The Obama Attack Team No Bark or Bite

Obama’s attack team is unleashed and that is so Clinton of him now isn’t it. Clinton is making friends with enemies while Nazi Pelosi is calling us un-American for protecting our borders from crime. Rom Emanuel and his clique goes after any republican that moves and Timmy tries and figures out how he got his job in the first place.

I compare team Obama to a pack of wild dogs, without teeth running amuck through the neighborhood attacking anything that gets in their way. The only entertainment channel that is picking up on these stories is MSNBC which is the equivalent to changing a babies diaper once a year and we all know what that’s full of.

The Obama team attack dogs are trying to discredit the republicans at such a cost, it will cost them the 2012 election for all their cunning deviant behavior headed up by Obama himself is backfiring. Obama single handedly has made the rich mad, the poor mad, the gun toting family man mad, the church goers mad and for what? The only people that aren’t angry at the man is illegal’s and governments that hate America for which it stands and even that is iffy. The only real bite these attack dogs have is showing their teeth and even they are in a glass at night.

I look at the Obama team differently. I see Obama as Dr. Evil petting his teleprompter as he sits with one pinky up to his tooth wondering what he can do next and let’s not forget Biden, his personal mini me.
The only defense we have against these mafia wanna bees is to sit back and watch them as their comedy unfold. Obama knows what he is doing and by now he knows it is not going to work. The nest thing he can do is surround him with fools who make him look a little better then he really is.

Dorothy is looking at the huge fire balls but Toto jumps out of her arms and pulls back the little curtain. A weak little man stands their saying, “Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.” Dorothy knows that this man is one and the same man who has been pretending to be something he is not and she says, “You are a bad man.” The man behind the curtain says, “No my dear, I am a good man, just a bad president.” Come on America, maybe if we all click our heels and say, “There is no place like America” we can return to a place we once had, an America that works for us.

3 thoughts on “The Obama Attack Team No Bark or Bite

  1. Obama has never actually done any job before seeking promotion to the next one. He is very adept at campaigning, but not so adept at actually doing any job he has been hired to do. This was so obvious before the election. Even H. Clinton and J. Biden said he didn’t have the experience to be president, and they were right the first time. His time in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate was minimal and inconsequential.

    When hiring someone for a job, try looking at their qualifications for that job. Not how “cool” their strut is, or how good their voice sounds, or “because he is black” (of which he is only half). None of those are good reasons to vote on.

  2. Oh, yes, and thanks young voters. We old McCain voters will all be dead which will make it very hard to tax us. YOU will be paying to dig the U.S. out of debt. YOU wanted “change” so badly. YOU got it.

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