The Devil and The Teleprompter

The premise in these times of the fashionable political agenda seem to be tell em what they want to here, show em what they need to see, and hide what we are trying to do. Thus far these tricks are working but as you soon will be witness to will be pure revolution, and the true change we really needed.

When one can say that generations of politics just doesn’t work any longer is truly fooling most of the people some of the time, the web of deceit will consume the creator of his own manifest.

We love putting labels on everything to make it easier on us because we have become a nation of short cuts and laziness. The agenda of today’s politician seems to be pigeon hole the public into three parts, the poor, the middle class, and the rich. I for one, refuse to be labeled, or have a number tattooed on my wrist like they once did during the Hitler regime which America stamped out in the forties. I as an American wish to remain free thinking and have that do it on my own or die attitude that made us so wonderful. The lazy are susceptible to mind control and the government loves them for it.

The psychological practice is amateurish for savvy Americans which make us angry when the rest fall for such substandard self taught physicists we know as our politicians tend to trick most Americans like a mom tricking her infant into eating their veggies. The tide is coming in, and soon our corrupt politicians will feel the fear.

I see the modern day politician as the George Costanza of our little group here and although we can see what they are doing is just wrong for us, they expect us to roll over and simply take it. I bring news, news of the revolt gliding in on the surf of humanity. Soon the message will be clear; we just won’t take it any longer.

When you have a President that is lack in mental capability, and whose power has gone to his head, spending won’t help him get out of his pigeonhole he has created for himself. What was once a sure thing turned into a disaster; the lack of truth can do that to a person.

Our semi beloved President has taken more trips in his first days in office, in the name of self proclaimed greatness, then any other has done in their full term. I won’t accuse him of being a drug addict, but his eyes are telling a story and we are afraid of turning the page.

The far left seem to chuckle when the smarter class try and warn but as all lemmings, it is too late when they finally open their eyes and see reality. He speaks every day on our television warning those that are against us what his plans are. He lies when we start to see truth and flip flops when he thinks we are too close to finding him out. If he keeps spending our hard earned money like there is no tomorrow, trust me, their wont be.

Christians believe that Jesus will come back to our world and walk among us again to save us all. They may be misinterpreting this prophesy and may not be realizing what it really means. There are those who believe, and those who do not. The non believers want nothing to do with Christ and the few that place their trust in the Lord, wait. The Lord is not coming to walk among us, but the faith is not a failure. The magic of our Lord is of one with the mind. The more of us that practice good things and believe in the concept of the Lords principles, the less one will be able to seek doom on all who walk Earth believing. If we all believed, or at the least most of us, then evil would not be able take its course. If most of us did believe, then the Christ will be among us in his all holy. Our self righteous president is evil and simplistic. His agenda is to divide and conquer and do anything in his power to achieve this. If it speaks of evil, uses tricks to achieve his evil, and seeks revenge to all who cross him, then I need not say anymore because the devil walks among us and only true believers in Gods messages of goodness can see him for what he actually is, the devil who as many of us know comes in many disguises.
If you haven’t read, THE WHITE HOUSE MAFIA then you will never know what is about to hit you.

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