OIL??? In this Obama created Mess

So, can any Obama follower please tell me why Gas keeps rising when oil falls to 77 dollars a barrel? Can you explain to me, how he can say he doesn’t want to own car companies and yet he does? Can anyone tell me why Obama will soon own health care? Last but never least, please tell me why Obama is creating Czars, something even Russia abolished years ago?

The white House Mafia, my book on lulu.com explains it, but I just wanted to see how mindless people justify all the bad decisions.

Namcy Pelosi has me on her hate list, I have her on mine along with all the other pin heads that will fight tooth and nail for making a very bad choise for America.

michelle Obama and Barrack. I for the first time will defent the man. He only went to a church that hates whites, and is against America, because Michelle made him go. Rev. Wright is followed by Michelle but yet we focus on the president. She followed Wright not Barrack.

22 thoughts on “OIL??? In this Obama created Mess

  1. This man is too inexperienced to make a wise decision. If you are like me, hitting 65, you might say “that’s been tried before and history should not repeat itself.” This man doesn’t have his own convictions yet. Or so it seems. He goes to his wife’s bigot church. What did he do there? sleep for a few hours? It’s retro all over again. I think he is a great person but not ready to hold the office.

  2. Obama has been president for 6 months he inherited a mess
    and is doing a wonderful job after 8 years of the mess that
    Bush and Cheney made of this country, domestically and
    internationally. I believe Bush lives in Dallas now
    why dont you write him and ask him – hes the reason we are in this mess – not Obama – and also on price of gas:
    Retail gas typically rises with demand during the summer driving season. But this year those dynamics have changed somewhat. The government expects motorists to drive billions fewer miles as an expanding population of unemployed workers stays home.

    That is also why refiners are cutting back. Even though prices are rising, demand for fuel remains very weak compared with previous years. Gas prices are still $1.421 a gallon cheaper than last year at this time.

    That may be no consolation to consumers trying to make their dollars go further during this recession, but refiners say if they were to produce as much gasoline as in year’s past, they’d go out of business.

    Government figures show refiners operated at 85.9 percent capacity last week, which is very low for this time of year, the second week of the driving season.

    Oil producing countries are also pulling back, part of the reason that crude hit new eight-month highs this week, peaking Thursday at $73.23 a barrel.

  3. Artgal, open up those wild eyes of yours and see that we cannot blame Bush forever. They all inherited BS and Obama is no different. I a few days the taxes are going to soar out of control and new taxes will arise. At 73 a barrel oil would be expected to be a buck fifty, the rest are taxes. Obama is a joke in the name of history. Now we have nukes aimed at us for the first time in years and what will he do? Shake hands and try and become friends.

  4. Obama too inexperienced to make a wise decision? Thats really funny have 8 years of Bush. Obama has the country back on track – things are bad but there is light at the end of the tunnel. This was a global response to 8 years of unbridled greed and helped along by one of the worse
    administrations in this countrys history. Bush who the Saudis had in their back pocket and whose idea of a meeting
    was one that lasted less than 10 minutes – wasnt deep enough on any subject except baseball.

  5. I don’t know why but I lost my job because of high prices so now I am a unemployed single mom with a house in foreclosure,whoever is sitting on their butts why this goes on sucks. Give me a break about cutting back on making fuel the oil companies are the only ones making a profit they could share the wealth.

  6. I DO blame Bush – you got lower taxes for 8 years and now what have you got? 20 percent unemployment – this was what
    Obama inherited, the man has been in office 180 days
    for heavens sake – this is BUSHs fault every bid of it
    the fish stinks from the head – and Obama who is as smart
    of a president that we have ever had will cure these problems. The South Koreans have leveled rockets at us before – they are all talk -to get attention, and yeah,
    thats what they REALLY want to shake hands and be friends
    No one lives isolated anymore. We shook hand with the Germans and the Japanese – and with the Germans we did it damn fast immediately after the war.

  7. Yes, Obama came into somethings that needed to be fixed for sure but Bush came into 9-11, which by the way, could have been avoided if the illustrious Bill Clinton would have been doing something other than interns.

