Obama can win if

Obama is reaching deeply into his bag of tricks implementing his usual Chicago style politics.  This time, these old hat, elementary, mob style tricks will not work because the American is older and more wise this time around.  What will he tried that he tried before?  I think you already know, I think you already know.

New Black Panthers

Last time around, Obama send out his dogs, the new Pink Panthers, Black Panthers, or what ever they are called, to stand at the polling places, using intimidation.  These thugs were caught on tape but Obama and his crew, let them slide saying, “The boys will be boys.”  This time around, news crews from honest news stations will be on site and those who try, will be arrested.  These arrests will stick because there won’t be an Obama administration to protect them.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACORN an organization who was using voter fraud to win over votes for the liberal side.  ACORN was dismantled once found out but will reorganize and show itself in the 2012 elections.  This time, ACORN, although resurfaced, is a weaker and milder ACORN funded by Billionaire communist, George Soros and the Obama gang.  They are “community” organizers who get people to sign up for voter registrations, only they like to sign up dead people and cartoon characters as well so anyone holding the voter registration can vote, even if their name is Donald duck.  Obama will try and block voter ID laws, because he knows, he needs the fraud to win.

All Obama really has is the young mind behind him.  These un-molded minds are gullible to Obama speech, and are memorized by anything that comes out of his mouth.  Everyone else is wise to the lies, so they refuse to vote for him.  What Obama is counting on is intimidation and fraud, simple as pie.  The only way he could win is through the apathetic voter.  To ensure an Obama loss, we will all need to vote.  Or as Obama might say, “Vote early, and often.”  Let freedom ring this November.  Vote honestly so we can put the A back in America.

The Wacky World of Meghan McCain

Ann Coulter is attacked by Meghan McCain but for what reason? Ann Coulter is a very pretty woman who has something to say for the right cause. McCain is nothing more then a senator’s daughter who has been getting attention from a media. The far left media for some reason was asked by the Obama administration, special unit headed by Rom Emanuel to get all republicans at any cost, and by the looks of it, it only cost them ratings.

Meghan is not all to blame here. She is a woman now trying to find her own mind, her own place in the mix of life. This self proclaimed republican has my vote on her right to say anything she wants. Being a conservative would advise her to choose her words more wisely, and she will be just fine.

When Meghan was asked would she ever date a democrat, she answered, “I would date anyone.” I only wonder how often she would date anyone. She is pretty, blonde, and if I had her looks I would date everyone too. Maybe she is looking for a father figure. I often wonder why the media would prey on the innocent. Is there a motive? Do they still work for Obama and his clique trying to undermine the authority of the Republican Party?

Rom is sneaky at his best and an Obama rabble-rouser at his worst. Rom and his pocket media will soon find out, that when the smoke clears, he will be left out to dry like a bed wetter’s bed sheet. As for Meghan, you can’t blame her, she is up against a lot of curupt antics.