Obama is Failing

Iam so happy when Rush Limbaugh talked about my book  WHITE HOUSE MAFIA today.  Now without any further BS, here is why Obama policies must fail.

We have a “new” kind of President, one who is a self admitted left wing radical.  America has always had its freedom and is willing to fight tooth and nail for those freedoms no matter what. 

Despite the rise in taxes, and the new taxes, policies of the “new” administration, are getting old fast and are destine to fail.  The indecisive rhetoric of the “new” president is a sure sign of what is to come.  Revolution is going to be commonplace if the “new” politics of this “new” president are not confronted with vigorous force. 

Obama assures his public that he doesn’t wish to own banks, and yet he does.  Obama assures his public that he does not wish to own car companies, and yet he does.  Obama assures his public that he does not with to own health care, and yet, I am sure he will find a way into the pockets of every American.  

With a socialist agenda afoot, the “new” President, seems to have a mindset that he knows better then anyone else but forgets he is a mere man not the Messiah he set out to be.  His I love me who do you love attitude will insure his policies fail because most Americans see his politics as a radical way to go short of communism. 

Any leader that sets up groups to attack certain values he does not agree with must be kept in check at al times.  Just because he is who he is doesn’t mean he had carte blanche to do whatever he wants to. 

The Obama new world order is bordering chaos at the least.  His agenda, his politics, and his policies are not only wrong for this great country of ours; they are too radical even for socialist nations.  He attacks anyone who speaks out against him like some sort of Whitehouse Mafia.  This policy denies freedom of speech which is certain to fail sooner or later.

Six months into Obama’s term, he still makes sure all of those working for him including himself play the Bush blame game every time they speak and this policy needs to fail so the “new” administration can start taking responsibility for its actions.  Yes Bush spent a few billions on banks, but Obama spent tipple that and yet he blames Bush. 

His policy for catching more flies with homey then vinegar is awful and with certain needs to fail.  To extend Americans hand and become friends with countries who want to destroy us is lunacy.  To free prisoners, or move them to where they want to be, to kill us, is absurd.  To spend more then a billion a year traveling, is just something America can do without but it seems the policy of this “new” president is to spend, travel on our dime, and become a television star that is well liked.  Obama cannot stand anyone not liking him and to me this is a character flaw and needs attention or professional help.  He proves it by speaking out against FOX because they air things against his liking.  MSNBC well, need I say more?

Yes, I hope Obama’s policies fail because they are not what America represents they are what socialism represents, which is only a stones throw towards communism.  We do not need any more czars or leaders who do things for a political agendas, we need a leader who cares what happens to the greatest country in the world.  We do not need a man telling the world we are falling fast, we need a man who will stand up for us and spit in the eye of anyone who gets in our path towards glory.  Yes I hope Obama’s policies fail for is they succeed, America will fail.


8 thoughts on “Obama is Failing

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  2. When we elect a TV personality, we get a TV personality. When will Americans grow up?

    Obviously, the stock market doesn’t like him. This affects everyone’s retirement. Realize that, folks who voted for Obama? When you’re sitting there eating beans night after night because you can’t afford anything else, just remember his charming smile and lulling voice.

    Yes, some fat-cats needed to be taken down a notch. Problem is, when the markets fail, they take us all down. Is it worth it just to get even with some rich guys?

  3. I think it is ridiculous that people are so adamantly and vehemently opposed to their own president that they want him to fail. I’ve got a news flash for you. If your president fails so do you. Hence our current economic and geopolitical situation. Problems like this don’t start the moment one of “them,” your words not mine,get into office. Did you know the statistic is that it takes twenty years to screw up a country the way ours is and guess what? It takes at least another twenty to fix it.
    Think back…what happened twenty years ago? Who was in office twenty years ago? What was the global climate twenty years ago? What was the economic climate?
    Now this is in no way shape or form a rant designed to blame any one person as everyone seems to want to do these days. No, this is just a little enlightenment. So while you’re sitting there huffing and puffing and toasting the demise of our “newest tv personality’s career” I need you to take a think outside of what your parents taught you and society taught you and more importantly what your own personal culture taught you and wonder if maybe just maybe this whole mess has more to do with the downward spiral our country has been taking for numerous years and not the fact that the new man in the White House for the first time in the history of the country doesn’t match the paint.

  4. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with naivete and inexperience.

    I didn’t vote for Bush either. Bush was a mistake. And Obama is a mistake. That is possible, you know. When you take off the partisan and racial blinders.

    You really think it was a coincidence that the stock market dropped in half one month before the election? And hasn’t recovered since?

  5. It is funny how both the left and right think the country has been in a “downward spiral”. But they have different ideas about what a “downward spiral” is.

    At least our standard of living used to be just fine. Whatever else you may think constitutes a “downward spiral”. At least that part America has long gotten right.

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