The Soap Opera World of Haleigh Cummings

Haleigh Cummings, the little five year old gone missing more then a month ago, is out in the world away from people she loves waiting, wondering and hoping someone comes and gets her.

Misty, the live in child who was placed in charge of watching two children almost her age.

Ronald, Father of the missing child and man who is keeping this under aged Misty in his castle within a trailer park.

Cousin Joe, Pedophile and suspect in controlling Misty at times to get what Ronald has been getting for a few years.

As we last left you, Ron was demanding answers, Misty was moping around in a stupor, while cousin Joe is nowhere to be found, oh yeah, then there’s little Haleigh, remember her? Well obviously she is placed in the back burner as Ron runs to get a very expensive tattoo while honest people donate money and time to help in the search for missing Haleigh. Now the drama thickens as Ron shows what he is made of in front of cameras. He falls to the ground and weeps on queue as if he is looking for sympathy. He demands to stay in a tent parked outside of the neighbors but the authorities make him take it down. Ron is doing it all for his missing daughter Haleigh. Now in the name of his daughter and make no mistake about it, it has nothing to do with avoiding pedophile charges himself he spends money, lots of money on a ring and asks Misty the kid that was in charge of watching little Haleigh, to marry him. Joe is still out their and little Haleigh is wondering what is going on. Now Ron is so depressed over his daughter, he will take off once again, but not for ink, this time it is for his honeymoon in a high falootin hotel in New York City but not to worry, it is being done in the name of Little Haleigh. I am sure all the folks searching for the little girl would want Ron to vacation. I am sure the people donating rewards and time don’t care if Ron helps in the search or that a flight to NYC cost five hundred dollars and a hotel for a week around five thousand. I think Ron is a fraud, Misty is a flake, and Haleigh is a pawn in a world she had no controll over.

What does it all mean? Does it mean that they figured out where the little tot is and are resting easy? Does it mean that Ron has given up on a child that is probably being violated as we speak? Stay tuned next week in this soap of all soaps, The Soap Opera World of Haleigh Cummings?

For those who still think this poor little girl is alive, you keep on thinking this when two people, Misty and Ronald well, they got away with murder.

What goes around comes around. Someone in this tangled web will get angry and when that happens the truth will come out. The story is dying and sometimes when murderes think its over, thats when things get fired up again.


21 thoughts on “The Soap Opera World of Haleigh Cummings

  1. Poor little Haleigh – dumb-bell of a father, dumb-bell of a baby-sitter ( now a step-mother )……Ron and Misty are two of a kind : ignorant & self-cenetered beyond words.

    How strange to get married when a little child is missing !

    It is, indeed, a soap opera of the worst kind.

  2. Hmmmmm………perhaps you just might be right about that.

    Because, nobody suddenly who is so poor they have to live in a tent while their house is taped off can afford a diamond ring and a five grand hotel in New York for a honeymoon.

    Because, nobody who’s baby just vanished gets married or takes fancy vacations or smiles and brags about being cleared ’cause they told her she passed the lie detector test with a big cheshire cat grin on her face.

    Somethings very, very, very wrong with this picture.

  3. Okay, I am with you guys but I thought I read the ring belonged to a grandmother. So did he buy a ring or was it a hand me down?? Also, I have been reading that it may be possible that Joe, is NOT a pedophile, that Misty just said he was. I can’t verify which is true yet. That being said, I do feel that Ron’s actions are way out of character. When you say he’s leaving for a honeymoon, are you serious?? If that is true then that is awful. He and Misty also said they are getting married because that is what Haleigh wanted. How does a 5 year old even know what marriage is? Haven’t they only been dating for 7 months? Something isn’t adding up and like I always say, the truth will come out, at least eventually. The poor child is somewhere, I just hope she’s found soon.

  4. It would not surprise me if it was some one this family knew that took Haleigh…I mean if Haleighs little brother told his mother some one in black took his sister,he seen that, yet didnt scream when he seen it happening..He is 4 years old,wouldn’t this child reacted like most frightened 4 year old would if a stranger came in there home they didnt know. Makes me wonder if it wasnt some one these children knew..Something doesnt sound right with this story at all…Getting married would be the last thing on my mind if I had a child missing..My prayers are with Haleigh…

  5. I hate to be so suspicious, but I’ve wondered from the beginning if Haleigh’s family saw all the attention, publicity and cash offers that the Anthony family were getting, and decided to try it for themselves. I hate to think that. I would like to believe that they truly love this little girl and are doing everything they can to get her back…but it seems a little fishy to me.

    It also worries me that the cadaver dogs “hit” on the dumpster so close to the Cummings’ home. So what if they found nothing when they emptied it…..look how much time had gone by! Surely the dumpster had been emptied, at least once. The dogs hit on something….and everyone swears they only pick up human decomposition.

    My heart goes out to Haleigh…I hope she is alive and well and will come home soon.

  6. Patti,thats funny you said that because this morning that thought ran through my head.I hate thinking that way but with people following this Anthony case pretty much constantly it kind of makes you wonder..Ronald did come on this morning and said he didnt feel his personal business is any one elses ,this case was about Haleigh not his personal life…I agree but at the same time maybe he should of thought first that the Media would have a field day with this to begin with…AND now the public knows it We all have a right to our own opinions.

