The “Obama Apology Tour” Or “Tomorrow the Verld”

Obama’s apology tour winds down as he brings Americans a gift. Obama supporters would say, “So what, he called us cowards through proxy, we are troublemakers”, as he bows to Kings, kisses rings, shakes hands with sheiks, reassures Mexican cartels that we will help gives criminals freedom, suckers up to evil dictators. He is the first black president after all.

His first one hundred days are to be measured, and we must hand credit where it is due, with interest. He promised to help the banks, even though American workers have no money. He promised to send bags of money to failing auto makers, and he did, as Americans pan handle, and he bought a dog, yes dear friends he kept his promises while we starve but remembering that history was made and after all he is the first black president, we must honor him because all true Americans honor the commander and chief, well unless you are the commander and chief.

In actually, Obama has been president since November fourth; when he decided to set up camp as the new president even before he was President therefore he has been president for well over one hundred days in his mind.

Ok, so what is this gift he has brought to us all? “The swine flu.” Once hot with this great gift, all your friends will want to be infected with it; after all, Obama has it so why not welcome it. Sure Obama would deny he has no flu but is he really the first president that doesn’t lie?

Many presidents show the wear and tear after their first term in office. They get grey and wrinkles start to show because it is after all a stressful job. Obama is showing it after ninety days, well, give him time, he is new at all of this political stuff. so in closing I give you my gift, three little words,

3 thoughts on “The “Obama Apology Tour” Or “Tomorrow the Verld”

  1. It is funny. The same people who screamed that Bush was transferring the public treasury into private hands, are now strangely silent, while Obama transfers massive sums from the public treasury….into private hands.

  2. Saw a great bumper sticker “Your hope for change will be smashed by your trust in government”

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  3. The left is all about crushing the right, the right, is worried about the country. Wolfman, ever hear of Firesign Theatre? What we need is Papoon for President, hes not insane.

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