The Right VS the Left

When children play it is easy to see how everyday fun and games may turn into an argument or even a fight.  These are children and that behavior is expected.  When adults do fight it is because they do not possess the skills needed to act as an adult should.

The right wing conservatives, as I see them, are a compassionate group who speak from the heart. They move towards a cause with verve and vigor because they believe their lifestyle is being threatened.  The only goal that a conservative has is to preserve this land made great by our forefathers we know as America and strive to be free as intended.

The left wingers seem to think that politics is a game played by six grade children.  The facts are never involved when it comes down to the left wing.  They use smoke and mirrors and slight of hand to get their points across.  They fabricate news or edit it to their own accord when it best suits them to do so.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many conservative news radio stations doing very well in this time of democracy dominance?  The answer is simple; the left just don’t know how to keep their ratings up.  This is an easy task, speak the truth and the audience will come. 

The right will always use words of truth to tell a story, while the left will create a story without worrying about the outcome.  Like children, name calling, hurting other children, conservatives have learned to be bigger than that and that’s why they can hold their head up and walk tall because at the end of the day, they can look themselves in the mirror and know who the better person was. 

Joe was just a guy I knew.  He was always able to speak his mind.  One day Joe was confronted by a black minister.  Joe “Excuse me boy.”  The minister said, “I do believe that you are a racist.  Joe turned to the minister and said, “Yeah, so what’s your point?”

To blame someone, calling them a racist, someone who stands up for what he believes, is just wrong and yet, the left seem to be having a field day tossing that word around so freely.   Yes, Joe is a self admitted racist.  He believes in something and when confronted he admitted it and sees nothing wrong with it.  The sad thing is, when the left use that word, racist so freely, it distracts us from the true racists in the world.

The left is cheating at the game in which we all play and as we all know, cheaters never win and winners never cheat. 

Some of the media, the ED’s of the world needs to grow a set, because white washing the news makes them not worthy to call themselves news broadcasters.  Reporting news as it is, speaking the truth is what Americans want no matter who it is about. 

Remembering that man has been here for so many years, we can’t possibly believe that any race is pure.  We are all mixed and this we can truly thank our forefathers for.


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