Misty Croslin Scenerio too

Ok, and now we have three.  Joe, the bad boy, a child bride, and her brother.  Now, most of us heard the tapes of the phone calls they have made from jail, right? Here we go.

What do kids all have in common?  They all think they are smart, smarter than adults, right?  The facts are in, kids are not all that smart even if they are in their own minds.  Misty and her brother knew that people were listening in on their conversations.  Misty said she would do anything to get out of jail and her brother said, he would make something up if he had to, well, he had to.  Misty and her brother have been pointing the finger at Cousin Joe since the beginning.  There is smarts and street smarts and Misty, although she thinks she possess both, she doesn’t have a pot to pee into because she has neither.

Lets talk about Grannie.  Grandma, the matriarch of the Bunch, is a lair dag nabbit, and just as smart as the rest of them! which seems to be about right.  Hey, even in a world of dumbness some are dumber then others.  Grannie Croslin said that Joe did it all and her Misty would never hurt a child.  Ok, we will take that from where is comes.  Getting back to the jail house phone taps, Misty knew she was being listened to so she was saying what everyone needed to hear but never the truth.

Joe was a focus because he had a fight with Billy Bob, um, I mean, Ronald earlier that tragic day.  We are seeking the obvious.  Did Joe want revenge on Ronald and killed the one thing he loved in this world? NO. HELL NO. Joe didn’t get into a fight with Ron because he was trying to steel a gun.  Joe got into it with Ron because he used to molest Misty when she was much younger and Ron resented him for that and that alone.  Ron just didn’t want Joe hanging around.  Joe was in their area because a family member was in an accident, ok, I can buy this story.  Misty however being as dumb as they come thinks she can outsmart all in her path but that is stupid in itself isn’t it?

Joe stopped by and that’s all, he left soon after.   Misty did this all by her lonesome and her brother who is just as smart as she is, disposed of the poor souls body.  Misty gave us clues all along, the cinder block holding the door open?  Well, why not place cinder blocks all over the crime scene to fool everyone.  Misty said, the back screen door was held open by a cinder block, why not, there were plenty laying all over that property.  She also said, Her brother was at the back door but for only a short time.  If you were going to prepare to toss some evidence into a river using a cinder block and rope as they did, would you leave by the front door? No.  So what really happened that night?

Misty did something so horrible that night and although only five, there was a witness.  Joe was indeed their that night but only to get back at Ron by controlling Misty one last time before he left town.  Bu control I do mean having sex with her.  Poor little Haleigh was nothing more than a witness to a betrayal so she died protecting her Daddy whom she loved so much.   Joe leaves soon after.  Misty being closer to Haleigh’s age than she was to Rons, tried to make Haleigh see things her way but she didn’t understand the situation at all.  In Misty’s eyes, the girl was a threat to her relationship, her lifestyle, and her well being so she MURDERED HER.  Her brother simply answered the call and thought he was protecting his sister by tossing her into the river.  How Misty did this act of selflessness was easy, she strangled her to death and it was cld blooded murder plain and simple.  Oh sure she was anger enough and seeing red when she did it but it was for her own greed for what she thought was a good life that pushed her towards it.

The key witness to the whole scenario is the younger child.  Although he is only three or four, he knows something so why isn’t he being questioned, he can be a key to this whole sad mess.

Lawyers think of one thing, winning a case.  If a three year old would not make a creditable witness they will just toss them aside.  The boy said their was a man in black.  Yes, The brother was dressed for crime, all in black to sneak through the night.

To help themselves Misty and dear brother tells what they know, or what they schemed to tell if things got too hot.  They would blame Joe and everything would be ok.  I never saw Joe by the river pointing the exact spot where the body was tossed, but I did watch as Misty and her Brother showed law enforcement where the body was tossed.  As for Grand Ma, well, lets just say, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  “Joe did it, Misty and her Brother would never do anything like that.”  Yes they would and they did.  and Granny, their is no age limit to a jail cell so stop your BS, we are sick of this whole damn situation, the bunch of you. Lets never forget that Haleigh’s real mom was Misty’s focus for blame at the beginning of her mess but she saw that wouldn’t fly early on so she switched her focus to Cousin Joe as her easy target.  Misty, you are not smart and you prove it every day by trying to play the world so pleas e stop, it is hurting our brains.

