Mothers Day Wishes

We tend to send out random mothers day wishes to anyone who is a mother. We need to rectify this error with new rules. Any woman from the age of puberty can mother a child but a real mother nurtures their children. A good mother will watch over, protect and support their children. A real mother spends time with their child, yes, even with all the other things she has going on in her life.

There are good mothers and despite what you here on mothers day, their are bad mothers too. A good mother will tell their child that they support them no matter what they decide and never tell them they cannot, or no to anything that interests them.

A good mom will always take that time out of a busy schedule to hug at least once a day. A bad mom will ignore, beat, and even reject a child for no other then selfish reasons. A good mom will raise their sons and daughters and never pawn them off with a Grandparent or an Aunt. A good mom will never take alcohol or drugs, or even a man over their child.

So, now that we are straight on what a good mom is and a bad mother is, we can now go forth and give the good moms a very happy mothers day for a job well done, and for all the others, you get nothing, nada, ziltch, zip,zero and butkiss. No pat on the back for delivering a child, but a huge pat on the back of mothers everywhere for a job well done and thats how it should be, always.


My Psychic Predictions

Predictions as they are can be a toss of a coin.  Many skeptics  seem to want to pounce on those that see things in a futuristic view. We are reporters of a different nature and if one chooses to see what is not there, they are the ones who build walls.  I have been called out so many times over the years and when the crap hits the fan, those who do the calling seem to disappear into the woodwork.  I am still here, still standing and can only say what I feel so here are my thoughts on what is to be.


Riots will break out soon, as soon as august in three parts of the United States.

A child killer will break in April and then we all shall rest assured.

Obama will be caught up in a huge scandal within the next three months of his presidency.

Dark cloud covers Europe.  They are in the thick of it for a while, such a sticky wicket.

Orleans faces yet another tragedy but is overshadowed by Alaska’s water.  Lots of water stuff this month April showers and all.

War will escalate in more of the middle east which will cause another strike on the US in July East and West.

A Mother, a Child Killer will be accused .

March-  Obama’s numbers will fall drastically- he will something different which will force him to travel more and be ridiculed for his efforts.

Gas prices will soar to all new levels.  Toyota will bounce back with a passion.

April-I can see a small earthquake will hit California then a bigger one will follow Far East

Sad darkness in East and West.  Tragedy, a deep dark place.

A child missing and found well hidden but not well enough. Arrest immediate because children do not come with a return policy.

Aussie suffers huge losses

Earthquake after a long time commin almost hits home

Celebrity found dead, in her mid thirties, brunette.

Terrorist plot exposed and failed while another strike is pending.

May- A spiritual uprising in the mist, moral values challenged as the media is overrun with stories.

A deep seeded water problem on the east coast causes many to suffer.

A New York Threat exposed right on Time.

Floods unusually plentiful.

Obama challenged once again.  Desperate measures will doom his presidency. Selling for votes will not be tolerated.

Hillary Clinton will resign as secretary of state and Vice President Biden will expose secrets causing him to be under close watch.

June- No jobs in sight but Americans will find other ways to fund their lifestyle with new methods.  Less jobs to be found.  Harder times ahead.

Protests in the US expand forcing many leaders to listen.

Unexpected death in celebrity helm.

Chaos will strike in New Jersey and New York as greed will be the downfall.

Jobs start to show a sign of growth while unemployment soars to new levels anyway.

All out war on US soil-we win.

July- Bin Laden killed in air strike.

Uprising in child abduction.

Two high profile murders called the crime of the century.

Scandal rocks the white house once again.

Big fires in the west and the east coast.

New laws for child predators will prevail.

August- I see hundreds of animals dead in explosions or fire.

Gas prices ease but rise again within weeks.

Protesters unite for a single cause.

Magazine mogul found dead in his home, natural causes.

September- Stock Market rises to all new levels.  Trading soars.

Another kind of War in middle east.

Two devastating air collisions.

More rains wash out many cities, flooding, and devistation in mid west.

October-  Some say it is a miracal others are skeptical but have no real answers for why.  Gods answer to a nation in crises.

Mother of five kills children in the name of religion.

Tighter border controls drug access into the US from Mexico.

Americans held hostage in Middle East and wont see the light of day for one full year.

November- A quiet before the storm.  America reverts back to roots.

Three more high profile celebrities die.

O.J. Simpson back in the news, honesty for once.

