The Great Obama Depression

Heading out today to the local social Services department.  I see a line of at least two hundred people.  I sat in my car for three hours and the line never shortened, or remained the same until closing time.  I counted at least three thousand people in just four hours so I am guessing the count was double from the get go.  This was one day, So I wondered to the Unemployment office, same thing happening there.  The line was out the door, and when I asked people at random, how ling they waited, they all said “about three hours.”

The other great depressions, the one in 1920, and 29, were comparable to this Obama depression.  Back in the day, Americans stood on lines for bread and used ration stamps for food.  Why would the media insist this was a recession, when so many were using food stamps.  This is the modern day bread line.

Food stamp recipients almost doubled in four years, welfare is at an all time high, and food banks, and churches, are handing out food faster then they can collect it.  This is a depression, no longer a recession.  The goal of government is to make it seem better than it is.  They would suggest they are creating jobs, but are they?  The numbers show, five million jobs were created, and that was the precise number the Government grew, via Government jobs in the past four years.  Government jobs should not count in the private job world.

Yes, we are now in a depression.  Americans are losing everything at a fast pace, and our President thinks his campaigning, Vacation, golf,  and party agenda, is all that matters.  The media must stop protecting a man who is against everything America stands for.  Are you better off then you were four years ago? No, because four years ago, we were in a minor recession. wise up, rise up America for Obama, and his liberals must go in November.

Obama can win if

Obama is reaching deeply into his bag of tricks implementing his usual Chicago style politics.  This time, these old hat, elementary, mob style tricks will not work because the American is older and more wise this time around.  What will he tried that he tried before?  I think you already know, I think you already know.

New Black Panthers

Last time around, Obama send out his dogs, the new Pink Panthers, Black Panthers, or what ever they are called, to stand at the polling places, using intimidation.  These thugs were caught on tape but Obama and his crew, let them slide saying, “The boys will be boys.”  This time around, news crews from honest news stations will be on site and those who try, will be arrested.  These arrests will stick because there won’t be an Obama administration to protect them.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACORN an organization who was using voter fraud to win over votes for the liberal side.  ACORN was dismantled once found out but will reorganize and show itself in the 2012 elections.  This time, ACORN, although resurfaced, is a weaker and milder ACORN funded by Billionaire communist, George Soros and the Obama gang.  They are “community” organizers who get people to sign up for voter registrations, only they like to sign up dead people and cartoon characters as well so anyone holding the voter registration can vote, even if their name is Donald duck.  Obama will try and block voter ID laws, because he knows, he needs the fraud to win.

All Obama really has is the young mind behind him.  These un-molded minds are gullible to Obama speech, and are memorized by anything that comes out of his mouth.  Everyone else is wise to the lies, so they refuse to vote for him.  What Obama is counting on is intimidation and fraud, simple as pie.  The only way he could win is through the apathetic voter.  To ensure an Obama loss, we will all need to vote.  Or as Obama might say, “Vote early, and often.”  Let freedom ring this November.  Vote honestly so we can put the A back in America.

The Obama Curruption Plan

Corruption has and always will be a part of the political life cycle until now. There is no room for fraud or stupidity it in the Barack H. Obama administration, be them by friend, foe or by disassociation. His love for Arab nations is spinning my head around, especially his love for Iran.

Barack H. Obama, has the IQ of 130, George W. Bush, 125, Hillary Clinton, 140, and we all know this is above average well slightly. These IQ scores are in the racks of some of the smarter people in the world like, Madonna who has the IQ of 140, Jayne Mansfield, 149, This is average not to be confused with Genius like, Stephen Hawking, 160, Sigmund Freud, 156, Myself, 151. What the below average person does not understand is how to go about ridding the world of corruption which is simple is you use the Obama plan and IQ has nothing to do with the way a mind works.

The first thing to do when ridding the world of corruption is to associate yourself with as many bad people you can. This outs the bad shady people so you can easily identify them at a later date when needed. The next thing you would do under the Obama method of freeing the world of evil is to disassociate yourself from anything horrific. When questioned about your association with evil, look at the person as if they are nuts, then pretend you never heard the name before in your life. If these are questions followed by pictures or video, you can either, deny ever being there saying that was never you, or you can point at the evidence, and say something like, No, that is, not me, we had a strong example of that when Obama was asked about his smoking. (“Yes I quit smoking, but I fall off the wagon a lot, a pack a day a lot.”)

Once you disassociate yourself from evil, you need to gain a holier then thou attitude. If the pasture is questionable then you know what you need to do, disassociate, deny, and forget. Now, having done all of the aforementioned, you need to spark controversy by exposing these people to the world. This would mean you will be questioned then you know what to do. Now, you need to surround yourself with corrupt people, because they will serve as a reminder to all that corruption still exists.

Now that you have exposed corruption for what it is, you want to add the buffoon, a vice president is a classic example. Having a buffoon by your side is the best way to show the world just how smart you are, it is like having a fat girl hang out with a few skinny one’s to make them look better.

Once you have all these simple rules down pat you need a plan, pick someone in history that was great and emulate them so you too can look like greatness, one rule you must never forget is never use God, or Ronald Reagan as your example for this can make some resentful towards you.

Now that you have had your first lesson in ridding the world of corruption, remember, if you mess this up like forgetting one of the rules, there is no turning back so make the best out of the mess that you created. Obama will make a wonderful president. He is the Messiah for so many. He has all his rules in place and is ready to take on the world. Oh crap, he used the lord as his example, well, he must have forgotten that rule so crucifixion is not out of contention for Obama in the future in case his plan falls short. He will have spent ten trillion if his plan gets passed. Can’t blame Bush for that one. To be continued….