I gave Misty a week to crack and she did, right on queue.  Now I give her days until the whole truth comes out and she and her brother and possibly Grandma will be sent away.  Once again, Misty did this and made her own bed.  Jealousy plays a small part but it all added up to murder of another innocent child.  Misty is to blame and as for her dear brother, he is in it up to his ears now.  Misty’s mom, well, her brand of dumbness never allowed her to see what was really going on, she was being played from the start as was Ron.

The police wont give up that easy.  They will find the skull and that evidence will be the end of Misty Croslin.

Misty Croslin’s, One Scenario

Misty Croslin’s scenario.  Many following this story will definitely say that Ronald Cummings is innocent, but complicity or guilt by association is a crime also.

Who’s drugs were in the home?  Who left the drug where a little five year old would be able to find them?  Did Ronald in fact have drugs in the home?

When an adult and a child has relations we may consider that a sex offense, that is unless you marry the child, with the permission of the mother and father of that child.  Misty Croslin lived in a dysfunctional household and fell prey to drugs at a very young age.  They made her feel cool, like an adult, like those adults surrounding her including her mother, as well as her friends.  When one is that young, it makes you feel so adult to do what the big kids are doing.  Lets face it, Misty was an addict and she was used like a pawn to sell the drugs and she was more than a willing participant and truly not that innocent living the life.

Ronald worked second shift which left Misty alone for the better part of the day.  Misty felt when Ron was away, she was in charge.  Ronald was the man of the playhouse.  Why a responsible father of two children would leave his loved ones with a child is beyond the normal thinking pattern, especially when the child is an addict.  Misty knew where the stash was, and she felt grown up enough to indulge when Ron was not at home, after all she was the boss and so cool having a man for a boyfriend.  She heads into the hallway and pulls the board away from the wall exposing the water heater and the bag of drugs.   Oxycontin is a drug mainly used by heroin addicts as Morphine was used to wean people off the dangerously addictive drug.

Misty lays the drug out on her bed and needs a drink to wash them down with, a cold one.  When she returns to the bedroom, she finds Haleigh awake and sitting on the bed stuffing the pills into her mouth; As she see’s her idols do.  Misty freaks out and scolds the little five year old but is not sure how many she had swallowed if any.  Misty sits Haleigh on her mattress laying on the floor and begins to do her thing washing down one two maybe even three pills.

Misty notices Haleigh is starting to look and act weird.  She walks over towards her and notices that this little five year old is ready to pass out and she does falling over onto her side.  Misty tried to wake her but Haleigh wont wake up.  Misty, being street smart, as well as television smart watched enough soaps and Police drama to check for a pulse but she simply can’t find it.  Haleigh is gone.  Misty panics and calls her cousin and brother for help.

When the two arrive at the home Misty is also out of it but explains what happened and needed help getting rid of the body.  Misty’s first mistake was to start doing drugs in the first place, her second was hooking up with someone who is a big shot in the drug scene in that part of town and finally her third mistake was not calling the police as soon as she found Haleigh on the bed stuffing pills into her mouth and trying to hide what she had done to that little girl.

The three take the child’s lifeless body to a river and dumped it in using rope and  piece of cinder block as weight.  The cousin returns to his home and the brother to his.  Misty waits until the timing is right, just as Ron gets home and acts as if she had just got up from a deep sleep. Just as Rons hand starts to turn the knob, Misty starts screaming.  Ron runs into the home and asks what was the matter.  Misty says, Haleigh, she is gone, someone must have taken her.  I was sleeping, I didn’t hear a thing.  Ron tells her to call 911 and the rest of the story is what she has be telling us all along, until now.

Misty cracks, I knew a few weeks ago this was coming.  The police know how to work the criminal and Misty was worked just as planed.  We may never find the remains of that poor five year old innocent girl who looked up to Ron and Misty only because she knew no better.  So when I began this peice, I asked, is Ron innocent?

Heene–The Family That Hoaxes together…

Daddy decided he needed a little publicity. He creates this crappy makeshift flying saucer and then decides to create a stunt where people would actually think they saw a UFO.

There are no small parts only small actors. Mommy and Daddy met in acting class. They were married and had children, three to be exact. Daddy tries to market himself as some sort of an actor but the only gig he could land is a reality show which lasts one day on the tube. He is desperate and decides to launch this ugly looking foil covered tarp. He video tapes the launch acting as if the strings attached to the balloon had broken. No one cared until he had a brainstorm. He tells his youngest son to hide in the attic until he was told to come out. He then calls the news, the air force and then 911, in that order which showed many who watched that this was a hoax, and an amateur one at that.

