Misty Croslin’s, One Scenario

Misty Croslin’s scenario.  Many following this story will definitely say that Ronald Cummings is innocent, but complicity or guilt by association is a crime also.

Who’s drugs were in the home?  Who left the drug where a little five year old would be able to find them?  Did Ronald in fact have drugs in the home?

When an adult and a child has relations we may consider that a sex offense, that is unless you marry the child, with the permission of the mother and father of that child.  Misty Croslin lived in a dysfunctional household and fell prey to drugs at a very young age.  They made her feel cool, like an adult, like those adults surrounding her including her mother, as well as her friends.  When one is that young, it makes you feel so adult to do what the big kids are doing.  Lets face it, Misty was an addict and she was used like a pawn to sell the drugs and she was more than a willing participant and truly not that innocent living the life.

Ronald worked second shift which left Misty alone for the better part of the day.  Misty felt when Ron was away, she was in charge.  Ronald was the man of the playhouse.  Why a responsible father of two children would leave his loved ones with a child is beyond the normal thinking pattern, especially when the child is an addict.  Misty knew where the stash was, and she felt grown up enough to indulge when Ron was not at home, after all she was the boss and so cool having a man for a boyfriend.  She heads into the hallway and pulls the board away from the wall exposing the water heater and the bag of drugs.   Oxycontin is a drug mainly used by heroin addicts as Morphine was used to wean people off the dangerously addictive drug.

Misty lays the drug out on her bed and needs a drink to wash them down with, a cold one.  When she returns to the bedroom, she finds Haleigh awake and sitting on the bed stuffing the pills into her mouth; As she see’s her idols do.  Misty freaks out and scolds the little five year old but is not sure how many she had swallowed if any.  Misty sits Haleigh on her mattress laying on the floor and begins to do her thing washing down one two maybe even three pills.

Misty notices Haleigh is starting to look and act weird.  She walks over towards her and notices that this little five year old is ready to pass out and she does falling over onto her side.  Misty tried to wake her but Haleigh wont wake up.  Misty, being street smart, as well as television smart watched enough soaps and Police drama to check for a pulse but she simply can’t find it.  Haleigh is gone.  Misty panics and calls her cousin and brother for help.

When the two arrive at the home Misty is also out of it but explains what happened and needed help getting rid of the body.  Misty’s first mistake was to start doing drugs in the first place, her second was hooking up with someone who is a big shot in the drug scene in that part of town and finally her third mistake was not calling the police as soon as she found Haleigh on the bed stuffing pills into her mouth and trying to hide what she had done to that little girl.

The three take the child’s lifeless body to a river and dumped it in using rope and  piece of cinder block as weight.  The cousin returns to his home and the brother to his.  Misty waits until the timing is right, just as Ron gets home and acts as if she had just got up from a deep sleep. Just as Rons hand starts to turn the knob, Misty starts screaming.  Ron runs into the home and asks what was the matter.  Misty says, Haleigh, she is gone, someone must have taken her.  I was sleeping, I didn’t hear a thing.  Ron tells her to call 911 and the rest of the story is what she has be telling us all along, until now.

Misty cracks, I knew a few weeks ago this was coming.  The police know how to work the criminal and Misty was worked just as planed.  We may never find the remains of that poor five year old innocent girl who looked up to Ron and Misty only because she knew no better.  So when I began this peice, I asked, is Ron innocent?

11 thoughts on “Misty Croslin’s, One Scenario

  1. In my Opinion Ron is not innocent in what happened to Haleigh for all the Reasons You pointed out.
    We don’t know what exactly happened to Haleigh that night she was reported missing by Misty.
    One thing I do believe and I have from the Beginning, Haleigh died the same Night she was reported missing.
    Ronald did not make sure his little Girl was proper taken care of and kept save which was his Responsibility as her Father.
    As for finding Haleigh’s Remains it seems like it would be impossible after over a Year.
    Caylee Anthony’s Remains were found after 6 Month and we know there were only skeleton Remains left.
    I hope to God they will be able to bring Haleigh home so she can at least have a descent Burial. I guess we just have
    to hope and pray that by some Miracle she will be found.
    Here again Haleigh was let down by the People who she trusted most. Very sad indeed 😦

  2. Ronald is involved in this whole thing! I just can’t believe how Ms. Nancy Grace keeps defending him….just like Cindy Anthony. Nancy Grace is NOT on top of her game…as she portrays to be. Why does she have a show?

  3. Nice piece, thanks for putting that all out there. Too many people think Ron is innocent. He is a pedophile and a child molester. His mother Theresa is an enabler. Ron should have been in jail when he got his first baby-momma pregnant. I can only hope he is in jail for a long, long time.

  4. The news showed Misty Croslin at the river, but wait a minute because Nancy Grace of CNN said adamantly that Misty would never be out of jail in over a hundred years. Wow, at least Nancy is consistent at being wrong. No wonder she was thrown out of Atlanta years ago and cannot practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States. (There are small miracles).

  5. She did give clues along the way. she admitted that two guys were at the home that night, guess it was her cousin and bro helping her get rid of the body. They all, those three agreed to never say a word, Misty cracked.

  6. Venice, I read on one site that Nancy Grace had “relations” while on CNN property with Ron when she personally paid to have him come in for an interview by Nancy early on in this case. That may be why Nancy coddles Ron so much and appears to have nothing but sympathy for Ron. I expect Nancy to be financially assisting Ron and his cohorts, and if those allegations are true, then Nancy is interjecting herself again into an active police investigation and should cease and desist and turn herself in for prosecution for even more crimes she has committed against real victims of crimes.

  7. I don’t get Nancy Grace either. Why is she defending Ron? If someone on her show mentions his name, she like freaks out. And yes, she does the same with the Anthonys. I guess she formed her own personal opinion about who is guilty and who is not, but she seems to forget that she states her opinion on National Television….bad choice.

  8. Ron is a pedophile and a dope-head. He impregnates under-aged girls and pushes them around. Nancy Grace hates young women, she is on a witch-hunt with all these young girls. She had her kids late in life and does not know what it is like to be a mother of a young teenage or early-twenty-something daughter; they are kids too and do not think clearly. You can tell she has no empathy or compassion for any of these young teenager or twenty-somethings. She is defending this Ron creep and it is ridiculous! He is a pervert and a doper, he is the one that left his child with a young kid that uses drugs. Crap the girl was seventeen hello? The bun is not baked yet! Ron’s mother is an enabler!

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