Brittanee Drexel-What happened

I am remembering case involving a young girl heading down to Myrtle Beach against her mothers will. Well I got no vibes all the years she went missing, that is until now. I can see the girl having arguments with all close to her. She leaves the hotel in Myrtle beach and meets up with not friends but acquaintances from her home town. They drive away. The same time in my dream I see a fire. This fire was huge and used to cover up one of the biggest mysteries in the past few years, where is Brittanee?

Brittanee was used and abused because all too often teens think they have it all thought out. Teens think they know everything and when they get over their head, they run to Mommy. Mommy was not around t help Brittanee. There was no where to run. She was drugged and abused by three men and they used the Myrtle Beach fire to expose of the evidence. In my dream it was that fast. It takes the few hours to get a girl into a car, get her drugged, attack and rape her, and dispose of the body. Five hours folks would lead to a years long investigation.

When I see someone in my dreams and they have a solid body they are alive, when they are see through they have passed. RIP Brittanee.

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