Well daddy set out to get publicity and that he did. We will all be watching his court appearances and then watch as he heads to prison, it doesn’t get more real then that. I am all for publicizing for the arts but to use your babies as pawns, um, caugh, caugh, John and Kate, um, balloon guy, is a shameless act and may he rot in prison to think about what he had done.

The Right VS the Left

When children play it is easy to see how everyday fun and games may turn into an argument or even a fight.  These are children and that behavior is expected.  When adults do fight it is because they do not possess the skills needed to act as an adult should.

The right wing conservatives, as I see them, are a compassionate group who speak from the heart. They move towards a cause with verve and vigor because they believe their lifestyle is being threatened.  The only goal that a conservative has is to preserve this land made great by our forefathers we know as America and strive to be free as intended.

The left wingers seem to think that politics is a game played by six grade children.  The facts are never involved when it comes down to the left wing.  They use smoke and mirrors and slight of hand to get their points across.  They fabricate news or edit it to their own accord when it best suits them to do so.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many conservative news radio stations doing very well in this time of democracy dominance?  The answer is simple; the left just don’t know how to keep their ratings up.  This is an easy task, speak the truth and the audience will come. 

The right will always use words of truth to tell a story, while the left will create a story without worrying about the outcome.  Like children, name calling, hurting other children, conservatives have learned to be bigger than that and that’s why they can hold their head up and walk tall because at the end of the day, they can look themselves in the mirror and know who the better person was. 

Joe was just a guy I knew.  He was always able to speak his mind.  One day Joe was confronted by a black minister.  Joe “Excuse me boy.”  The minister said, “I do believe that you are a racist.  Joe turned to the minister and said, “Yeah, so what’s your point?”

To blame someone, calling them a racist, someone who stands up for what he believes, is just wrong and yet, the left seem to be having a field day tossing that word around so freely.   Yes, Joe is a self admitted racist.  He believes in something and when confronted he admitted it and sees nothing wrong with it.  The sad thing is, when the left use that word, racist so freely, it distracts us from the true racists in the world.

The left is cheating at the game in which we all play and as we all know, cheaters never win and winners never cheat. 

Some of the media, the ED’s of the world needs to grow a set, because white washing the news makes them not worthy to call themselves news broadcasters.  Reporting news as it is, speaking the truth is what Americans want no matter who it is about. 

Remembering that man has been here for so many years, we can’t possibly believe that any race is pure.  We are all mixed and this we can truly thank our forefathers for.

America, the melting pot no longer.

America has always been known as “the melting pot,” but time and certain people have seen to it that it is no longer the case.

No longer are we segregated to strive towards a single goal.  We are now as separated as we were in the fifties if not more so.

Assimilation is a key factor in being one nation under God but the special interests will not have any of it. We look around us and see what is going on, we are separated into groups, the Black neighborhoods, the Italian, the Hassidic, the Hispanic, and so on. If we are going to be truly Americans then we need to be past all of it.

We cannot be hyphenated Americans, we must start being Americans.  The only people that are putting us into groups are people with power and an agenda.  It is in their better interest to keep us out of each others lives.  To lure us into these traps takes a mindset of trickery, and until we open out eyes, we cannot be the America we all want. 

We are called a free nation but are we really?  The ones that can afford to move freely around the nation as a free people are a slim margin of folks.  The poor are forced to live where the broken down homes are, the middle class are herded into sections for them and like the Native Americans living on reservations, there is no difference.

People from all walks of life are lured into the hype of America.  They are promised to be free, rich, and become whatever they want to be but when they arrive they just do not assimilate to this so called melting pot.   The Hispanic born in America will grow up speaking broken English as will every world comer.   When we come here then why not try and live as Americans?  Speaking the language of your country and watching your native television programs or listening to radio in your native tongue will not help you become Americans, only a foreigner that lives here.

In closing, it was never about the color of skin but the way you live your life that makes you American.  What we have here is a failure to communicate and if we are to move forward, then we all must live as one.

