Obama’s Plot Exposed

The people of this great nation who voted for Obama are standing behind him no matter what. He is a carrot dangler. That is someone who teases you with that carrot on a string at the end of a pole making it sound so good. You grab at it because now you think it is that good. You finally grab that carrot and have it in your grip and nothing anyone can do will make you let it go. He is drunk with power but the high he gets from that power doesn’t do it for him these days, he wants more.

You take that carrot back to your hole but are not aware of the evil that lurks around it. Obama, like the devil, is crafty and deceiving. He let you get that carrot but what you didn’t know is that the string is still attached. Now he has you by the ankles. He can tell how much you can make, he can tell you how to dress, and he can make you do things you would never do in other circumstances.
Some auto makers took that carrot, and now Obama can do with them what he wants. He claims he can fire and hire people at will. The power he gets from this still is not enough, he needs more.

Now he is dangling carrots across this great land of ours. There are fifty states and many won’t take the carrots, or money he is offering. He claims that if they don’t take the money it can be disastrous for these states who don’t take what he is offering. He dangles and dangles but there are no bites, not even a nibble. Now he says he can make things very difficult for those who refuse his offering.

You see folks, Obama is denying he has any control over auto makers in America, and yet, he fires a CEO and we all know only Boards or Stock holders can do that, right?

Remembering AIG, the men who weeded out the bad guys for ruining that company, then turn around and work for a buck a year counting on a bonus when they finish their mission? Obama, not only stopped them from earning a living, but he taxed their bonus close to one hundred percent. If you take his carrot, he has full control over your life. “MORE POWER.”

It leaves only logic to see what is going on here. Obama wants every state to grab that carrot, his offering to help us in times of need. Then he can dictate every one of us like he has done to Auto makers and banks who grabbed that carrot. He got a taste of power and needs more and more, he is addicted to power.

We must stand by our principles and fix this mess ourselves. If we give in to the devil won’t he then own our souls? Obama wants full control over the people because in his mind, he knows best.

I would never compare Obama to the Devil, but you must admit, now, what is right, is wrong, what is black, is white, what is good is bad. We are people, human beings who make this land great. We built is on principles of good, and family, what is so precious to all of us is now threatened by power. He uses words to fool us but his eyes tell it all for those who dare to look into them.

The bigger government gets, the less power we the people have. This my friends will not do. We don’t work for government, they work for us, but as I see it, Obama is plotting the biggest hostile take over this country has ever seen in its lifetime and like all power hungry men, they wont stop there, for tomorrow it may just be the world.

People wake up already, can’t you see, Obama, wants to serve man, but its a damn cookbook. Obamas plan to create a socialist America is very real. First on the list would be to insure an economic calapse of a democratic agenda. Second would be to set up groups to insure that no one is able to fight back, groups such as ACORN, and teams like Pelosi, Emanuel, and anyone with power to stop any interferance. A socialist will gain as much power as he can to get where he needs to go. A socialist will gain the trust of many who hate us, and many countries who already have a social agenda. Talking down America every chance they get is also what they will do showing the world our weaknesses.

The aim of a socialist would be to put on a show and just before the curtain comes down, they will show their true colors. Many can’t see the actors and trust whom ever is making the changes to crush the United States. They go willingly either out of fear or out of guilt. Once they see what is happening it is too late.

The one thing socialists don’t understand, is no matter how they come at us, the people for freedom won’t let them take us down. These idiots can try and have in the past but Americans are number one for a reason. We fight for what is right and no man with another plan will take us down.

Many say Obama will be a one term president, and some say he will have his full eight years. Very few will let him take term limits away but when all is said and done, I am giving Obama two years or less before he fails and is out of politics one way or another, for good. He will go down in the history books as the first man who tried to take down America and failed.

Did you ever wonder why he doesn’t like to use the term terrorist? I said it before and I will say it again, he has the same mindset and hates the establishment, the white house , Washington and all it stands for. Now that you know what he is truly trying to do, watch hisactions, not his words.

Obama, you can certainly try and harness all the power you can grasp your hands on. You can also strip us of everything that has made this country great, but some of us, well, you might not understand this, but some of us will still have our dignity, and that is something that is not for sale and can not be taken away.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Plot Exposed

  1. Ahhh, the plight for power.
    I would never admit that Obama is the Devil. When I watch his speeches I get hopeful. The only reason we’re allowing government to become so giant is because we want that right now, and some would say we need it. I have nothing against Obama; I think he’s a great guy and politician. He is nothing worse.

    That isn’t to say he’ll make mistakes: he hasn’t been the president before. It’s okay though, because he has my support. He’s just so damn charismatic.

  2. He has never been anything before. Giant government is not the answer, nor is raising taxes. oops, forgot, that is a promise he is keeping, not to raise taxes. he never said he wouldn’t start new taxes though. When you have comunist and socialist governments telling Obama to tone it down a tad,then that kinda tells you something. I did however need to laugh when the Queen said, “I hope his gift is not some old videos I can’t watch.”

  3. “There are fifty states and many won’t take the carrots, or money he is offering.”

    Hi Bob D. Caterino, would you have any stats on this?

  4. Five wont take it
    Alaska, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Idaho.

    Update, Obama told them and somehow is making them take the money, or that damn carrot. This is against Americans wishes but what Barry wants Barry gets. They all caved.

    Let the protests begin.

  5. What happened to fixing the economy? Now he wants to fix the world because in his mind he is the only thing that works because we sure aint. This man is a true fraud. He is making George Bush look like a freedom fighter.

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