Allen Klein- Manager to the rockers died

Allen Klein, manager for the Rolling Stones among other great rock bands in the late sixties and early seventies died today on the Forth of July.

He was hired by john Lennon to get the Beatles financial affairs in order late 1969.  Paul wanted his father-in-law, Eastman, to keep the Beatles financially sound but John was skeptical of that. 

Klein got to work right away skimming off the top and selling promo copies of Beatles recordings which cause a lot of friction between the Fab Four which single handedly led to the bands break up early 1970.

Klein stole millions from the band and although many blame Yoko Ono Lennon for the break up, but it was Klein who was the true cause.  He was accused of stealing more them $250, 000,000 from the band which cause fighting and chaos between the four. 


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