I have been a writer for well over forty years now and I think I have developed my craft. The struggles to write a book takes time and money. Writing is an art form but it takes money, lots of money. I have been across this great land of ours experiencing all I can so my work can be authentic.

In this economy with our new leader, I seem to have so much to say, but who can afford to read it. I as so many lost my home in the name of economic blunders, and now will lose my car. If you like what I have to say, in blog, book, or news print, please, do what you can to keep the caterino experience alive. Donate, a penny, a nickle, a buck, for the good of the art. Don’t let the important things fall. I am not the banks, the auto company, or Wall street, I am one man trying to create.
Donate here
I thank you from the heart


  1. Mr. Caterino, I have read, White House Mafia, Growing Up Goomba, Sext Lies, Other side of fear, you are too awesome to lose, I am happy to donate what I can and keep doing what you do.

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