AIG, Against Obama’s Mafia

AIG, the insurance and banking giant who is in failing health received help from the Obama team in the form of a bailout. The terms of the bailout were sketchy at the least and not thought through at best.
Bonuses were handed out to top executives who outraged the white House who in turn spread that outrage throughout America. Although I do not agree with the moral aspect of handing out bonus’s to people who did a bad job for their company, I cannot agree with the government who did an equally bad of a job hammering out their bailout. There were no rules about bonuses for AIG although the White House knew about them well in advance.
Now the Obama White House wants to get even, this is what they love to do best. They want to impose a 95% tax on the bonuses showing AIG that they can’t fight city hall. My question to the average American is this. If Obama can make rules up as he goes along, and slap a 95 % tax on AIG bonus plans, then what’s to stop them from coming after us for any reason they feel fit?

Abbott and Costello, remember those lovable comedians who gave us so much pleasure and still give us pleasure today? They couldn’t join the World War 2 effort because of health reasons so they sold war bonds and only charged a dollar per show. They didn’t charge each person but received a dollar for their whole show. The government turned around and told them that they owed them a million dollars in income tax. Costello said, “We didn’t earn a million dollars in five years so how can we owe?” That was easy, the government can do whatever they want when it gets huge and we are seeing these kind of aggressive assaults starting up all over again.

Obama wants it his way or he will get even. His Chicago roots rubbed off on him and he thinks his cabinet is some sort of little mafia. These people work for us, and when the employees come after the bosses in life, it is time to say, “You’re fired.”

Rest assured that the bonus thing is only a smoke screen so that Obama can pass his smaller agenda’s when he thinks we are not watching. He does this a lot but some are so blind that cannot see. Tome to watch his actions instead of listening to his words.

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