Heene–The Family That Hoaxes together…

Daddy decided he needed a little publicity. He creates this crappy makeshift flying saucer and then decides to create a stunt where people would actually think they saw a UFO.

There are no small parts only small actors. Mommy and Daddy met in acting class. They were married and had children, three to be exact. Daddy tries to market himself as some sort of an actor but the only gig he could land is a reality show which lasts one day on the tube. He is desperate and decides to launch this ugly looking foil covered tarp. He video tapes the launch acting as if the strings attached to the balloon had broken. No one cared until he had a brainstorm. He tells his youngest son to hide in the attic until he was told to come out. He then calls the news, the air force and then 911, in that order which showed many who watched that this was a hoax, and an amateur one at that.

Well daddy set out to get publicity and that he did. We will all be watching his court appearances and then watch as he heads to prison, it doesn’t get more real then that. I am all for publicizing for the arts but to use your babies as pawns, um, caugh, caugh, John and Kate, um, balloon guy, is a shameless act and may he rot in prison to think about what he had done.

The Left and their Childish Politics

How many right wing conservative republicans does it take to screw in a light bulb?  One, because smaller government is the conservative way. How many left winged liberals does it take to screw in that same light bulb?  None, they are two busy trying to screw up everything else we love in this country.

The lefty liberal crowd will have you believe that the right is no more then gun toting white supremacists even when the cause is clearly right.  These lefties are usually right in their causes even when normal people can clearly see what they are preaching is wrong.

Many people are now asking where the billions that Obama spent on saving America’s economy went and we have yet to get an answer unless you count, “The economy is doing wonderful” as a real answer as said by the left.  The jobless count in America is rising and yet, we are to believe that it would have been worse if we did nothing at all.  I guess if we count the field mice saved by the left as having a job to do, or the millions poured into a left winged money laundering scam organization like ACORN as being saved jobs, and I certainly do not.

If I have it straight, then the left will only need to call anyone that disputes a White House Policy as a wrong policy racist and all is good again.  If you show up in protest against the Obama Regime then we are racist.  If we ask a question that the White house doesn’t like, we are called racist.  I do believe that the only side playing the race card is the left.  I also believe that most Americans can see through the leftist rhetoric and soon they will run out of sixth grade comments and be left speechless.

The left always ask where the right was during the Bush years.  We were home with our families enjoying life while the left protested everything and anything Bush did.

The Jeanine Garafolo’s of the world never think before they speak which shows the rest of us what babbling idiots these folks really are.

I believe that we are one nation under God and color has nothing to do with bad politics.  Obama tried to bring the Olympics to Chicago.  I wonder why we lost to Rio?  Maybe we would have won the bid if we offered Hawaii, Vegas, or California as a place that people would enjoy while watching the games but Chicago?  Obama might as well have offered up Downtown Newark, New Jersey, as his place of interest for the Olympics.  It was as if he offered up one of the most corrupt cities he could find and knew he would lose the bid.

So in closing, I guess in a way, in the leftist’s eyes, I am a racist because I believe we could have spent the lost billions on the people of this country and not have squandered it on mice.  I am a racist because I guess seeing Obama’s many television appearances as wasted time and effort makes me a racist.  I guess loving this country and believing we can do something constructive for a change would make me a racist in the left’s eyes because all they see is what’s in it for them.

So to Garafolo and her kind, the MSNBC crew, the NBC Obama Pocket puppet media, and all the rest, of the child like attitudes, I say, you are true to the left and right speaks for itself.  It is like having children calling names because a true dialog is out of the question.

I have covered many a TEA PARTY and I saw no violence, no guns, just questions being asked that really don’t get any answers to.  So shame on you left and your King Obama for playing your politics as usual.  The change would have done America good but I don’t see any.

