The Blagojevich Conspiracy

The Illinois senate decided to vote against Blagojevich and toss him out as Governor All Americans are not stupid. When the Senate votes, one usually gets one or two against but not this time. Blagojevich pleaded his case which fell on deaf ears. Were they even listening? If they were listening, they already had their orders to follow. Someone higher up told them to get rid of Blagojevich, someone that has been disassociating himself from everything corrupt, in his life for two years now. To toss your associations under a bus for political gain is politics as usual only this time Blagojevich is squealing like a pig. He gave us hints to who he will name as the plot thickens.

I have had friends in the far past who I will still admit that were my friends despite what they have done in their life. I would never deny my friendships because I need to do it por my political future which in it self is wrong. Blagojevich said, “Mymain goal was to help the people of my state.” This is what Obama wants to do to us, his people but remember, there is no connection between Obama and Blagojevich, or is there?

My thoughts are as follows, If Blagojevich decides to talk, and name names it will lead all the way to the top guy. I think, Blagojevich will start to talk but be silenced for his actions. What he did was wrong but that’s just politics folks unless you want people to trust that you are the cleanest man on earth. They all do it, they do business like this every day, only this time the bird will keep singing until the cage is covered.


Casey Sings the Blues

Casey will never tell what she had done for one simple reason. Casey is a person that is so self involved with herself that she really blames her daughter little Calyee Anthony for all her troubles as she had done in the past.

Her family was in denial when they discover that their granddaughter had been missing for a month. They got into a fight over the missing child. Casey decided the truth would not be in her best interest. Casey’s father who is in the business of law enforcement and knew something was very wrong. He got Casey alone in her room and the two had a shouting match. Casey then took the police on the grand tour of the city and then she was arrested soon after.

Casey’s mom calls her, and all Casey was worried about was her own feelings and her well being. Still not caring if Casey was ever found, she wanted her parents to focus all their attention on herself. Dad was getting depressed because he now knows his granddaughter is dead. He also knows that Casey, his daughter was the murderer and he just couldn’t face it. Mom was still in denial but knew Casey was a liar but stood strong. Dad was not handling things well, and between that, the media attention, and knowing he lost two loves in his life he just couldn’t take it anymore. He decides to kill himself but left so many clues to be found. He was screaming out for help and he gets it.

Casey now sits in a jail cell wondering why no one comes to see her, why does she need to be in jail, why should she be in the courtroom, why does she need to be going through all of it and why the police are all against her? You see folks, Casey gets it, she gets that she killed her precious daughter but will never understand why people are over reacting, it was just a child, and it isn’t as if it was Casey who died. People like Casey lie so much to so many that they wonder why one or to don’t buy into her bull. If I had the chance, I would shake George’s hand and tell him, I could never change things back to normal for him, but support him all the same. I would also hug Cindy and support her as well. Yes, I fell into the trap and blamed the whole family but Casey did something wrong and deceived everyone around her.

George is a nice man who done nothing wrong except love his daughter and granddaughter. Cindy is a good looking woman who couldn’t see someone in her family doing such a thing. These are not crimes but human elements, faults of the heart. Casey, well for the bleeding heart liberals, she should receive counseling and mend her ways. For the rest of us, an eye for an eye.

Obama Stimulus a Depressant

Declaring a Bipartisan regime, Obama passes his stimulus package despite the republicans fight against. The package included a third to help government agencies, a third filled with pork, and a third of minor compliments to the progressive downward spiral of our economy.

Was their an agenda that was important for Obama to want to include the republicans in his planned stimulus package? Did he want all republicans to vote for his package so when it fails he can share blame and take some heat off of the democrats? When 2009 is over, America will be in a deeper recession then it is today. The next three years we will see the unemployment rate twice as high, and the economy flat with his personal touch, deep inflation as well as a depression of the likes we have never seen before. This, my friends will be the end of Obama’s political career.

To be bipartisan both sides need to talk and agree but not in the Obama camp. To our president, bipartisan means, agree with me or we will do it anyway. So who will you vote for in 2012, or will you buy into it when Obama says, “We need to finish the job we started,” and obliterate the Unites States for good? I wonder if his pal Oprah will feel the crunch?

