Mother Nature not self destructing, just renovating

The world is in turmoil now. The news reports are falling to the way side. Japan will not see five hundred deaths but close to five thousand deaths. More Earthquakes will shake Japan through this month. The water will rise and consume many lives all over the world. Mother nature is pissed and we are first on her list. She has always made renovations and decided now is a good time for yet another fix up.

Months ago, when birds fell from the sky, we laughed and the subject just went away. The truth is, animals sense disaster and know when it is time to die when their is no other route to take. This was a sign, a warning but we just kept on keeping on.

myths have us blaming God for Earths disasters when it is Earth itself evolving. Earth always evolves in cycles. We do not expect it because most of the time it is a subtle evolution. The last big change that Earth made was in the ice age and now, Mother Earth is shifting a few things. She never asked us to seal up her grounds with tar, and concrete. She never gave permission to build man made rock houses on her land and now she does what she does, and our play things crumble. Earth is made up of dirt, minerals and clay. We seal her up and when forces to breath, Nature finds her way Via the world be it through Jersey, or Peru.

Get ready folks because she aint done yet.

Everyone looks to America when they are in disaster. When all is said and done, and things are fine, we are the dumpee. Japan needs us now, our services and our charity. When the quake hit, did all of Japans cash fall into the cracks? God helps those who help themselves, just sayin. We are broke and to send cash would mean we are finished.

Always grieve for those who die, but face it folks, everything living dies for it is just another change to another way of life. Let Mother nature do her thing and Earth will go on forever.

Back in time, before man existed, we had earthquakes, a shifting of the Earths inner workings. Man wasn’t around to worry about it. It was for the better good of Earth. Man makes this a problem but it is not a problem. Just remember, Earth is a land in which we are using for a short time and now, rent is due. Death and destruction is just Earths way of making changes to insure her happiness.

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