Obama’s Travel Plans Out of Control

The left wing media will tell you that Obama is a people’s president who is in touch, and as wonderful as a man can be. The reality is, he has visited almost every state, he went to Iraq, he visited the Middle East, and he is planning yet another trip.

Since Obama began his presidency in October of 2008, showing no respect to the sitting president he has spent well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars everytime he galavants and we are still counting. The total to date is fifty million dollars thanks to the tax payer.

We must ask ourselves why he is traveling so much. That answer depending on who you ask will vary. If you ask the Obama team, they will tell you he needs to travel to save the world. If you ask everyone else, they can see the obvious, Obama is more into the spotlight, the seeing of this world, and the parties, then he is the people of the United States. Obama will tell you that he will fix a broken America, which is the equivalent of a Yogi Berraism we all know, “If it aint broken, don’t fix it.” He looks Americans in the eye and tells of how bad off we are, and jumps on his plane to foreign lands. Each trip in the states costs the tax payers one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He needs to pack his entourage, his limo and his family, sometimes, when necessary. The truth is, Obama loves to be alone, he hates Washington, and he hates, staying in one place. If he hated marriage that much, why did he commit to it in the first place? I guess he has that gene, the one that keeps him on the move, the one that gives him free travel at the cost tabbed on the Americans backs.

Obama is heading home to Washington today, so I am wodering how long before he is off again. Many see him as a rock star, I would hate to think that a rock star is running this country. I guess you might call his four years as his world tour.

When Obama takes these small trips of his, the business of the trip takes him all of two hours, and the rest of that time is vacation time. Words are ok, but conviction is another story. Obama is never going to fix anything but his plan to destroy is in tact.

The Bush bashers, remember them? Those people who also used to bash Reagan during his eight years are democrats, and when a democrat, or bleeding heart liberal loses, they don’t take one in the chin they get angry and deceitful. The left wing is great at plotting and scheming but we are on to them these days. The protests from the new born right is about to show their ugly side and before you know it, Obama will be exposed for the weak and silly man that he is.

I remember when a former mayor of New York, was more into his parades and tennis match speciation then New York City. He went so far as to re-route air craft flying over his tennis matches then to fix the homeless problems or financial problems of New York. Dinkins failed as Mayor and Obama is following the same path. Bush traveled twenty times during his eight years and protesters came out of the woodwork so where are they now?

The Obama plan to seize America and mold it in his commie agenda will fail, Obama will fail, and I for one will thank God for that. As for that media that feels tingles up their legs whenever Obama is on camera, well their ratings are so low, the management will need to change , maybe that is the change we really need, honesty.

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