For those who serve this country

Memorial Day is a day for remembering those special people in all of our lives. We have to remember those extraordinary men and women who protect us from all of our enemies, those who hate everything we stand for, freedom, rights, and caring for our fellow mankind.

Fallen heroes are sometimes forgotten as we go about our daily life which is a shame. It is not only the military, but all of those who serve to protect and die in the face of freedom and who really know the meaning of those broad strips and white stars.

Here is to all the policemen who gave up their lives to protect us, the firefighters, who risk their lives to save us, and the military who goes that extra mile to fight the good fight without asking for a thank you. For all of you out there who cared enough to do for others, I thank you with all of my heart.

To the men who fought in our civil war and first world war, I thank you, for those who fought and died in the name of liberty in the second world war, I thank you, all eighty million who defended this nation and died in the name of freedom. For the Korean War and the Viet Nam vet I thank you, and for all of those who fight against the unseen enemy, the terrorist, I thank you all. God bless all the troops and the families whom always known their child was special.

We need not shed a tear for these hero’s but ever so often, as our eyes look up, and a smile comes over us, a remberance is a small price to pay for all they have sacfrificed for us. REMEMBER, THATS ALL THEY ASK IS THAT WE REMEMBER. Lets not let the memories of the forgotten soldiers simply fade away.

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