Sandra Cantu 2001-2009

I only post these days on a webpage called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH I post my thoughts along side others about crime there. Sandra, on April 2nd, I saw her in a dark place. I said she was covered with canvas and that she was not alive.

I would never send anyone messages of lost hope so I deleted it, but placed the comment back up because on this site, it is honesty that will save us from crime. Parents seem to think it is ok to leave their children to wonder the streets. If you look at al the footage from Sandra’s neighborhood, their is not one person that is willing to be out on those streets and yet, Sandra was alone.

Parents need to keep a watch on their children and stop being their friend and start parenting again. Sandra was eight, trusting of strangers and was a gypsy child in her town.

I also saw two men, one older, skinny, and looked as if he drank a lot all the time, glassy eyed, red nose, you know that look. The other short and fat, younger, and basically was a driver for this drunk because he had one to many DUI’s. Sandra has been dead for a week but now the police have more then enough evidence to find these thugs.

Now that her death is a reality, may the Lord take her in his arms. We must all pray for her now for thats all we can do. Her mother will have to live with this for the rest of her life.

We need to start exposing crime for what it is. Political corectness has no place in the criminal world and we need to talk about what is happening around us. We need to take back America NOW! I am inviting you all to come to the webpage and give your valued views on all the cases we have posted, and we also need you to post your own. We are small now but with your help we can be the center point for posting children or adult crime that doesn’t make it to the news.

Please be a part of this and together our people wil stay safer. Once again, we are at:Neighborhood Watch

11 thoughts on “Sandra Cantu 2001-2009

  1. Thank You for posting this Article about Sandra Cantu.
    It is such a Tragedy what is happening to our innocent Children.
    The times You could let Children play carefree and not worry about what could happen to them are sadly obviously long gone.
    There are so many dangerous People without a Conscience
    lurking out there everywhere.
    I don’t think we can blame Sandra’s Mom in this Case for what has happened to her Daughter, although I believe she will for the Rest of her Life.
    What is the World coming to, if we can’t let our Children play or visit their Friends House without some Pervert taking our Children and murdering them. You can’t keep a Child in the House all the time because You have to be afraid for her/him to get hurt or worse killed.
    As a Parent I do agree, we have to be a lot more careful
    and watchful over our Children now, we are living in a very
    dangerous time now when our Children’s Safety can’t be taken for granted anymore.
    Also it is very important to make our Children aware of all the Dangers out there and trust sadly NO One, make them aware what could happen to them.
    I am just rambling on,I am so mad and sad for that little Girl how she must have died and what her Family is going through, I can’t even imagine.
    That Person/Persons who did this to Sandra I hope will be found soon and brought to Justice.
    I am just devastated what’s being done to our Children everywhere!

  2. I am just heartbroken! What a cute girl-

    What about the enviorments these kids are growing up in? I see far too many parents out there,who are too trusting of strangers and not watching their kids. This could happen to anyone but we have got to get better about finding out who lives in our neighborhood & where are the sex offenders.

    In my opinion, I have no need for anyone who molests or hurts a child or a defenseless animal. These ppl can NOT be rehabilitated-

  3. thats so sad with sandra,i will pray for her family and friends,its a sick world where we live!!!

  4. I also want to thank you for that article. I feel the exact same way that you do. Especially as a parent of an almost 8 year old boy, I would never ever let him be alone outside. There were some comments on another site that were from people with an opposite view saying that we are just cowering inside our homes and not letting our kids be free. But it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I see what kind of world we live in and I love my children. I also am upset though, that there are creatures in this world that don’t think of children as real people, use them for their own satisfaction and then toss them like trash. Those types of people will never go away. It’s up to us to do as much as we can to keep our children as safe as we can.

  5. Thank you for the article….I agree with you…I keep asking myself…”why can’t we do more about situations like this?” This is sooo sad for our children!! God, please bring justice to this little child! …and help us to find better ways to protect our children.

  6. “stop being their friend and start parenting again”

    Couldn’t have said it better. KIds have friends. They don’t really need more friends. What they need are parents.

    I have seen this “new parenting” create trouble more often than not.

  7. “those type of people” would go away a lot faster if we brought back good old-fashioned hanging. One trial. One verdict. That’s it. Get a rope. Right then.

  8. Normally I am a very passionate Person and I always try to find good in People.
    There is one Exception I am afraid that is when it comes to People who torture, rape and kill innocent Children who can’t defend them selfs, in that Case I agree with You WolfmanJack, good old-fashion Hanging, One Trial, One Verdict, that is what I would want if one of my Children would be murdered, that is if I wouldn’t get the Murderer myself first!
    I know we have a good Justice System and for the most time it does work but there is always that one time when a Murderer gets away.
    I don’t like feeling this Way, at the same time, the Murder of our innocent Children has to be stopped!
    It is outrageous!

  9. Remember, I lived in Newark,NJ, but my neighborhood was the only safe one in Newark. We all pitched in, ran after those who tried anything. Now no onw wants to know the neighbors at all, only from behind closed curtains peeping out.

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