graciously, go figure. So this older kid chased me into a school yard and I hit a wall head on. The bike raised on its front wheels and my head hit the wall, hard. That must of scared him because he left. I road home in a daze but before I got their, another kid walks up to me, grabs the bike, and punches me square in the nose, breaking it. When I got home, all my mother said was, how did that happen, then she walked away. I was eleven, no love was lost.

Now in middle school, we called it Junior High back in the day, I remember three different teachers beating me up at separate times for no reasons. I went to a very bad school where the kids were running rabid. I was a good kid, kept to myself, and always taught to respect elders, and ask questions when I didn’t know or understand something. Those teachers felt I was being a wise guy so that was their excuse for beating me up.

At twelve, my brother hit me in the head with a rock. I needed three stitches which cost my Mom ten dollars at that time. She was furious with me for getting hit with that rock and refused the doctor when he offered anesthetic which would have been an additional ten dollars at the time. Are we beginning to see a pattern here? Then they send me to a two week summer camp for twenty five dollars, not to better my life but to get rid of me I am willing to guess. This was the camp where the counselors wheeled canvas belts and used them to keep us in line and as far as I could see, we never did anything wrong. Maybe it was the time my brother, me seven, him twelve, placed shards of glass into my glass of juice causing me to almost die, well, I was told to suck it up by dear old dad.

I have been hit in my head so many times, the doctors say, one more time, and I will die.

One day we moved. I was thirteen years old at that time. I was left a note at the old apartment where to go. I rode my bike thirteen blocks and found the new address, which is how I even found out we moved in the first place. The house was a three story building with basement. My brother and sisters had their own rooms, I had the unfinished attic complete with bats, squirrels, and possums. I learned to cope by slowly finishing the attic in an artistic way. The home was a duplex and the neighbor took the time to talk with me at times. He found out I was interested in writing and I had shown him some of my stories. He gifted me a typewriter. He was kind and caring and I will never forget the man for taking time on me. By the way, this happened between the time my mother threw me down the fifteen stairs for no apparent reasoning, and the time my Father came home stinking drunk and attacked me with a hammer, just because.

I have always been a smart child and despite all the roughness in my world, I always was able to articulate on paper what I was feeling. This is my forte. I believe I am here for a reason, to write, and let others enjoy what I have written. I feel as if I live on borrowed time and use it all to write. I have managed to write seventeen books with three in the works. I have written for news, media, and comedians and not to mention tens of thousands of articles. I feel lucky despite what has happened to me. By the way, those bully’s from back in the day, have since passed away which is all the revenge I need for closure. My siblings, well, who knows where they are or how they are doing. I separated from them when I found the love of my life and married. The grandparents didn’t care enough to know my kids, and as for the siblings, they are only in it for themselves. I found out during a heated argument that I was never a wanted child. They also told me, I was the reason they grew up poor. I would receive wrapped up used socks for Christmas as gifts, my own used socks go figure. Birthdays, not even a “Happy birthday Rob.” I have always d=id well for myself and writing this was sort of a therapy for me. I am for the underdog, the weak, the challenged. I fight for those who cannot. That which did not kill me, did make me stronger and believe me, I still have a lot more to say and do. Thanks for the read and google me for more insight into why I am.

Big Brother’s a watchin-Censorship alive and well

Home of the free and land of the brave we are. This is America and when a Government of the people, tries to censor words, we will never stand for it. Obama’s Government has gotten out of hand when they start to censor words of the people, its people, those who elected them. When a government gets so huge, they start to think they can do whatever they want to, it is time for a change.

Take away my newspapers and we will take it to the airwaves. Take away my airwaves, and we will take it to the internet. Take away my internet and we will take it to the streets. We the people hired you to do our will, not the other way around. How dare you censor words in your favor? How dare you edit out the bad things for your own political gain? How dare you go against the people whom, you were elected to serve? Censorship has no place in America. If those who were elected decide that they will call the shots, toss them out.

Our government has gotten so far out of hand in the least three years it is sickening. They prod us towards protests they want protested. We must think for ourselves again and the Government needs to wise up. In November we need to call the shots and toss out Washington on their butts/ No one tells us to shut up. Let us be heard, for we are Americans. Obama’s Chicago politics has put businesses on trial, he has called out people who strive to make it in this free country. He stamps out speech that makes him look bad. He put millions out of work halting oil drilling in the USA leaving us at the mercy of the Middle East nations. He creates rhetoric for corporations and wall street for making money as any capitalist would. The time is now. We need to speak out before we are not allowed to speak at all.

The number of poor people in America is growing as the middle class is shrinking. We, as Americans must stand tall, together, and strong. We do not want, or need, any elected official telling us what to do, how to do it, or what we can and can not do. We do not need someone who takes nine weeks Vacation in three years while Rome burns. We do not need anyone telling us to keep quiet. We do however need to throw political correctness out the window and say what we mean. Oh sure, they think they know better,and maybe they do, because we elected them. These politicians do not know better, they are just selling us a bill of goods. We are not going to by the BS any longer. We are Americans, you work for us. We will tell you when to speak and not to. We will speak as one in November.