  8. Yes Bush had 9/11 and he did something unprecedented in the history of this country – he bombed another country without an act of provocation, simply because Sadaam Hussein wanted to kill his “daddy”. Then he and Cheney and the rest of that gang made up stories about the WMD’s that did not exist. Shock and awe – yes I was shocked all right, Im still in a state of shock – well we bombed it and now we own it – and where did the hijackers come from? 15 of the 19 were Saudi citizens. And it was all about OIL

  9. artgirl – It seems that everyone wants to blame someone (some ONE) and Bush did not create the mess in this country all by himself. No one man could have. The biggest part of this country’s problems today have been caused by the greedy a**holes of big business. The stupid banking and mortgage industry gave home loans to every dead beat Tom, Dick and Harry for the past 10 years to buy a house they knew they could not (or would not) pay for. Bush did not cause that so stop playing the blame game.

  10. Jeez Bob I came in here talked about the prices and all the crap that came with those high prices and slam me about Bush, this is your blog you should know who’s comments belong to who.

  11. artgal, I appreciate your educated comments. As a typical polite Canadian I would never stick my nose into another country’s politics but I will tell you that from an outsider’s view that’s exactly how it’s perceived. Don’t get me wrong. I love your country and the citizens within it but it takes a very long time to elicit change if those changes are going to work.

  12. People are forgetting that Obama has to clean up a mess another administration made. He’s been in office for a mere 6 months.

    There’s no way to clean up an inherited mess this massive in less than a year.

    It will take a decade to clean this up.

    Summer has arrived, and to no one’s surprise, gas prices are going up.

    It happens every year. Happened the entire time Bush was in office, why is this a surprise? And why is it Obama’s fault?

    When fall arrives, the prices will again drop, as they do every single year.

    If we as a people took a united front and chose a day NOT to purchase fuel, and everyone stuck to this, it would make a statement that would be noticed.

    But people as individuals attend to what is convenient to them…not to their nation.

    If there is a ‘gas blackout’ next Monday, and Joe the Plumber forgot to fuel up ahead of time, he will go ahead and buy gas on Monday, because it suits him.

    If every car driving person would put their own conveniences aside for one damn day, this ‘mess’ would be less offensive.

  13. Well, so be it, Bush caused every problem known to mankind but, in a few days, Obama will be in it deep, problems he is causing and no lefty will be able to pin these things on Bush.
    What we have running the country is someone who is a television star, a reality star at that. Between his traveling, and his television shows, I say shows because they are all staged, I would think running the country should be the main theme of his agenda. You keep standing up, sticking by, and kissing this mans butt, That is what Americans are free to do, and even Hitler had his followers, I’m just sayin.

  14. It’s okay, I was just shocked at first. I think someone should find out why the gas prices are out of control. 2 months ago in Indiana our prices was 1.89 they are now 2.99 and from what I understand when the price first jumped gas was the exact same price a barrel as it was when it was 1.89. No reason at all for the price hike. I don’t care if it is still 1.00 cheaper then this time last year, when the bottom falls out of the stock market again maybe someone will figure it out. I know they say it is not based off of the market but I am not buying it!

  15. I like the idea of a zero-energy day. Imagine if everyone on the planet gave up their energy consumption for just one day.

  16. I don’t think that giving the man a decent amount of time in office to try to clean up an old mess is ‘kissing his butt’.

    True, all presidents inherit the mess left for them by the previous administration. There’s not a president in existence that didn’t leave a mess.

    But Bush had eight years….you are giving Obama 6 months.

    Not fair…if Obama was Republican, you’d be saying he needs more time.

    Got nothing to do with being a ‘lefty’. I am a Republican and I voted for Obama.

    Let’s give the guy a decent break and see what he can do in the coming years. It’ll take that long, and he’s human…and will make mistakes, just like every single President we have ever had.

    Instead of always blaming the guy upstairs, we should be looking at the way we ourselves are living and start ‘doing’ instead of sitting there ‘waiting’ for one guy to fix everything that we helped create.

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