The Obama Shell Game

The people in the United States are just fine. Those who lost jobs can fide another but those who don’t find one have their hand out and waiting for some miracle to sweep them up and take them to some make believe place.

I did the math. I visited well over fifty restaurants in town and all were packed from open to close. I went to the local movie theater and there were no parking spaces to be found. The malls are packed and as far as I can see we are still a wonderful nation.
What does Afghanistan, our green future, Africa, and other non issues have to do with fixing our economy, nothing. Our very fine government seemed to be fixed on spending us into oblivion so they won’t be called liars in the very near future. They will see to it that they crush our hopes and dreams while spending money we don’t have on projects we don’t need as a priority.

The money Obama is spending could have already made every man, woman, and child living in the United States rich. This was never his plan. It is all politics as usual and Obama doesn’t care about making the people he works for rich. The reason he doesn’t care, is like every rich mans way of thinking, he is already rich.

We have crises in North Dakota. Obama has been watching the situation closely for well over a week and yet we blame Bush for taking twenty four hours to help Katarina victims. His words on war is welcome and these are the same words Bush used with many protests. We are called cowards and racists for not talking about racist issues. I tend to differ with those hate mongers.

Obama’s plan is simple, but with Americans all closing their eyes to what he does, and only listening to his sweet musings that his dear teleprompter tells him to say, we are all suckers.

Obama is for the very poor who tend to like where they are. These people get everything free, food, welfare and housing. Obama wants this for all Americans because that’s who he thinks we are. He hates the rich for having, and loves the poor for having not. The poor is easier to control. I am going to be the first true American to say that Obama is a fraud.

Lastly, Obama is a liar and a cheat. He is a Chicago Mob wanna-be. He is out of touch with reality and wants to set his socialist state of mind. What he doesn’t realize is that we the people wont stand for much more of his stupid tricks he calls politics. To quote a line from Cool Hand Luck, “What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some in the media call him a great communicator but he isn’t, he is just a guy shilling for a cause, his cause, like a man suckering you into a three card Monte game on the street corner of life. This is a game we cannot win; only the people running the game come out the winners. He will however go down in the history books with the likes of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and all I can say is God help us all if he does.

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