Soap Opera World of Haleigh Cummings Continues

Ron and Misty spend time on a grand honeymoon not in Vegas, not in Hawaii, but in the beautiful luxurious hotels of New York City. There are so many gangs in New York; even the whole damn state has a street name, the Big Apple. I know Ron and misty haven’t seen West Side Story, because “it aint been showed in our local theatre yet.”

Meanwhile back in Florida where little Haleigh Cummings still goes missing, the poleece got out their dog again. I think its Blue from the “Beverly Hillbillies.” he is old but good, or maybe he is stuffed, who knows.

Back in New York, the homeless capital of the world, Misty and Ron decide to take a walk, Misty was holding a cup of juice and not a five minutes went by before some business men put a quarter in her cup and said, “I’ve seen homeless but this is pathetic.”
Back in Florida the money pours in for the sake of desperately finding Haleigh. Strangers give from their hearts to help find this missing little girl.

Back in New York City, Misty and Ron decide their strategy because their going on the television. Misty said, “Why would we be on television, are we gonna sit or stand on it?” Ron tells her not to open her mouth on the talk show because he was the brains behind the beauty. Misty said, “Hey, you seein someone behind my back?” Ron said, “No darlin, I meant you, I told you your looks will kick in as soon as you mature maybe in a few years.”

Meanwhile back in Florida, misty’s mom was telling police the real reasons she signed for her daughter to get married, “Hey didn’t want my daughter to be an old maid, heel, she is long past thirteen you know, duh.”

The questions on the talk show were flying, “WHY?” they asked. Misty keeps her promise to Ron and stammers through some um’s and some dunno’s.” Ron takes charge and shrugs a lot. HELLO, IT IS CALLED A TALK SHOW FOR A REASON, PEOPLE TALK.”
Misty and Ron start a walking again when someone stops them on the street and asks, “Hey, shouldn’t you two be looking for your daughter?” Their answer is, “Um, a well, um, we have people.”

I am trying to show just how sad these two people are. Their daughter is missing while they have other plans, why? join the talks on my new webpage,

7 thoughts on “Soap Opera World of Haleigh Cummings Continues

  1. it makes me sad.. that they would do this it relle makes me sad… shame on whoever paid their way to NYC for their hunnymoon was it mbc nbc fox who ever it was shame on u for being so desprete for their story… if u cared so much ud be dwn in fL now wouldnt u… ppla make me sick

  2. Need money? Have something happen to one of your kids. Thousands of people will do this if there is an economic incentive.

    The Beverly Hillbillies dog was named “Duke” (longtime fan)

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