OBAMA- The Lord Givith, and the Load takith Away.

Obama became so popular because of promises that he made. He gave a tax credit to many Americans with HOPES and dreams and it put many smiles on so many faces. Now Obama wants some of it back.

The people that didn’t vote for the man because they just had a clue he wasn’t a GOD, knew it was too good to be true. This is not going to be chump CHANGE that WE NEED these days, this will be a good portion of your pay checks next spring when you file.

It seems that little Timmy Guitner is up to his old tricks and the IRS has simply made another mistake. So let’s review the situation. The government is spending as if their will not be a tomorrow, but the mere pittance giving to so many Americans that really need it, in a time of despair now owes the government big time.

So here we are, Obama Motors, Bank Obama, Obama insurance co, Obamacare, where will it end, well, some say when we are like his first loves, Russia, the UK, the Middle East, but America is not going to take that sitting down.

The people that haven’t drank the cool aid, were saying all along, “If Obama can start to fire in the private sector, then he can control your life also, and now he is.  The smoke is starting to clear and the drink is wearing off, his ratings are dropping like flies, and there is lots to come such as, Amnesty for illegals.  When will it stop?  I think now is the time because the believers in what America stands for   CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?


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