More Psychic Predictions

January: Gas prices will continue to rise until spring where it will stabilized at four dollars a gallon then wont fall drastically until the following year. Death from sky, death from water, ongoing for months to come.Truths will come out. Shots fired, six unexpected deaths will fall upon us. Obama shows signs of a nervous breakdown and panic attacks. He will place moratoriums on drilling all through the States to sell wind for GE. Conservatives under attack from all sides.

February: More Americans will be working then in the past year. Unemployment will fall to eight percent. Gas already at three fifty a gallon. Terror strikes in Chicago, LA and NYC. Protesting occurs all over America as hand outs tighten. Pyramid Schemes tumble.

March: More children killed or missing this month than the last five years combined. Hillary Clinton cuts away from duty’s to announce her run in 2014. Japan will see something even more deadly then Godzilla. 13,000 will die

April: The Anthony case will begin in courtroom. The Cummings case is blown wide open, and a child missing will be found and means jail for step mother.

May: Two rock and rollers pass away. California earthquake, and twister destroys a Southern city. No Mosque for NY

June: Beware, this fifteenth is a high terror alert. Air collision in mid west, and the dollar gains its strength.

July: All is calm while America is once again a super power. Obama will admit it finally. New methods will be forced when flying because of the lack of fliers. Money is flowing free in America.

August: Heart Attack disables a high ranking official. Flooding in north, fires in California. Gas at an all time low.

Sept: Bomb claims many lives in middle east. Terrorists defeated. Rebellion against Obama admin underway.

October: Cold spells in most of the country. Death rates in the US rise. Americans pull together as one. Peace in the middle east.

November: Another oil spill biggest we have ever seen. New Laws for Americans for a better America. Old law off books, making is easier to ease pain.

December: Obama forced to say things he would never say before. Obama resigns.

5 thoughts on “More Psychic Predictions

  1. i was kidding. We all know California never ever have Earthquakes. So sit tight, and
    no worries. Just ignore my silly warning. I am just tired of people calling me out. Wait and see. “Oh see, he never answeres.” 100% sure

  2. Gas will rise, and rise and rise, until our President is happy about the seven dollar mark. He wants us all in tiny pieces of crap like Europe whether we like it or not.

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