Obama’s First One Hundred Days (SEEMS LIKE TEN YEARS)

It is that time, the time we send kudos or thumbs down to the new president in town. The hundred day thing started years ago and as they did in the past, they still do and now it is Obama’s turn.

Unofficial report card for Team Obama

Americans were polled on all Obama issues and triumphs.

Spending= Obama gets an A+ Many say the man really knows how to spend.

Abortion= Obama gets another A+ for keeping the population down.

Gay Marriage = Obama gets an a + again, for being for and against gay marriage.

Economy= Obama gets yet another A+ for saving or gaining four million jobs, the poll was only given to working folks.

Travel= Obama gets A- for Traveling; he hasn’t been to the moon yet.

Bush Bashing= Team Obama gets AAAA+++++ for keeping a trend going and may even get into the book of records.

Left Wing= A + Obama is so far left he even writes with his left hand showing how much he hates the right. He also signed into bill the first ever bill to moniter peoples thoughts. “If they are disin me, well they need to be stopped.”

Teleprompter reading= C Obama reads faster then the prompter man scrolls.

Waterboarding= A- Obama stopped waterboarding as well as water skiing, swimming for beginners, and baby bathing incase water gets up their noses.

Saving the world= A+ also see spending above. Obama is into windmills because he never had a pin wheel as a kid in Africa. Many think he was special and had money, he did not. He couldn’t even afford an American birth certificate.

Practical Joking= Obama gets another A+ for having his aircraft fly very low in Manhattan to scare New Yorkers half to death. Then he snickers and says, “I dont know anything about that” as If he is in the fourth grade. He also gets a second A for bringing back the Swine flu to America, just another gift from Mexico.

Team Obama, gets straight A’s, he is the greatest president of all time because he said so, why not, he won.

This poll given to the left and was paid for by the Obama puppet media, Dobermann, ED(who?) and most of Hollywood.


  1. “couldn’t even afford an American birth certificate” ha ha ha.

    I hope some states will pass legislation requiring ALL candidates to prove eligibility in order to appear on the ballot. The burden of proof should be on the person who wants to be president. For 99.99% of us, it is easy to prove exactly where one was born, what hospital, what doctors, what exact time, what hospital administrator signed the certificate. Obama is of the 0.001% for which we know none of that. Because he didn’t have to prove it. He wasn’t required to by law.

  2. And the legal authorities lacked the cojones to make him prove it.

    And his zombie followers didn’t care. They believe in one-world-government anyway.

  3. Everyone is complaining that Specter is a coward and a traitor. I never thought of him as a republican anyway. When Obama starts sliding down hill, Specter will go down with him and then what, change back, it doesnt work that way Spector.

  4. I think Spector thinks Pennsylvania is moving to the left. I think he is wrong. Too many people got caught up in the “cult of Obama” which can’t last. The expectations of his followers are too high.

    And I would warn moderate Democrats, like Evan Bayh of Indiana, that his home state has not suddenly become “California of the Midwest”. Obama’s win was a one-time thing. Hoosiers will reject him and his policies in four years.

  5. I know Specter will lose for doing what he did. He played the game and will lose. Obama is digging a hole for himself. He is saying, yes and then no, up and then down, hmm, flip floppin fool. If Machelle gets pregnant, will Obama blame Bush?

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