Perez Hilton, 15 minutes of fame is so over

Perez Hilton has set the gay movement back fifty years. It is ok to be openly gay; it is also ok to be in the main stream of life. To be Gay is not a lifestyle or a life choice it is a gender, a sexuality born not bred.

It is ok for Perez Hilton, to be as flamboyant as he needs to be but it is not ok to parade your hatred for women like a high school clique hating on nerds. He was given a chance to be on a popular television program and had a chance to judge woman. He plotted and planned what he would ask for his own popularity. He asked his question and when answered honestly he showed his true colors and just how much he hated women. What should have been all said and done with, he skyrocketed it into a big deal. He would never let up until he destroyed the woman he asked his crafted question to.

Miss California answered a question honestly and from the heart. Perez came out punching and didn’t let up until she was fired. The good news is, his fifteen minutes of fame is over, and the better news is that Miss California is just starting.

People like Mario Lavandeira aka Perez Hilton are very ordinary and they have to hate to be seen. Look at the fact; he is a blogger and a bad one at that.

I am a married man, to a great woman and I although I could care less who is marrying who, which is there business only, I focus on my marriage. I do however believe in America and a person’s right to say what is in their heart without worrying about censorship in any form unless it contains hate. Mario, is a woman hater, most gays aren’t haters which makes it a personal choice to attack someone. Mario probably hates woman due to mother issues but I just don’t know.

I don’t hate Mario; I just think he needs help with issues, life’s issues. People agree to disagree all the time without destroying a life for going against beliefs.

8 thoughts on “Perez Hilton, 15 minutes of fame is so over

  1. Popular on the wake of hate. I hope you mean he writes or blogs about celebrities because is is not one himself. If he is, he is on the same popular level as Uncle Floyd Vivino. What goes around comes around or in Perez’z case reaches around. Oops my bad.

  2. Bob! Its been some time and I am pleased to say that I agree with you as always this guy got me so mad over this whole miss cali thing I thought she answered very nicely why would they question he in there anyway? I’d someone would become upset over the answer its not like a normal question. For a pagent it was asking for scandel .. And why aren’t you on twitter yet I have him on my twitter and I think I took him off he bothered me he would abuse kristy ally and say how fat she was and to get her ass in shape I think you need to put him in his place

  3. It seems that his place is where it is, blogging on the net. He can hate women all he wants to but should use his mind to find out what GAY really means. He is a hater and doesn’t articulate his mind well at all. The question asked of a woman was a set up and nothing more, a stepping stone for a career that never was. This indeed will be the last words aimed at the jer koff because he isn’t worth the time or energy. i am guessing mother issues or an absent tee father. Next I am guessing his tranny side will reveal its ugly head.

  4. If they didn’t insist on calling it “marriage” they would not meet such strong opposition. Equal rights, sure (although I don’t see marriage in the Constitution as a “right”). Some sort of legal foundation, i.e. civil union, probably okay. But marriage has been defined as between a man and a woman for thousands of years. To try to “redefine it” after so long just doesn’t seem right.

    All animals, and even some plants, are sexually dimorphic, i.e males and females. Obviously, sexual dimorphism isn’t just some arbitrary human cultural distinction. It is biological at a very deep level going back millions of years. Probably, homosexuality has always been around too, not just in humans, but it is the minor variant behavior not the major behavior.

    The more the gays push, the more there will be a push-back. You can’t just redefine something as basic as marriage. When the people have a say, gay marriage is voted down, even in California.

    Carrie Prejean is more famous because of this. Normally, I don’t pay any attention to these pageants. But I know who she is because of all the hoopla. She will probably make millions off of TV roles, movies, commercials.

  5. When someone asks me something I answer but don’t expect to get ambushed over my answer, hey he asked. I could care less about Miss America or Hanoi Hilton. If you ask, expect an answer, thats all.

  6. It doesn’t seem like an appropriate question for a beauty pageant. It was a set-up by a kooky pro-gay-activist.

  7. Gays hate this man. I hear he got punched in the face, well, “I thought in my head, “Iam not afraid , I am not afraid.” Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz. that is just his way of staying in the fame. Imagine, hitting someone in fist with your face to get attention. Mario, go back to your apartment, do a lame video blog that no one listens to and stop trying so hard because we all hate you, all of us, yes even Gay’s who are respectable in the real world.

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