Obama the vacation President

America is in turmoil, Obama is on Vacation.  America has a fiscal crises, Obama’s on vacation, America is out of work, Obama is on vacation.  American’s are dying, Obama is on vacation.  Does he ever work?  The campaign was fun for him, his over seas trips, a blast, and his television appearances, a hoot, but when does he do actual work?

when he called for all leaches of America to vote, while all his promises of free stuff were kept, who could blame them.  The amoeba’s of society have spoken, and left no stone unturned.  His lemmings now will be left behind, and the scum will rise against him wondering where is more free stuff.  Obama took the free stuff and went on vacation people; and I do use that term loosely.

Somehow, when Obama speaks, the idiots listen intently.  I wonder when they will say, “Enough about you Barack, what about us?”  Obama gives a eulogy, and somehow it becomes all about himself. His drapes the walls with pictures of himself and says a few words about the person or people who passed away, then it is right back to him.  He loves the perks of the job which Biden seems to think is a four letter word.  Vacation, from the get go.  Obama, never lets a crises go to waste, he uses it to fund his vacations.

So when you wonder where Obama stands on issues important to you my fellow Americans, he stands on a beach somewhere without a care in the world because thats who he is, Barack Hussein Obama, the Vacation President.


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