Sandra Cantu Murder Case-Arrest Made

Melissa Huckaby, a Sunday school teacher and a woman who has Sandra over the day she went missing killed Sandra. This was one of the homes where Sandra went to play that day. She is in custody and there is one more killer off the streets making it safer for all.

Sandra Cantu went missing a few weeks back. Her remains were found in a suitcase in a water filled ditch. This suitcase belonged to Melissa Huckaby who had the tot over to her home to play with her daughter the day she went missing. She was a sunday school teacher and soon the motive will be known through confession.
I am now writing for “The Crime Examiner” so please visit for more facts in this case. The Crime Examiner


3 thoughts on “Sandra Cantu Murder Case-Arrest Made

  1. I used to think that “Satan is among us” were the rantings of Pat Robertson et al

    I now think that Satan is actually among us.

  2. Now turns out the woman raped her, preachers daughters, go figure. They have evidence that she was brought to her grandfathers church and poked crucifixes, into this child.

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