Barack is my Name, Spending is the Game.

Let’s get ready for the mother of all stimulus plans. The Obama plan which is scattered to bring relief to so few will be passed and ready for human consumption soon. Yes, it has holes but they are plugged up with the invisible pork that isn’t really there because Obama say’s it isn’t.

Most of the jobs that will be saved will be state employment jobs which will take care of three percent of the employment in this country. I wonder about the manufacturing jobs which make up a whopping six percent. These jobs will not be covered under the Obama rules and stipulations, why, because Obama Says so that’s why.

Billions of our hard earned dollars will once again be tossed in the air but where will they land. This is a new administration and must take responsibility for its actions. There is a line drawn in the sand. One side of this line we have the Bush administration and the other the Obama Troupe. I am sure Obama will not blame Bush for this huge loss because he can no longer play that blame game.

Mr. President, I ask you and challenge you to answer to the American public this simple question. A man with such an astounding IQ will fund it very easy to answer so here it goes. Mr. President, why is it you want to throw money away like it was water when all you really need to do is hand the money to the average working stiff, or in our case, non working stiffs? If it weren’t for the working stiffs in America, all the money in the world helping businesses that won’t survive without the working stiffs wont matter. Now Mr. President, go, run and ask your Clinton administration, or your tax dodger what to do. I am surprised that you can’t really answer for yourself being a genius and all.

You can try to shut up the negative but it won’t work because we are only looking at you from an objective standpoint. By the way, did you pick Biden because like a fat girl, they only make the pretty look even better? Man, he makes you look smarter then you already are. You can censor him, censor your administration, but the people Mr. President, you cannot edit us because you my friend work for us and in these hard times you really want to be on your toes, and would not want to lose your job over some stupid mistakes now would you?

No, I am still not ready to accept Barack Obama as my personal lord and savior, sorry I already have someone Jesus, remember him? He would always make sure that doing the right thing was on the top of his list. I know the man is our President and I also agree that he is smart enough to know better then all of us, why, because Barack says so thats why.

For Caylee, One From the Heart

For you we shall never know, as many hearts smile.
We look at her innocence, her laughter, her style.
We just know she loves all in her life, in her heart,
as she colors, scribbles as she pretends to write, thats a start.

All children are precious, before they’re taught hate,
The focus is on them, before knowing their fate.
To be with the angels, is a shame at her age,
too young to die, not fearing the rage.

The youth they trust us to care, to love, to share
all we should ask in return, is for them to be there.
They want nothing but love and sometimes we forget,
before its too late, before we regret.

The tears for innocence as they flow to the floor,
To be with the angels, she is adored once more.
She never had the choices; we do as we grow,
but that part of life, she will never come know
as now she sits on a rainbow.

To age with hate, arrogance and self,
to be ignorant of feelings when your loves on the shelf.
They have no choice and never asked to be
but the better things in life she will now, and never see.

Yes, all children are precious as a better place she’ll lay,
but the tears for the innocence as we cry for today.
To be with the angels, a better place she will see,
but at such a young age, should never need to be.

So free to love under the wing and a prayer,
and the tears for innocence when we show that we care.
For you we shall never know, as many hearts cry.
We sit as we ponder and we ask ourselves why.

When God walks up to her and touches her hand
Caylee, she smiles as the two stand
and he asks her why she waits by the moon.
She says, “I wait for mommy, will she be here soon?

God just looks at the smiles on her face.
“I am so sorry little girl, this is your special place.
Sing me a song I would love to hear one.”
As the two walk hand and hand into the sun.
No more to be sad for, Thy will be done.

The light shines so bright, slowly raising their wings,
lined up in two rows, as they start to sing.
Then as they walk, God asks her is she is afraid.
Kaylee said, “Oh no sir, I am so brave.”

“Well my child, welcome to a better place.”
as she thanks her God with that smile on her face.
As one tear of innocense drops so filled with grace.
for the angels collect them and make sure they’re safe.

