Second Chances-A Suckers bet

The general consensus is that priorities are no longer needed in these modern yet troubled times. We put the popularity contests out there while we watch our children be swept away by predators. We work two jobs so we can afford that keeping up with the Jones’s attitude. We are more concerned with how we look and who we think is watching our every move than who is watching us for the wrong reasons.

It concerns me, no, hurts me knowing some still blame color for our problems when its what’s in someone’s heart and mind that makes us good or evil. Bad choices should be to blame when things go desperately wrong but they are not so we hand out second chances like they are going out of style. Second chances are for people who make mistakes, not for those who kill, maim, or cause such havoc on society.

We cannot open our hearts any longer for those who take our children for an evil agenda. When did we stop protecting them, when did we focus on ourselves instead of doing the right things in life? When did we stop caring what happens to our children aiming our compassion for the blackened souls who betray them?

Second chances for those who hurt out of obsession should not be an option. These predators cannot stop what they have become. We give them second chances to feed their rage, their obsessions, and their aggressions against us.

The solution is not what we can do to help those who are so fixated on agendas against mankind, but to see to it, our children grow up protected, loved, and this, will insure a moral balance in their futures which will change our lives forever.

An elderly woman was sitting watching television. A knock at the door made her smile. She has not been visited for many months so she struggles to get to the door. A teen forces his way into her home beating her to near death. He took a few things he needed for a drug habit but was caught the next day. The woman was recovering in the hospital but refused to press charges because he was just a boy. One month later, the woman was killed in her home by that very same boy. He went to trial and instead of putting him away for the crime, he was let go once again because he was so young. He was arrested again several months later for killing a store manager in yet another robbery. When asked why he did so many bad things to so many people, he said, “They were standing in the way, the only thing I care about is the money and they were stopping me from getting it.” A judge decided that this child should seek counseling instead of being locked away. He ran away and needed money and his cycle continues because we believed in the second chance. The victims, well, they never got their second chance now did they?

Evil comes in all colors, genders, and sizes. We must not keep extending our hand out trying to change the evil, instead of our children’s hands keeping them safe from it.

3 thoughts on “Second Chances-A Suckers bet

  1. Satan is laughing at us in our inability to deal harshly with him and the demons he sends. There should be “one strike and you’re out” for violent offenders. Bring back the noose.

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