  7. The Haleigh Cummins Case is very strange indeed.
    I can’t figure out what is going on. Haleigh has been missing now for over a month and there are no positive Leads at least that we know of. Maybe Law Enforcement knows more than they can or are willing to say.
    I haven’t figured out the Dad yet, his Actions are really strange, so are Misty’s.
    When Haleigh was first reported missing, I thought at least
    the Family reported her missing the same Night she disappeared
    unlike the Anthony Case, Caylee wasn’t reported missing till 31 Days later and than not even by her Mom, it was her Grandmother who called 911.
    Now the Haleigh Cummins Case starting to get stranger by the Day and getting more Media Attention because of the weird Actions of Haleigh’s Dad and Misty, now Haleigh’s
    The Marriage and the Honeymoon in New York is in poor Taste
    while they are supposed to be in Agony for Ronalds missing
    Daughter Haleigh, who still hasn’t been found.
    I just hope this Case will have a better Ending than the Anthony Case and Haleigh will be found soon and no Harm came to her.

  8. I watched them interview on a talk show, morning show or something,the girl Misty showed the world that she was dependable. I need to change my opinion of her NOW.

    Misty: um, a, um, aaaaa.
    Question; But you changed your story, why?
    Misty: Um, a um, I guess.
    Question: Well why did you do that, change your story?
    Misty: Um, a, I donno.

    So I am going on record and changing my opinion of this kid, she is not dumb, she is an idiot, mooron, maybe one level above seaweed.

  9. Is this marriage to keep the father and his bride from being legally required to testify against each other if either becomes a suspect?

  10. I watched part of that Interview also today and I must say
    it was embarrassing for Misty the Way she answered simple Questions. What is wrong with her? Surely she couldn’t be that ignorant as she presented herself to be. I just shook my Head!

    This Case is getting stranger by the Day.
    Again a little Girl Haleigh is paying the Price for incompetent Adults who were responsible for taking Care of Haleigh and keep her save.

  11. From what I’ve heard, when a crime is committed against a child, husband and wife are not protected from testifying against each other. Thank goodness!

  12. Does it matter? They don’t speak at all, to anyone. They were on these talk shows and said five words between them in a ten minute segment. When I say Ron is a pedo, I don’t mean against his children, I mean against his barely teen girlfriend. Misty is where stereotypes come from. I am not sure, but I don’t think she has been in school since she was 14. Her mommy really likes to sign things.

  13. Makes you wonder where these parents were or what they were doing.Crystal was 14 when she had Haleigh and 15 when she had her second child..Education didnt seem a must.My grandaughter is 14 and she is still a little girl.She is on the honor role.I can’t help but wonder how a parent can’t cant keep better taps on there children on such a young age…These kids are having kids.Then you have Misty also playing grown up games…A 17 year old getting ivolved with some one a parent has to sigh for to even get married.They signed her life away if you ask me.I dont care how grown up Misty may think she is,she is far from it..Neither was these childrens mother at the time she had them.Sad sitution all the way around.

  14. So Ron goes on Nancy Grace, leaves the child bride home, looks right into the face of America and said, “Whoever has my Haleigh, “I will pay anything just bring her home safely.” as if he was talking to someone specific in mind. Nancy was kissing his butt as she fell for his sad rutine. He can’t pay as mich after heading to NY, spending a few days in a nice hotel, with his teen. He admitted he had been with other teen aged girls before. He also stated that he was not married to his ex, you know the real mother of the children. misty is getting closer to cracking, no worries.

    Check out my page. We have two message boards, one for me and one for you so we can discuss crime and figure the things out that the police cannot. Thanks
    My Site

  15. I am worried about this little girl and I live up here in north central kansas.. I havent heard anything on the news since it all started except about the marriage.. I do my best to keep posted.. by google but if anyone could keep me informed I would greatly appreciate it.. I have a daughter myself. and i know that marriage would be the last thing on my mind if she were missing.. I agree that eliments of this case dont add up……..

  16. Misty and Ron know it all. misty changed her story more times then people change their socks. Misty was seeing someone behind Rons back and now on the same evening she says she was home it is now known that she was with this guy Greg. I said Joe would have confessed if he had anything to do with this situation. He did not, but now another person on interest comes to light. Misty and Ron say they passed the test but they didn’t. It doesn’t add up because they lie. You must ask yourself, if misty was caught with Greg ione week beforewas with him that night, why would Ron marry her? Because in their minds, they would not be able to testify but little do they know, they will still be able to testify against each other when a child is involved. If you listen closer to the 911 call, As misty is forced to call 911 after Ron gets home, he tries to omit himself by saying, “You got my little girl stolen.” He constantly pushes Misty under the bus by saying, “I donno, I was at work,” with a smirk. Ron gets a tat that had to have cost five hundred dollars. It is of Haleigh. I known many to get people tatooed on themselves after they die. Ron knows something also. These are not cleaver people and the police know it. They are gathering up the evidence they need to put Misty in proson for the rest of her life, and Ron can hollar from a cell next to hers. Greg, well the soap goes on but this show my friends will need to be canceled in two weeks because it will soon be over.

  17. I just don’t understand how either one, Ron or Misty can smile. For all they know Halaigh could have been being tortured as they said their vows. How could they even think of marriage? I don’t believe I could leave the ares long enough to go to New York. If my lost child were found, I would want to be right there.

    What if Misty is pregnant and Ron married her to prevent going to the pokey? He is 25 and she only 17. I think I heard there is a law in FL that says he could go to the pen for up to 15 years.

    Just keep praying for Haliegh.

  18. I just don’t understand these parents killing their kids. I’VE HAD A GUT FEELING FROM DAY ONE THAT Misty [a child] was probably jealous of Haleigh. Also, who would prop a door open and leave it if they were kidnapping a small child? Maybe someone small themselves, like Misty. And to get married when your child is missing is unthinkable. And a honeymoon? Comeon!! And I saw the clip of them getting married in someone’s backyard and people were smiling!TRAILER TRASH AT IT’S BEST!!!!!!!!

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