White House Mafia

Many quotes and information is coming out of this book.  The warnings of a future America which will resemble a third world nation.  Obamas job will be done very soon.  Terror from the inside.  Dont be left out of the loop.  Read the book that Rush and all the other radio hosts get references from but are afraid to plug it because the things in this book become theirs.  See why Obama wont pull any more crap on America, because we are Americans, thats why and we just wont allow it to happen.  it is all about the lies and deceit and a hidden agenda.  As the author, I am pleased to announce that I am on Pelosis hit list as so ordered by the man himself.  They want to ban this book but I have a higher IQ then Obama so let em try.   THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA

Haleigh Cummings Spirit Talks

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Haleigh. She is still missing and has been for a long while.  Like all little children, we all live life in “the norm” although the norm in reality is abnormal. What children know is life is what it is.  Often we grow up and find out in the process that life is very different in other homes.  Haleigh knew no better then what she had.

Men are very different then women.  A woman is a natural born nurturer and a male simply is not.  A mother goes through the pain of childbirth and that fact is real.  Some would compare kidney stones to the pain of child birth but as we all know, a kidney stone can only pass if it is small enough.  I stand firm in saying that having a child is very painful and that creates the first sign of the bonding process between a mother and child.

Let’s just say a male will never bond with his child as much as a natural mother would.  Let’s also say, we have a situation, a child playing house with a man who is just not capable of coping with every day life’s issues.  So we have two playing house, a male and a female.  When the male is the older and the wiser and that is a stretch, while the child is under the control of the male things are less then perfect.  Now enter the pawn.  The pawn is an innocent child who was happy in her life but through trickery, she is snatched from a real life family situation and tossed into a couple playing house.

The daddy gets a job like all dads do, while the mommy, still a teen, does what teens do.  The play mom will only play her roll while daddy is home, for what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

The game gets old fast.  Now the child is getting older and wants more out of her life but Daddy is tired and can’t cope with her whining.  He wakes up with a child complaining, a girlfriend who is not mature enough to do things on her own and he snaps.

One back of the hand to a small child can kill.  Now we have a situation of one dead child, a immature girlfriend and a daddy who is not coping very well.  The daddy who needs to control every situation in this game does what he does best.  He tells the teen what to say and do and she resents it.  The child bride has visitors and they have a little party.  One of the visitors knows how to push the teens buttons especially when she is stoned.  He pushes her with words, he pushes and pushes until she starts to buy into what he says.  “Your husband controls you and you cannot do anything to protect yourself.  That little girl over their gets more respect from him then you do.  The teen walks over to the little girl and in a rage she kills her.

The daddy arrives home and orders the girlfriend to call 911 when the teen tells him his  child went missing while he was at work.  The girlfriend isn’t bright enough or creative enough to stick to the story so it obviously changes.

The daddy married the teen to keep her from testifying against him but he doesn’t really know the law because this just is not so.

If you take a step back, the daddy has a rap sheet as long as your arm and the play mommy is just a stoner who is doing what she is told.  The police won’t find any leads in this case because they are being mislead.  They turn left, the daddy steers them right and so forth.  Daddy should have never  been granted sole custody with his criminal record.

The people who really care about this case needs to only listen while they sleep.  This child cries out, “Mommy, where is my mommy this person hates me, I want my real mommy?”  she cries, she wonders, she is lonely in a dark place now thanks to peer, her teenage pretend mommy.  She will show us signs but we are focused on Daddy because he demands it.  “Daddy, why did you let this happen?  Didn’t you love me anymore?”  Daddy never loved her, he only wanted revenge on the mother of this child which halted all protections against her.   The teen never loved her, she was only jealous of her.

The sad truth is that the child will never be found.  People who lawyer up, usually has something to hide.  Innocent people stand on the truth and nothing more.  The only innocent here is a small child we know as Haleigh and she is a lost soul with no one to stand by her side because the truth in her case is so damaged.  I am a firm believer in karma and one day at least, it will smack Daddy right in the face.  The teen will fall under pressure.  The little lost soul will be scooped up by God and be taken care of.  In time, hells wrath will see to it that all involved will suffer accordingly.  Misty is a murderer, Ron is a fool, Family will protect this murderer as long as they can hold out, after all is said and done, Family will go  the way of, “Every man for himself.”

