How The Liberal Stole Christmas (The Global Warming Hoax rolls along)

Liberals keep rolling along with their global warming scheme.  They now are using Santa to further their global warming plan, or as they now spin it, climate change for financial gain furthering the liberal agenda. 

They say tis carbon dioxide is the main cause but facts show it is such a miniscule thing; it does nothing to change anything in the world.  The truth is, all plant life needs this to survive and the more they get, the greener the planet is.  Does Greenpeace truly believe in climate change,  a name  which conveniently changes to suit the liberal cause?

It seems that an overrated actor, Jim Carter, has now become Santa Clause. A dirty Santa in anguish is trying to scare the children in to believing there will be no Christmas this year because of the phantom climate change.  This short clip is a joke.  The actor gives new meaning to over acting.  The clip tries to do two things, one, scare people into joining their cause, and two, to eradicate Christmas from the world.  Shame on you liberal thinker who belief is that all others are dumb. 

The South poll data readings have temperatures at 155.8 degrees below zero.  This is the reason for the name changing from global warming to climate change.  The liberal is trying to use nature for its evil ways.  It is a natural thing for the planet to change over the years.  If you notice, liberals will tell you it will damage this planet in tens of thousands of years which will leave no witness one way or another.  The proof they hand you, is one scientist who lied in a graph who by the way is a liberal. Michael Mann was most likely fudged his numbers to further the liberal cause which like “Pinky’s partner, The Brain” wish to take over the world with liberal ideology.

The only reason the liberal believes the global warming hoax, is because of a simply mind.  Those who oppose can see through the child like antics like a a child lying to his mother when caught stealing from her purse.  My guess is, The President takes so many vacations, is because he wants to get them all in before this hoax becomes a reality.  Fool us once, shame on you.


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The Great Obama Depression

Heading out today to the local social Services department.  I see a line of at least two hundred people.  I sat in my car for three hours and the line never shortened, or remained the same until closing time.  I counted at least three thousand people in just four hours so I am guessing the count was double from the get go.  This was one day, So I wondered to the Unemployment office, same thing happening there.  The line was out the door, and when I asked people at random, how ling they waited, they all said “about three hours.”

The other great depressions, the one in 1920, and 29, were comparable to this Obama depression.  Back in the day, Americans stood on lines for bread and used ration stamps for food.  Why would the media insist this was a recession, when so many were using food stamps.  This is the modern day bread line.

Food stamp recipients almost doubled in four years, welfare is at an all time high, and food banks, and churches, are handing out food faster then they can collect it.  This is a depression, no longer a recession.  The goal of government is to make it seem better than it is.  They would suggest they are creating jobs, but are they?  The numbers show, five million jobs were created, and that was the precise number the Government grew, via Government jobs in the past four years.  Government jobs should not count in the private job world.

Yes, we are now in a depression.  Americans are losing everything at a fast pace, and our President thinks his campaigning, Vacation, golf,  and party agenda, is all that matters.  The media must stop protecting a man who is against everything America stands for.  Are you better off then you were four years ago? No, because four years ago, we were in a minor recession. wise up, rise up America for Obama, and his liberals must go in November.