RIP Caylee
Uncle Bob

Baracks 515 Red Balloons

While Barack Husain Obama preached how he was the only quick fix for Americans and their broken souls I always tried to warn people that he was blowing smoke up the U.S. citizen’s butt. All the Barackoholics either called me a liar, a racist, or a fool. Now the Lord and Master himself won the election, he is saying what I have been saying all along. After five hundred and fifteen empty promises made to voter that were all in this election for racist reasoning, (He will be the first black man to be president) they don’t seem to care if he ruins the country or not.

Obama seems to think he just won class president back in college or maybe even high school. He claims to be non partisan but is very much partisan. He is making and braking rules everyday. He is child like in his behavior and no one seems to care. The barackoholics seem to have blinders on and will leave them on until it is too late.

Despite unleashing the Clintons on the world again, giving a money job to a person that cannot handle money, Doubling the death toll in the war against terror, ending the war against terror, Digging up a senile Carter and getting him involved somehow and the closing down of GITMO without even one inkling of a plan, he is doing a wonderful job.

So far we have had polls rammed down our throats and I really don’t understand why. The man has been in a few weeks, how can their already be polls of his success? I think we are seeing polls this soon because in another fifty days, they won’t be as favorable.

Obama thinks this was a school election. The reasoning behind the frat parties during the election and the prom after the election paved the way. His rented tux and wife’s prom dresses showed us all that we are still young but once sworn in to the highest office in the land he now realized this isn’t a game. He will age twice as fast as the country will. It must be good to be king.

Obama knows this but doesn’t show it to us. He has huge balloons to be so arrogant and still lie to his followers. I guess if you act as if you can do it, you think you can, then maybe you can. I hear Obama walks on water.

The Obama Hope~That Old Black Magic?

Obama Drama 2
To say the election had nothing to do with race issues would be correct unless you count the history being made, the first black to become president, and the millions of proud real black Americans who were witnessing this event.

When Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency I watched as I did with all the candidates to formulate an opinion. Barackoholics, the people with tunnel vision only saw the color of his skin, forgetting about anything else.

Barackoholics, the people that seem to think that Obama can do no wrong only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. The gay community heard him say that he was dead against gay marriage. They didn’t comprehend his statement because they were hypnotized somehow into believing that he was all for it.

With the likes of Oprah behind him, and most of the media, republicans never stood a chance against this veteran of politics who has a whole two years behind him. The Barackoholics can see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil against Obama because it is a part of the trickery involved.

They say that every man woman and child will get their fifteen minutes of fame and right now it is Obama’s turn. My hope for the future of America is that Obama’s fifteen minutes last at least until the end of his first term.

What the Barackoholics do not and will not understand is that Obama is used to another kind of politics. His political background is in Illinois where corruption runs ramped. These politicians cannot do any wrong and what is done in Illinois stays in Illinois. When a Barackoholic looks at someone like Obama, they only see right, good, and honorable intentions, never corruption. When Obama picks people to work with him, and these people have done bad things in the past, they do not see it or remember it for that matter. They only see a God like figure and are truly blinded by the light of a store bought halo.

The trouble with being a Barackoholic is one. Over time, the effects of having been placed under the Obama spell will fade and they will be standing alone looking foolish. History will show us that there were so many others that had this effect on people, the masses. Richard M. Nixon, Pee Wee Herman, Barney the Dinosaur, and Adolf Hitler. For the fifty percent that didn’t fall under the Obama magical spell, all we can do is watch as one by one the people will soon see as we do. We are known as the Non Believers. There is a reason we are called Right Wingers, THINK!!! The right is right, and the left keeps spending until there is nothing left.

I am sure some of you will see what I have written as truth and others will think I am either a bigot, or stupid, if you think I am right on the mark, then you and I think alike. If you think I am a wacko, welcome home Baracoholics. Remember one thing, you can spend half as much as long as the pork is lean. Unless Obama decides to use real leadership here, we are going to be doomed and that old black magic is not going to help us.

A few questions for our fearless leader:
So Barack, are you priming us for another attack?
Why are you surrounding yourself with liars, cheats, and theives, you miss Chicago that much?
Barack, I realize you are the straight man, I guess that makes, Biden, the comedian huh?
last but not least, how stupid do you really think we are?