Barack Hussein Obama~Token President

Our president has never used one of his own thoughts since elected a year and a half ago.  His speeches are written by people who want to sell a feel.  You must have wondered at least once why he is surrounded by only the white element,  Pelosi, Emanuel, Gibbs.  He is the token president without a thought  or move without these people pulling the strings.  Why is it, Oprah Winfrey, who promoted this man before the elections has now disenfranchises herself from him.  She knows the truth one may assume.

Obama cannot be himself as long as he is told what to do by his surrounding masters of the political world.  He was told to cut ties with his spiritual leaders, who were black, his friends whom of which you never see him with any longer who were black and those personal family who are black? Because those who surround him know what is best for him as our leader.

Obama is a normal guy trying to do the right things but those who placed him in his position, say it is in the better interest of the country for him to say and do things as their token.

obama like so many are uncomfortable with saying God Bless after every word.  Normal people praise God in their own way every day but we don’t eed to say it, preach it, to all we meet.  Now a forced “God bless America, as told to do by his handlers, is just that which makes Obama seem staged.

Obama can be well liked by all but only if he acts naturally and not as he is told to act.  If those who are pulling his strings thought he was not good for their agenda he wouldn’t be in the position he is in, thus, token president.

The average black person, who works hard, and has love of family, well, do you think they would ever be invited to sit with Obama and just BS over a home cooked meal?  No, and why is this so, because those who run the club only allow the few into their playing field.  THINK ABOUT IT.


2 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama~Token President

  1. I would tend to agree with all of the above as sad as it may be. I noticed you failed to mention the Obama sellout to big pharma and the banking industry. It seems that this country is headed for a socio/economic situation similar to India in the 1960’s and 1970’s. An upper class fully in control of the currency and industry contrasted by a desperately poor working class. So I submit to you: who is in charge and why does the two party system lose it’s grip every day?
    “Let’s give a big hand to the industry that has been giving us the finger for years!” Peter Bergman

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