Nancy Pelosi, oops Proof that Water boarding works

I am trying to understand the left wing, liberals but they change their stories more times then Clinton changes women. Nancy Pelosi is trying to make a case against Republicans, but she forgot to do the research.

Pelosi will have us believe that the entire CIA, and the whole damn Bush admin. are liers and she is the only one telling the truth. She just refuses to come clean. Cheney wasn’t about to keep silent after the left kept up the bush bashing and their lies so he fought back. Now the left is all over him and Bush again only more so.

If anything, Pelosi will never break, which is proof that waterboarding works.

Bill Clinton, remember him, the president that was impeached? The man slept with more women then I have seen in a lifetime, well all womrn except Hillary. Bill has a nerve to dis Cheney, I may just have to give Monica a call and take her on my book tour.

Obama, he is not innocent in all of this, he is still running all over the country trying to convence Americans that they are bad people and America is and has always been bad.

There is only so much BS one can take, and America is ready to start fighting back.

Just a reminder, one more day, until the crap hits the fan in the Obama Mafia.


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