Kyron Horman-Captive Innocence

I never pour myself into a case. What happens to me, sometimes happens when I see a photo. I can see a story and try and put t in words. It may not be accurate, or real but I see what I see and write about it. I can look at pictures all day long and nothing. It usually hits me when unexpected and I sort of go into a daze, a daydream.

I have been getting letters about the Horman case and have no answers. I can look at pictures all day long and nothing. I looked at the Harmon boy and after a while just had given up because of the absence of anything until now, minutes ago I saw a picture of the boy on the news. I really haven’t been following this story at all. i heard some things on the news about a dad and mom who are divorced, and a step mom body builder? she didn’t look it to me, anyway she supposedly who took the boy to school, dropped him off and left.
Ok, this is what I saw tonight while gazing at the picture.

I see a very concerned mother and father . Ok, that’s a given. I also see heavy steroid use, and someone who needs to be the center of attention at all times at any cost. The dad, I cannot see which usually means he isn’t involved at all. The birth mother, I cannot see either. So what we have left is a step mother who takes a child to school and drops him off. I am confused because I cannot see a school either. That would mean that day, that boy, never saw his school. Step mom is not being truthful and never made it to the school. She has a partner, someone close who has the child. The child is being watched over and treated well but misses his friends and family deeply. He is being kept in a small dwelling very close to water. He weeps himself to sleep every night. The person watching over him is also female, thirty seven to forty years old who also keeps in close contact with Step mom every day. The boy lives on canned food and TV dinners. The woman who took him did it out of spite and revenge, anger, and hatred.

The police will find him by accident either someone misspeaks, or he simply walks out of the house when he gets the chance.
That’s all I got.
UPDATE: I got a feeling that this will all end within the month of August. No no fuss, just a quiet end to a chaotic start.

11 thoughts on “Kyron Horman-Captive Innocence

  1. I decided to watch Nancy Grace. I haven’t in so long because I was sick of her anger and control, turning it on a dime. There were others hosting but it was interesting how they had all this tangled web going on. I have no clue who is who. Who is the body builder, the bio mom, the step mom, the father? Fill me in.

  2. I expect that Kyron was old enough to watch television, and after he watched the Nancy Grace show and the Jane Vales-Mitchell show on CNN, he just gave up on life and had no desires to keep living anymore after seeing so much untrue and blatantly malicious actions by Nancy and Jane towards real victims of crimes. And, since Nancy and Jane were never real victims of any crimes themselves, Kyron likely gave up on his motivation that sense can be made out of a life. Nancy deserves detox-treatment and prison time, and Jane deserves yet another detox-treatment imo.

  3. Thanks, Bob for trying to take a further look into Kyron’s case. There is something about Kyron that has grasped on to the hearts of many. I see an old soul when I look at his pics, a child who isn’t meant to be gone from this world like the many others who go missing. I hope he is alive and not being harmed by the person who has him. The hatred this person has, is the person who has Kyron and if so, are these emotions toward the stepmother? Some have wondered if this person is Anne Pumala, the aunt of Kyron’s good friend, Tanner. I don’t know if it’s her or Tanner’s mother, Lisa who moved from Portland to Arizona the day Kyron went missing.

  4. Hello Bob,

    Any new thoughts regarding the Kyron Horman case…I have been a mess since this story broke out and I have no idea why i have connected to this specific case, but everytime I see his face I melt as if I see my own kids.

  5. Step mom, all I see is her, the boy is no longer with us. This is a sad case. The step mother will be arrested very soon. She will never confess but the evidence they are collecting will be enough for a conviction. The step mother is sick, but will try to plead insanity. She wont get her way. The step mother will declare her innocents, and melt down soon after. FBI are all over this but keeping quiet. Ready to pounce.

  6. Hello Bob,

    I just wanted to know what changed your mind from your original post back in July 2010…do you think Kyron was alive at that time or do you now think he was no longer with us from day one.

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