Casey Anthony virdict

Will this be the end for Casey Anthony? Will this hand picked jury of twelve decide a fate of life in imprisonment or even death, or will they decide on the evidence and evidence alone? These are questions that will be answered now. Emotions should never be a factor when a jury needs to decide this. So, in a little over ten short hours this is what the jury finds:

Not Guilty- Murder one- not guilty Child abuse- Aggravated manslaughter Not gulty -False Info to a law enforcement- Guilty. Five counts.


America’s Glitch-A new book from Bob D Caterino

I have a new book out called
America’s Glitch
This is the why and hows of the Obama administration. The answers may just astound they are so profound. The simple answer is that socialists and communists hate capitalists. But it runs deeper that that my friends. Read how Obama was a plant and his rise was no accident. Read how Obama sneaks behind the scenes takeover after takeover and why he needs kids, to vote for him. His final option will be in 2012. Will he actually win a second term? Can America survive? Read it and see in the newest book, “AMERICAS GLITCH.”

Mother Nature not self destructing, just renovating

The world is in turmoil now. The news reports are falling to the way side. Japan will not see five hundred deaths but close to five thousand deaths. More Earthquakes will shake Japan through this month. The water will rise and consume many lives all over the world. Mother nature is pissed and we are first on her list. She has always made renovations and decided now is a good time for yet another fix up.

Months ago, when birds fell from the sky, we laughed and the subject just went away. The truth is, animals sense disaster and know when it is time to die when their is no other route to take. This was a sign, a warning but we just kept on keeping on.

myths have us blaming God for Earths disasters when it is Earth itself evolving. Earth always evolves in cycles. We do not expect it because most of the time it is a subtle evolution. The last big change that Earth made was in the ice age and now, Mother Earth is shifting a few things. She never asked us to seal up her grounds with tar, and concrete. She never gave permission to build man made rock houses on her land and now she does what she does, and our play things crumble. Earth is made up of dirt, minerals and clay. We seal her up and when forces to breath, Nature finds her way Via the world be it through Jersey, or Peru.

Get ready folks because she aint done yet.

Everyone looks to America when they are in disaster. When all is said and done, and things are fine, we are the dumpee. Japan needs us now, our services and our charity. When the quake hit, did all of Japans cash fall into the cracks? God helps those who help themselves, just sayin. We are broke and to send cash would mean we are finished.

Always grieve for those who die, but face it folks, everything living dies for it is just another change to another way of life. Let Mother nature do her thing and Earth will go on forever.

Back in time, before man existed, we had earthquakes, a shifting of the Earths inner workings. Man wasn’t around to worry about it. It was for the better good of Earth. Man makes this a problem but it is not a problem. Just remember, Earth is a land in which we are using for a short time and now, rent is due. Death and destruction is just Earths way of making changes to insure her happiness.

Haleigh Cummings, Closer to the truth

So on that fate filled night when a child is presumed missing we only know what we are told but I felt something else the moment this case broke. I said in the beginning that Misty and Ron were hiding something. I was bashed from all sides for even thinking a father would be involved and yet somehow, I kept feeling he was.

Yes the child died in Misty Croslin’s custody but you must think and set aside what you think a normal family is. Ronald schemed to get Haleigh away from the biological mother and he won custody. This was a power play. Just because one is not smart doesn’t mean he cannot use power as a substitute.

Think of the Cummings clan as a clique. Ron was the ring leader who knew how to lead younger people into his hands for the molding of his choices. Misty was a gullible teen who went along thinking she was cool to be with someone older.

Ronald was a drug dealer, ad Misty did a lot of his dirty work. He also recruited Misty’s brother and a few others who would get the drugs as payment.

Cousin Joe was a Ronald type personality and when you place two of the same in a room you get friction. Joe molested Misty at the drop of a hat. Misty was now Ronald’s property but Joe would, like cowards do at times, get Misty alone. She feared him but admired Ronald even though both were cut from the same rock.

Misty was high all the time and used by everyone when Ron was not around. Misty also left drugs all over the home where they lived. The poor child was just doing what she saw the others do and died from her admiration. Misty called Ron and he told her what to do. The boys came over to help like followers do for their commander.

Misty, Her brother Tommy, Joe Overstreet, and Ronald Cummings didn’t care if a child died, they only wanted to cover their own but’s. Misty was with Tom and Joe and they did what Ron ordered them to do, dispose of the child’s lifeless body, and they did.

Ron had his alibi and left Misty hanging. In the weeks to come, this case will be blown wide open. I have written so many pieces on this case. It is all there and despite those who oppose, I was right, all of it. They all, those four fools, murderers and accomplices should rot in jail for what they did.