“Haleigh, you precious soul.  You are in the hands of whats right now, God hands, and all who were involved in your demise will fall for God doesn’t let evil deeds go unpunished.  God bless you Heleigh and may you now rest in peace.

Allen Klein- Manager to the rockers died

Allen Klein, manager for the Rolling Stones among other great rock bands in the late sixties and early seventies died today on the Forth of July.

He was hired by john Lennon to get the Beatles financial affairs in order late 1969.  Paul wanted his father-in-law, Eastman, to keep the Beatles financially sound but John was skeptical of that. 

Klein got to work right away skimming off the top and selling promo copies of Beatles recordings which cause a lot of friction between the Fab Four which single handedly led to the bands break up early 1970.

Klein stole millions from the band and although many blame Yoko Ono Lennon for the break up, but it was Klein who was the true cause.  He was accused of stealing more them $250, 000,000 from the band which cause fighting and chaos between the four. 


The King of P ed OP hiles is Dead

The modern day pan

What can I say about the death of Michael Jackson, plenty. In my opinion, while only a few years ago when the media was ripping Michael a new one for having children sleep in his bed after giving them wine, they now are acting as if they were best of friends and as the fake tears flow, so many of the innocent were forced to grow up prematurely.

Yes the popular self proclaimed king of pop, went broke trying to put out fires he created and has done more of that them creating music in the past fifteen years.

Those without the all mighty buck, hold out candy to lure our children away but not Michael, he designed a ranch, a complex just for that reason.  He went so far as to use plastic surgery to look like the Disney cartoon, Peter Pan, because as we all know, Peter also lured children away from their innocence. 

Pedophiles come and go and yet we all wish them death.  The difference here is that Michael sang songs which don’t make him any less guilty. 

Remembering all the fake marriages putting up a front for his lifestyle, one should wonder what his real agenda was, I don’t it was the children.

Now we are slobbering all over a person who made his own choices in life.  We all must die, that’s life and for me, one less person preying on our innocent children is not going to be a factor any longer. 

Michael might have saw a man in the mirror, but all I saw was a kid toucher.  I won’t be hypocritical as most, no; I refuse to honor a person like that.  As far as I am concerned, there is one less predator among us.

Perez Hilton, 15 minutes of fame is so over

Perez Hilton has set the gay movement back fifty years. It is ok to be openly gay; it is also ok to be in the main stream of life. To be Gay is not a lifestyle or a life choice it is a gender, a sexuality born not bred.

It is ok for Perez Hilton, to be as flamboyant as he needs to be but it is not ok to parade your hatred for women like a high school clique hating on nerds. He was given a chance to be on a popular television program and had a chance to judge woman. He plotted and planned what he would ask for his own popularity. He asked his question and when answered honestly he showed his true colors and just how much he hated women. What should have been all said and done with, he skyrocketed it into a big deal. He would never let up until he destroyed the woman he asked his crafted question to.

Miss California answered a question honestly and from the heart. Perez came out punching and didn’t let up until she was fired. The good news is, his fifteen minutes of fame is over, and the better news is that Miss California is just starting.

People like Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton are very ordinary and they have to hate to be seen. Look at the fact; he is a blogger and a bad one at that.

I am a married man, to a great woman and I although I could care less who is marrying who, which is there business only, I focus on my marriage. I do however believe in America and a person’s right to say what is in their heart without worrying about censorship in any form unless it contains hate. Mario, is a woman hater, most gays aren’t haters which makes it a personal choice to attack someone. Mario probably hates woman due to mother issues but I just don’t know.

I don’t hate Mario; I just think he needs help with issues, life’s issues. People agree to disagree all the time without destroying a life for going against beliefs.