Obama wants to own America to Control America

The keywords are, “we need to fix this.” First we had the banks, the Whitehouse said, “We need to fix this”, now they own the banks. Then came the auto makers, “We need to fix this.” Then we had the credit card companies, and they now own or are going to own all of these companies.

Obama doesn’t want to fix things for the better, he wants to fix things in the Mob sense of the word, so he can control or own these companies. Now these same familiar keywords are being used for Social Security and Health care. Where will it all end? Does Obama want to own America so he can control everything and everyone? Well, some larger companies who would not take any money were smart.

Obama does not control Ford because they refused money. Ford lives on and will do well. Obama did not get his hands on these big boys. States now refusing the money Obama is offering will lose this money. The money they lose will go to another state but guess what, the states that refuse this government money that goes to another state will still have to be paid back by the states refusing the money.

This is mob like tactics and like I wrote in my book, WHITE HOUSE MAFIA, all is as planned by the mob like mentality in the Obama family.

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