White House Mafia

Many quotes and information is coming out of this book.  The warnings of a future America which will resemble a third world nation.  Obamas job will be done very soon.  Terror from the inside.  Dont be left out of the loop.  Read the book that Rush and all the other radio hosts get references from but are afraid to plug it because the things in this book become theirs.  See why Obama wont pull any more crap on America, because we are Americans, thats why and we just wont allow it to happen.  it is all about the lies and deceit and a hidden agenda.  As the author, I am pleased to announce that I am on Pelosis hit list as so ordered by the man himself.  They want to ban this book but I have a higher IQ then Obama so let em try.   THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA

Haleigh Cummings Spirit Talks

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Haleigh. She is still missing and has been for a long while.  Like all little children, we all live life in “the norm” although the norm in reality is abnormal. What children know is life is what it is.  Often we grow up and find out in the process that life is very different in other homes.  Haleigh knew no better then what she had.

Men are very different then women.  A woman is a natural born nurturer and a male simply is not.  A mother goes through the pain of childbirth and that fact is real.  Some would compare kidney stones to the pain of child birth but as we all know, a kidney stone can only pass if it is small enough.  I stand firm in saying that having a child is very painful and that creates the first sign of the bonding process between a mother and child.

Let’s just say a male will never bond with his child as much as a natural mother would.  Let’s also say, we have a situation, a child playing house with a man who is just not capable of coping with every day life’s issues.  So we have two playing house, a male and a female.  When the male is the older and the wiser and that is a stretch, while the child is under the control of the male things are less then perfect.  Now enter the pawn.  The pawn is an innocent child who was happy in her life but through trickery, she is snatched from a real life family situation and tossed into a couple playing house.

The daddy gets a job like all dads do, while the mommy, still a teen, does what teens do.  The play mom will only play her roll while daddy is home, for what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

The game gets old fast.  Now the child is getting older and wants more out of her life but Daddy is tired and can’t cope with her whining.  He wakes up with a child complaining, a girlfriend who is not mature enough to do things on her own and he snaps.

One back of the hand to a small child can kill.  Now we have a situation of one dead child, a immature girlfriend and a daddy who is not coping very well.  The daddy who needs to control every situation in this game does what he does best.  He tells the teen what to say and do and she resents it.  The child bride has visitors and they have a little party.  One of the visitors knows how to push the teens buttons especially when she is stoned.  He pushes her with words, he pushes and pushes until she starts to buy into what he says.  “Your husband controls you and you cannot do anything to protect yourself.  That little girl over their gets more respect from him then you do.  The teen walks over to the little girl and in a rage she kills her.

The daddy arrives home and orders the girlfriend to call 911 when the teen tells him his  child went missing while he was at work.  The girlfriend isn’t bright enough or creative enough to stick to the story so it obviously changes.

The daddy married the teen to keep her from testifying against him but he doesn’t really know the law because this just is not so.

If you take a step back, the daddy has a rap sheet as long as your arm and the play mommy is just a stoner who is doing what she is told.  The police won’t find any leads in this case because they are being mislead.  They turn left, the daddy steers them right and so forth.  Daddy should have never  been granted sole custody with his criminal record.

The people who really care about this case needs to only listen while they sleep.  This child cries out, “Mommy, where is my mommy this person hates me, I want my real mommy?”  she cries, she wonders, she is lonely in a dark place now thanks to peer, her teenage pretend mommy.  She will show us signs but we are focused on Daddy because he demands it.  “Daddy, why did you let this happen?  Didn’t you love me anymore?”  Daddy never loved her, he only wanted revenge on the mother of this child which halted all protections against her.   The teen never loved her, she was only jealous of her.

The sad truth is that the child will never be found.  People who lawyer up, usually has something to hide.  Innocent people stand on the truth and nothing more.  The only innocent here is a small child we know as Haleigh and she is a lost soul with no one to stand by her side because the truth in her case is so damaged.  I am a firm believer in karma and one day at least, it will smack Daddy right in the face.  The teen will fall under pressure.  The little lost soul will be scooped up by God and be taken care of.  In time, hells wrath will see to it that all involved will suffer accordingly.  Misty is a murderer, Ron is a fool, Family will protect this murderer as long as they can hold out, after all is said and done, Family will go  the way of, “Every man for himself.”

“Haleigh, you precious soul.  You are in the hands of whats right now, God hands, and all who were involved in your demise will fall for God doesn’t let evil deeds go unpunished.  God bless you Heleigh and may you now rest in peace.