Gold prices soar to a record 1,559 an ounce.

Political values change and a nation comes together again.

December- Money flows again in the US. Jobs are highest they have been in two years.  Gas prices lower but still high. Yet another celebrity jailed for abuse. Christ reveals three small miracles remembering Christmas is more important then ever before. A perfect end to an interesting year.  War is over.

The King of P ed OP hiles is Dead

The modern day pan

What can I say about the death of Michael Jackson, plenty. In my opinion, while only a few years ago when the media was ripping Michael a new one for having children sleep in his bed after giving them wine, they now are acting as if they were best of friends and as the fake tears flow, so many of the innocent were forced to grow up prematurely.

Yes the popular self proclaimed king of pop, went broke trying to put out fires he created and has done more of that them creating music in the past fifteen years.

Those without the all mighty buck, hold out candy to lure our children away but not Michael, he designed a ranch, a complex just for that reason.  He went so far as to use plastic surgery to look like the Disney cartoon, Peter Pan, because as we all know, Peter also lured children away from their innocence. 

Pedophiles come and go and yet we all wish them death.  The difference here is that Michael sang songs which don’t make him any less guilty. 

Remembering all the fake marriages putting up a front for his lifestyle, one should wonder what his real agenda was, I don’t it was the children.

Now we are slobbering all over a person who made his own choices in life.  We all must die, that’s life and for me, one less person preying on our innocent children is not going to be a factor any longer. 

Michael might have saw a man in the mirror, but all I saw was a kid toucher.  I won’t be hypocritical as most, no; I refuse to honor a person like that.  As far as I am concerned, there is one less predator among us.

The Night Before Christmas~Italian Style

Was the night before Christmas and all through my head
The kids were driving me nuts, I wish they were dead.
Running like a chicken with his head cut off
I had more shopping to do even with this cough

Little Tommy and Gina and Carol were screaming
My wife was nagging as I was day dreaming,
of summer at the beach all by myself.
Too bad their were no bullets for that gun on my shelf

I made sure the kids were all tucked in their beds
I used a big rock I struck on their heads.
Now I decided to take a short pause
As I waited for good ole Santa Clause

I wanted to tell him my kids were bad souls
I would even help the guy shovel the coal
I had scotch then three and even four
Just then I heard a knock at my door.
I open it up and what did I see
It was good old ST. Nick waiting for me.

He demanded his twenty for that was his price
Because my kids were the worst, yep they weren’t so nice.
My wife walked into the room to make herself a drink
Old St Nick gave her a wink

The stockings on the mantel were filled with the black
Coal for everyone filled all those sacks.
When he was finished he gave my wife a rose
As he placed his thumb on the side of his nose.

Up and away as he made such a clatter
That’s when I asked him what was the matter?
He just looked at my fireplace a fake that it was
So he took to the door without making a fuss

As he passed my wife he a feel he did steal
I yelled out “Hey bub that’s not a part of our deal.”
Just then an elf came walking over to me
He punched me in the stomach then kicked my knee.

As he left he yelled something out
On dasher on dancer, what was that all about?
His slay was flying high to some other children’s house
And some other wife perhaps he will get up her blouse.

I grabbed my old rifle and fired one, two, and three.
I missed him of course and he was angry.
He looked down and threw some presents at me
He threw so many that I couldn’t see.

Now it was morning and boy was it cold.
The kids were so happy and being so bold
They just knew all the presents were theirs,
as I rolled my eyes and headed up the stairs.

I thought for a moment and decided then and there.
Kids will be kids no matter how much they swear.
My wife and I smiled for the first in a while
As we kissed under the covers as I made her smile

The kids pounded on our door to show us all they got
I told them to go, get out of here you snots.
I looked at my wife and she looked at me
We let them inside for their gifts we did see

A television for Tommy and for Gina a CD
For Carol it was a camera even a toaster for me
It wasn’t a bad Christmas, I finally did see
Merry Christmas to all especially for my wife and my kids all three.

So I looked to the moon as bright as a beacon
No more need for me to be freakin
And as I watched I saw such a sight
It was old St. Nick, passing through the night

I thought and thought, how can I make this better
As I walked back into the house, I was soaked from sock to sweater
I looked at the kids and my wife fighting so
I would not change a thing we are family, you know?

I would not do a thing to make this right
It all ready is so to all a good night.