Hotmix106 blowing away the compitition

What do you get, when you take Al Cole, for great talk, Big Rob, Alex & Derek, for the talk of the town, David Mobley, for the insiders guide to indie music, Steve Kramer aka Dr. Dimension, for the insight into all your computer needs, George Bettinger, waiting for you in his Mom and Pop shop, where comedy and great music makes you feel like a king or queen, Mark Anderson and Joe Steiner when your car is on the blink, Mark Klein, when you need the blues, You get the hottest radio on the net. These people are bringing you all things great for one reason, the love of the work bringing you the best of the best in entertainment.

HotMix106, is an awesome blend of every kind of music, only the bad songs need not apply here. This is a feel good station because it brings you into that zone you haven’t felt in so long.

This is a best thing the internet had to offer us in a long while. You can surf the net while your favorite song is playing in the background. You can leave it on all day, and the more you listen, the longer you want to listen. Hotmix106, is indeed a variety show of great things.

If you decide to give it a try you will be happy you did. If you decide that music is not that important, then try it anyway and you will be coming back for seconds, I promise you that. So, what are you waiting for? Go to and enjoy the rest of your life.

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